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Your Pump Bot to make big profits from Crypto Pump and Dumps Groups.

Your success starts with the PumpBot made for crypto pump signals, new coin listings and crypto pump detection. All in one Place.

Crypto Pump Bots

Pump Groups Telegram 

Pump Bot Binance, Pump Bot KuCoin, Pump and Dump Bot, pump signals discord, pump signals telegram
Gateio pump bot for crypto pump groups Telegram
KuCoin pump bot for crypto pump groups Telegram
Binance global pump bot for crypto pump groups Telegram
MEXC global pump bot for crypto pump groups Telegram
Automate crypto signals for Bybit Futures
Automate crypto signals for Bitget Futures
LaToken Crypto Pump Bot for Pump Groups Telegram and Pump Signals
Poloniex echange logo for crypto pump and dump bot for pump groups
Easy | Efficient | Profitable

Your Trading Bot to win from all Crypto Pump Groups


profits possible with one pump signal


weekly pump signals and more


weekly new crypto listing

With PumpBot you win in cryptocurrency pump and dumps, big pump signals Telegram, new coin listings and more. We have developed the perfect bot for every situation. Developed for you to make profits – all in one place.

Fastest Pump Dump Bot

Be more than 7 seconds faster with automated pump signal detection from Discord and Telegram pump and dump groups.

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Make Profits from Big Pump Signals with PumpBot.

For more than two years we’ve helped our members to generate thousands of profits from Discord and Telegram Pump Signals.

We are the only provider to offer profitable and secure pump bots for big pump signals Discord and Telegram, Premium Crypto Signals combined with trustworthy payment methods like PayPal and Credit Card.

Pumps Calendar

Never miss a pump again. Know exactly when and where the next crypto pump signal will be to make big profits.

Daily Crypto Profits

We are the only one that combines Pump Bots for big pump signals Discord and Telegram, Futures Signals and more for daily profits.

Reduce your Losses

Stop making losses! Use our bots and experience to reduce losses and increase your profits on a daily basis.

Work in Progress: PumpBot User Interface and mobile

The fastest pump dump bot for Telegram and Discord pump signals will switch from a command line interface to a fancy interface and mobile ready. Eta December 2023.

2023 PumpBot GUI Pump Dump Bot for telegram pum pgroups and discord pump groups, Pump bot binance discord pump signals

Your fastest Pump and Dump Bot has a lot of Features

Buy faster. Sell Easier. Monitor. Just bigger Profits.

Manually typing

Even with manually typing the coin name you are at least 5 seconds faster.

Telegram Coin Scraper

Automated pump coin detection from Telegram pump groups.

Fast Command Line

This will be replaced by some fancy GUI (soon).

Discord Coin Scraper

Automated pump coin detection from Discord pump signals and groups.

PrePump Protection

Protects you from buying the top on bad pumps to reduce your losses.

Multple Exchanges

PumpBot works with multiple cryptocurreny exchanges

This is the Crypto Pump Bot you need.

PumpBot: Core Features.

Developed for you to win in every crypto pump and dump. All you need in one place.

Lightspeed fast Order Execution
This Pump Bot will send the buy order to the Exchange in less than 10 milliseconds. Buy as first at the lowest possible prices.

Fast Automatic Coin Detection

Your Bot will automatically scrape Telegram Pump Groups and Discord Pump Channels for the Coin. Saves you a lot of time and makes you even faster.

Easy to Use

Your Bot is really easy to use. You don't need any programming skills. Just change the Settings to your needs and Start the Bot.

Four Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Your Pump Bot works with Cryptocurrency Exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, Gateio and Hotbit. More Exchanges more chances to profit.
api keys save, secure crypto exchange connection

Your Coins are save

Your coins are save! We dont want your Login Info. We connect to so called API Keys which you manage and control. 

Stop Loss, Take Profit

Your Bot can place a Stop Loss and a Take Profit order for you. Automatically. While others are in Panic, the Bot does everything for you, simply relaxed.

Pre-Pump Protection

Sometimes the market is bad, admins are buying to much and the price rises too high and there is no room left for profits. The PumpBot will protect you from taking losses.

