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Your Steps to activate your PumpBot and get the Discord Access

1. Download your Crypto Trading Bots

  • Download from the free-bot-download channel
  • Read the general-settings
  • Read the Guides for the Bot you want to use
Pump Bot

2. Get your LicenseKey and ItemId

The LicenseKey is in your Invoice (top right)
ItemId is in the Guide (click here)

3. Get access to the Premium Channels in Discord

  • Type /redeem and hit enter
  • Enter your itemId and hit tab
  • Enter your licenseKey
  • Hit enter DONE.

You will automatically get access to our Premium Channels until your subscription is over. Go to Discord
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Additional Information

More information about your subscription. If you end your subscription you can use the bots and everything until the end of the term. That means your subscription will not stop immediately. The second point is that a refund is not possible for digital products. If you do not cancel your subscription in good time, you have no chance of a refund under any circumstances. At this website, you can purchase software that enables you to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies by means of an crypto trading bot – of which you solely control. Please consult with our policies and disclaimer before starting.