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On this site you get detailed information on how to use the Sniper Bot and Front Running or Front Runner Bot for Pancakeswap.

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The Sniper Bot, Front Running Bot or Front Runner Bot for Pancakeswap is in testing by our PumpBot Members

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Trade directly on the Binance Smart Chain! No need to use the slippage and other Stuff from PancakeSwap. With our Bot you can select the gas and the gasprice for the fees and be faster than anyone else. 

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Automatic Telegram Detection

Our automatic Telegram Detection gets the coin name automatically from Telegram groups. You can buy faster than anyone who needs to enter coin name manual by hand.

All Keys are stored local on your Computer

You dont need to login in on a website and enter your Keys to your wallet. The Keys to your Wallet are stored only on your Computer.

New Coins on PancakeSwap

Contect to a Telegram Channel and buy newly listed coins and tokes on PancakeSwap faster than all others.

New Coins on PancakeSwap

The crypto Bot trades directly on the Binance Smart Chain and uses BNB as fees. You can select your gas and gasprice. This makes you faster and gives you more control over the Transaction directly on the Binance Smart Chain.
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