Live Profits

The pumpand dump program shows your buy price, how much you bought and the current profits and the time which has passed since your buy. Reduce to the essential information you need for the crypto pump.

Multiple Cryptocurrency Exchange Support

MEXC global pump dump bot Telegram pump groups
MEXC global
KuCoin global pump dump bot Telegram pump groups
Poloniex logo for crypto pump and dump bots and groups and signals
LaToken Crypto Pump Bot for Pump Groups Telegram and Pump Signals
Automate crypto signals for Bybit Futures
Gateio global pump dump bot Telegram pump groups
Automate crypto signals for Bitget Futures
Binance global pump dump bot Telegram pump groups

Our bots work on multiple exchanges – always where the best pumps are. PumpBot works for: Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io, MEXC global, Plononiex, LaToken and soon many more.

How to start with PumpBot? Your Bot for winning in Crypto Pump Groups.

Buy and Sell faster to increase your profits with our speed of light Crypto Pump and Dump Program or so called Robot. This is your Chance to make money with Pump and Dump Signals, New Token Listings and more.

Purchase: One Subscription, multiple Exchanges, multiple Crypto Bots

You can subscribe for the bot via PayPal, Stripe, Cards & Crypto. If these possibilities are not sufficient for you or you want to stay anonymous, write to us via Telegram or Discord.

Check out the Tutorial and the Guide

Once you purchased your Membership, you will get your the Pump Bot, New Coin Listings Bot, Crypto Pump Detector, Premium Membership, License Keys and more. Our PumpBot Step by Step Tutorial is extensive, easy to understand and always online available. So you always can check it again when you need it.

Done. You are ready to make profits

Now all you have to do is wait for the crypto pump and dump signals and the PumpBot will do the rest. Done!

Dont take my Words. Here is what our Members achieve.

Join our PumpBot Members that trust us and our Bot on Discord and Telegram. Questions? Ask our Community, check our members profits and more. The best Pump and Dump Discord Community you can find.

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Pump Bot review: new coin listings and pump signals profit
crypto premium signals profits telegram and Discord pump signals
Pump Bot review crypto pump signals profits
PumpBot Testimonial: premium crypto signals
PumpBot Testimonial crypto pump and dump profits
Pump and dump review - premium vip crytpo signals telegram profits
It is so easy to Win a Pump and Dump with our PumpBot.

Don't trust the Words? Check out our Videos.

Buy and sell faster to increase your profits with our speed of light crypto pump and dump program. Now you know the secret to make big profits which 99.99% of people don't know. You ready to take this chance?

This could be yours! What are you waiting for? Start trading with PumpBot. Still not convinced? Join our Discord for free and try our free trial pump and dump robot.

Pay monthly or once. Make Profits forever without Profit Sharing.

Pay once and get full access for life! I am doing this because I am going to use the money to keep adding features – and you will, of course, get access to all of those new features. No hidden monthly fees, profit sharing, or whatsoever. Pay once, use it forever.



39 Monthly
  • Bot Limit: 250 USDT per Trade
  • All Trading Bots and Tools
  • Exclusive Membership


49 Monthly
  • Bot Limit: 750 USDT per Trade
  • All Trading Bots and Tools
  • Exclusive Membership


99 Monthly
  • Bot Limit: 3000 USDT per Trade
  • All Trading Bots and Tools
  • 22+ Trading Signal Groups
  • DEX Signals for 100x
  • Exclusive Membership
  • Early Access to new Bots
Best Deal


199 Monthly
  • Unlimited USDT per Trade
  • All Trading Bots and Tools
  • 22+ Trading Signal Groups
  • DEX Signals for 100x
  • Exclusive Membership
  • Early Access to new Bots
  • Developer Support


249 Lifetime
  • Bot Limit: 250 USDT per Trade
  • All Trading Bots and Tools
  • Exclusive Membership


499 Lifetime
  • Bot Limit: 750 USDT per Trade
  • All Trading Bots and Tools
  • Exclusive Membership


999 Lifetime
  • Bot Limit: 3000 USDT per Trade
  • All Trading Bots and Tools
  • 22+ Trading Signal Groups
  • DEX Signals for 100x
  • Exclusive Membership
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Best Deal


1499 Lifetime
  • Unlimited USDT per Trade
  • All Trading Bots and Tools
  • 22+ Trading Signal Groups
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  • Developer Support

Your Solution for Crypto Pumps Discord and Telegram

We are offering the world leading technology for crypto pumps of every kind. Easy to use for everyone, maximum automation paired with an awesome discord community.

