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The PumpBot is the crypto bot that makes you a winner in crypto pump and dumps on Binance, KuCoin and!

more to come!

With this Subscription you have access to all future Bots like the ‘Pump Detection Bot’ or the coming crypto bots for Pancakeswap and more!

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New Coin Listings Bot

With the new coin listings Bot you can buy newly listed coins on Binance, KuCoin and Gateio to make profits!

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Crypto Trading Bots Binance, KuCoin and

3 Main Exchanges

One Crypto Bot – Three Exchanges. Soon followed by HotBit and Pancakeswap.

Binance crypto pump and dump bot, crypto bot pump and dump binance


One of the largest Crypto Trading Exchanges in the world. Our Trading Bots are suitable for this Exchange (sadly not the version).

KuCoin crypto pump and dump bot, crypto bot pump and dump KuCoin


KuCoin is one of the best Exchanges for our Crypto Trading Bots. It has high volume and many new token announcements, also many ICO’s where we can make a really good profit. crypto pump and dump bot, crypto bot pump and dump is the cryptocurrency Exchange where you dont need a KYC to start trading. This Exchange was also multiple new coin listings and pumps every day.

Available Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Binance, KuCoin, Gateio, Pancakeswap soon followed by HotBit and ProBit and many more!

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