Easy to use for you.

You don't need to de a developer to use this bot unlike others. You just need to do enter your API Keys do your settings and you are ready to start.

Extensive Guide and Secrets.

We have two years of experience with pump and dump schemes and you profit from our knowledge and expertise.

Updates and Improvements

Schemes and Exchanges change. We adapt to this with updates, new features and improvements to always be able to make money.

Reduce your time.

With our knowledge, programs, guides and pump groups you save yourself a lot of time and trial and error.

Be the fastest Buyer in crypto pump dump schmes.

Our Pump Dump Bot works flawless on many Cryptocurrency Exchanges

And we work flawless for crypto pumps Discord and Telegram. Besides our PumpBot you get a lot nice features to make even more profits with our crypto bots.

KuCoin Pump Bot

Crypto Pumps with huge volume and awesome percentage gains over 1000%. These Pumps are once or twice a week. Very special is the so called Yobi KuCoin Pump. Be ready with the best pump dump Bot KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange.

LaToken, MEXC and Poloniex Pumps Bot

Poloniex and MEXC Pumps with big volume and awesome returns and with percentage gains over 200%. With the next bull run those Pumps will happen more often again and you will win with the fast Bot Pump MEXC global and Poloniex.

Pump Dump Bot Gate.io

Pump Signals with lower volume and lower returns up to 300%. These Pumps are quite good and are several times a week and then often several times a day. Many Pump and Dumps Groups with quite a nice Profit are possible solely with our Gate.io Pump Bot. 

Binance Pump Bot

Binance Pumps with huge volume and awesome returns and with percentage gains over 200%. A year ago we have seen many more Crypto Pumps on Binance. With the next bull run those Pumps will happen more often again and you will win with the fast Bot Pump Binace.

MEXC Pump Bot

NEW EXCHANGE: MEXC pump and dumps have medium volumes and peaks up to 300%.

Pump and Dump. Crypto Pump and Dump. Pump Binance. Pump KuCoin. Pump Gateio.

YOU win in Crypto Pump and Dumps. Make profits with trading Bots and Signals.

Pump and Dump Winner, PumpBot, Crypto Pump and Dump, Pump and Dump Binance, Pump and Dump KuCoin, Pump and Dump Gateio

Buy and sell faster than all others. This is the only way you can increase your profits. Possible through our speed of light Crypto Pump and Dump Program or Bot. This is your chance to make money with Pump and Dump Signals, New Token Listings and more. This makes you profitable in: Telegram Pumps, Pump and Dump Discord, pump signals and in general. Wherever there is a crypto pump with our PumpBot you are the Winner.

All you need in one place.

PumpBot Premium Membership

On the Telegram Pump and Dump Groups our Bot works with. Our Pump Bot works also with pump and dump discord groups.

Crypto Trading Bots

Get Updates, News and Access to new crypto trading Bots before everyone else knows about it. Be the first to profit from new Bots.

Crypto Pumps Telegram Groups

We have a collection of more than 30 of the best Crypto Pump Groups. Our Bot is able to read the coin automated from Telegram Crypto Pump Groups.

Insider News

Be part of PumpBot private crypto groups and get news and insider information before all others.

Increase Investment Limit

Pay as you go and increase your Investment Limits by upgrading to higher Pump Bot Tiers. Start low and trade your way up to even more Profits.

Crypto Pump and Pump Discord

We also have a huge collection of the best 10 Discord Pump and Dump groups you need. Like the famous big pump signals discord. Our Bot is able to automatically read the coin name from the crypto pumps Discord Channel.

Secrets Crypto World

Get news first. Know what others dont know. Learn the Crypto Pump Secrets, New Coin Listings Secrets and more.
We have the best FREE Pump and Dump Trading Signals

Free Pump and Dump Crypto Signals

Pump Crypto Signals are always FREE available on Discord (Discord Pump Signals) or Telegram (Telegram Pump Signals like big pump signals) and are the new Trading Signals for the Cryptocurrency World. No need for technical analysis, chart studying or something like that. The only Thing you need to win is a Pump and Dump Crypto Bot! And the Best Bot you can have for Pump and Dumps is the PumpBot.

Why do pump groups crypto get so popular? The Answer is easy: With Pump and Dump Strategies you make high Profits without any technical Analysis knowledge, without any programming wisdom and you only a few minutes for work on the Pump Day.

Become a PumpBot Affiliate and earn monthly

Refer a friend, share it on social media. Do it the way you want. Help more people to profit from cryptocurrency trading bots and signals without being scammed and earn along with them.

PumpBot affiliate Dashboard - affiliate WP
Crypto Pump and Dump. Pump Bot. Pump Program. Pump Robot.

FAQ - All you need to know about crypto pump and dump groups

First of all: Pump and Dumps are a Way to make high Profits in a very short Time. BUT: This is only possible with a Pump and Dump Bot, otherwise you will be too slow and lose to those who use our Pump Bot. Learn more about Crypto Pumps and the possibilities and advantages we offer you.

How do Pump and Dump Strategies work?

Pump and Dump is a collaboration of thousands of users. Telegram and Discord group admins tell the coin name and all these people rush to buy the coin at the same time. This makes that crypto currency pair to rise in value super fast and super high. Those Pumps only happen on Centralised and Decentralised Exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, Gateio, Hotbit and more.

Why do you need a PumpBot?

Some are losing so some are making money on these Pump and Dump Schemes. The some who make the most money are the Bot users. Out of the bot users, the most efficient and fastest ones win. Here enters PumpBot. It automatically picks the coin from Telegram or Discord and executes the buy order in milliseconds. This makes the one and only PumpBot the best and most profitable. 

Where do I find the crypto Pump and Dump Signals?

That is really easy. You don’t have to worry about that. We have an overview of Crypto Pump and Dump Signals for Binance, KuCoin and Gate.io on our website. Also on our Discord server. So you are well taken care of, so that you have the chance to win big several times a week. from Telegram or Discord and executes the buy order in milliseconds. This makes the one and only PumpBot the best and most profitable. Our Bot works perfect for the Binace Big Pump Signals, Yobi KuCoin Pump and Kripto Gateio Telegram and Discord Groups.  

What about VIP Pump Memberships?

This is very important! Many Telegram Pump Groups or Discord Pump Channels offer a so called “VIP Membership” and claim they tell you the coin name early. That is sadly not True… many of them are copy cats and just relay the Signals.
After you paid them in Crypto, they will block you. Your Money will be gone. Believe us, we tried it before.
We dont know who the Main Pump Group is and hence there are scammers. 
Just dont try to find a VIP Group, 99% of them are Scam. It is better to use our PumpBot. This will make you Profits even on the Binance Big Pump Signals Telegram Group.

What is a Crypto Pump Group?

A Crypto Pump Group, Cryptocurrency Pump Group, Pump and Dump Discord Group, Pump and Dump Telegram Group have all the same meanings. It is a community of many traders that want to push the price of a coin to attract outside investors to join and invest into this cryptocurrency. Such an event is called a crypto pump and dump or crypto pump signal. A few examples: Yobi KuCoin Pump Discord, Big Pump Signals Discord and Kripto Gateio Pump Signals.

What is a new Coin Listing?

We offer a special Crypto Bot for new coin listings Gateio, Binance and KuCoin. With our so called new coin listings Bot you can buy faster and easier on new token listings, which increases your Profits. New coin listings, or sniping of new coins on centralised exchanges can make you a lot of profits. Check out our crypto listings bot here. 

Do you offer a FREE Trial for your Bots?

Yes we do offer a free trial for our pump bot, new coin listing bot and pump detector. You can test it for as long as you want to do. The only restriction is the amount you are able to invest during a crypto pump. The FREE Trial versions are limited to 15 to 30 USDT per Trade. You can find it here, or join or Discord or Telegram when you have questions or concerns.

What is the Crypto Pump Detector Bot?

The crypto pump detector bot was made to detect crypto pumps early and before others. Many Admins do prebuy the coin name and hence rise the price of that coin which makes the coin pump. The program will scan the whole exchange for such price and/or volume changes and buys those coins that fullfill your settings. You can learn more about the pump detection bot here.

Not ready yet? Then try our FREE Crypto Pump Bot and the other Bots we offer. Join our Discord or Telegram. Ready to suscbribe? Nice.

  1. Subscrube to Pump Bot
  2. Download the Crypto Bots you want
  3. Make nice Profits

With our Cryptocurrency Pump and Dump Program you can expect big returns and an easy installation process. Before you start you can have a FREE trial for all our crypto bots (limited investment amount per Trade). It is so easy to make Profits with our Crypto Trading Bots. This Process is really simple. You dont need Programming skills and the Installation Process is easy, because there is none. You download the PumpBot and can use it directly. Also you can test our Free Bots on our Discord (unlimited time, limited investment amount per Trade of 30 USDT). 

You connect the Crypto Bots via so called API Keys. Don’t worry you are the one that gives the rights and allows the Bots what they are able to do. You will never need to give them the rights to withdraw or send your coins/tokens/cryptocurrencies somewhere. You only need to give them access to trade nothing more and your coins are safe at your Exchange.  

Many crypto pump groups claim they offer a VIP or Premium membership which release the coin name up to 24h before. This is in 99% of the time a scam. We don’t know the head group and so are there some ppl that try to scam the ones that don’t kown about this. In case there is a legit VIP/Premium group we have our Crpyto Pump Detector Bot which will detect the Admins buying and you don’t need that super expensive and 99% possibility of being scamed VIP stiff. 

Many Traders are wondering if pump and dumps are illegal in crypto. The answer is no, they aren’t illegal, because as of today crypto is still not that regulated as stocks are. This gives the little people still the chance to take advantage from crypto pumps and to make profits. So, don’t worry this is total legal.

You can find crypto pump and dumps on centralised Exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, Hotbit, Gateio and so on, as well on the decentralised Exchanges like pancakeswap. But what you need are pump and dump groups. Check out the ones we have here on our website.

If you are asking if crypto pumps are profitable you need to differ between those with a Pump Bot and those that buy manual the pumped coin. Those without a bot will very likely lose, because they are just too slow. Those traders with a pump bot will have it really easy, because they are faster and if you have our pump bot the coin gets automatically detected from telegram and discord groups. So, to answer your question: yes crypto pump and dump schemes are profitable when you have the right tool for it. The PumpBot.

You sadly can’t know it before. Telegram and Discord Groups announce the coin and than it gets pumped within seconds. If you want to detect a pumping coin checkout our crypto pump detector. This bot is able to dected crypto pumps on all major exchanges.

You need to find groups that do make such pumps. You can find telegram pump groups or discord pump groups on our Website or in the Members area in our discord. So you dont need to search for them yourself.

On our Website, just select the exchange of your choice and you will be able to find crypto telegram groups. If there aren’t enough check out our discord for even more. 

The answer is easy. Via so called API Keys. You can generate them on your Cryptocurrency exchange and give the permissions you need. You will never give the premissions to withdraw or send coins. This means the Bot will only be able to trade, but not sent your coins outside the exchange. This makes our bots super easy and secure to use.

Crypto Pump Signals are the special trading signals from huge telegram and discord groups. This Crypto Pump Signals are the start for many traders to buy a specific coin which results in a sudden and sharp price increase. One of the most famous ones was/is the big pump signal discord group. 

On the the most popular crypto pump and dump groups is the “big pump signal discord” or telegram. This is by far the biggest Pump Group out there. From the past we know that our Pump Bot works flawless with them and that our automated coin detection works with their crypto pump signals.  

You can find pump signals everywhere. In telegram, in discord, sometimes even on twitter. But we focus on the crypto pumps via telegram groups and discord groups. They have by far much more volume and that is where you can really make profits. Different pumps on different exchanges use telegram as their main signal provider or telegram. KuCoin for examples main source for the big pump signals is discord. Hotbit pump and dumps are only on telegram. Join us, we know where you find the best crypto signals for our programs.  

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