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The 12 Best Crypto Pump and Dump Telegram Groups for massive Profits

Where to find the best crypto pump and dump groups on telegram and discord? Bot helps you to make money from crypto pump signals telegram. How to join crypto pump groups with pump dump bot?

Learn everything you need to profit from crypto pump and dump schemes and don’t fall for scams. Join our Discord or Telegram and talk with like minded people.

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Overview: P&D with cryptocurrencies discord pump signals

What Is Crypto Pump and Dump? What are crypto pump signals telegram?

We took part ourselves in a crypto pump and dump with our PumpBot. This allows us to share our first-hand experience with you.

Be the one that knows the Secret the 99% of pump and dump participants don’t know. In the following we will explain and give you a full guide on how to win in crypto pump and dumps. Hint: you will need a special software, a so called pump and dump bot to make profits. Otherwise you are too slow. But let’s dive into it.  

Which Exchange is the best for pump and dump crypto?

We know that Pump Signals can be: Binance Pump Signals, KuCoin Pump Signals, MEXC Pump Signals, Poloniex Pump Signals and more. At of writing this on the KuCoin exchange we see the best and most profitable pump signals, you can see an example below. You should never do pumps on a decentralised exchange (DEX) like pancakeswap.

pump and dump crypto kucoin, yobis big pump signal explained in every detail

Where to find the best telegram pump and dump groups for Binance, KuCoin, MEXC and Poloniex?

We have done research and found the most profitable and best crypto pump groups, so you don't have to test them.

We never recommend buying a premium service for a Crypto Pump and Dump Telegram group, as nobody knows who the main group is and therefore really knows who is giving the signal. Also, we haven’t found a group that really keeps what it promises. If you can’t decide which to follow, here are my personal top 3 best pump groups.

Telegram (click on the name for link to Telegram)

Signals for the pumping coin are send as text messages which makes them Bot friendly. You can easily enter the signals with our Telegram scraper.  

Historical Success Ratio is about 91.5% with signals for the Hotbit Exchange and send as text. Hotbit has high percentage gains, but the lowest volume.  

Historical Success Ratio is about 92.6% with signals for the Hotbit Cryptocurrency Exchange former Binance and the coin announcement is send as text. 

Historical Success Ratio is about 93.4% with signals for the KuCoin Exchange and send as text/images. Started as Binance pumps but switched to KuCoin because of better results. 

Historical Success Ratio is about 88.1% with signals for the KuCoin Exchange and send as text/images. Started as Binance pumps but switched to KuCoin because of better results. WallstreetBets is quite a popular term. But be aware of wallstreetbets members telegram cryptocurrency scams. There is no pumped coin name early. Trust us – we tried it.

Historical Success Ratio is about 91.1% with signals for the KuCoin Exchange and send as text/images. Started as Binance pumps but switched to KuCoin because of better results. WallstreetBets is quite a popular term after the short squeeze on GME and others, this resulted and many pump groups to appear with such a name.

Historical Success Ratio is about 78.1% with signals for the KuCoin Exchange and send as text/images. Started as Binance pumps but switched to KuCoin because of better results. Wall Street Bets Gems resulted from the Gamestop short squeeze as well and gained popularity.

Historical Success Ratio is about 93.2% with signals for the KuCoin Exchange and send as text/images. Started as Binance pumps but switched to KuCoin because of better results. Push is also a popular name for pumps.

This signals group is inactive since the bear market started. They might come back with the next bull run. If they do we will evaluate them again and add them to the best telegram signals. 

This mega signals group was on Binance Exchange but switched to KuCoin as the bear market started. Maybe with the next bullish cryptocurrency cycle we will see Binance Pumps from them again.

Switched to KuCoin as the bear market started. As you can see they use the popular wallstreet bets icon/logo for their mega pump signals, they are also refered to as wallstreet bets pumps. 

Switched to the KuCoin Exchange as the cryptocurrency market started to get bearish. They are a relay of original KuCoin pumps.  

With PumpBot you buy the pumping coin at least 5 seconds faster than others.

Don't invest and trade crypto pump groups blindly without a bot. Become a successful trade and use PumpBot and win.

PumpBot is a special program developed and specialised for only one goal: to make profits and win in crypto pumps. Available for all major Exchanges: Binance, KuCoin, Gateio and soon many more!

How to join crypto pump groups?

Are crypto pump groups legal?

When trying to make the most out of the cryptocurrency you have, there are a number of strategies you can employ. One of these is known as crypto pump and dump strategy from crypto crypto pump groups. In this case, an individual or entity artificially inflates the value of the currency, stock or commodity they have. In our case we do this with cryptocurrencies, because it is not regulated and hence legal by the SEC or other financial institutes. This answers the question: ‘are crypto pump and dump groups illegal?’ – the answer is clearly no, crypto pump groups are legal.

Are pump and dump groups profitable?

This can be achieved by providing information that is not factual or truthful. In essence this strategy relies on misinformation to raise the price of the commodity or the stock they hold. The price increase in such a case is known as pumping. The pump can reach several 100% within a few seconds to minutes.

Once the price reaches a desirable level, the account holder and all the pump and dump participants can start selling it off and that is what is referred to as dumping. That is what you need a little bit of experience to sell before the dump occurs.

How to profit from Pump and Dump Crypto Schemes?

Experienced traders would think that you can just “short” the coin. To short, or shorting is a term used when to try to profit from falling prices. The idea is good, but unluckily a pump and dump crypto scheme and their admins always pick shit coins or meme coins, which can’t be traded on the futures market. 

So, the only option left is: be faster than others. And that is the crypto pump secret 99% of ppl don’t know. You could just use a program that makes you faster in these crypto pumps. Detect the coin name from text messages and so on. And that is exactly what PumpBot offers. The fast program for crypto pump and dump groups telegram and discord.  

What is a Pump Dump Bot?

The PumpBot is a program or trading bot especially made for Telegram Crypto groups. It makes you faster and has many additional features that helps his user to profit from such pump and dump schemes. And that is the secret behind on how to profit from crypto pump and dump groups. It is a simple program that makes you faster than 99% of all others. Check it out now.

How to find Telegram pump signals ?

Do you want more groups? or do you want to be able to search for such groups yourself? It is easy to find good crypto telegram groups.

How to find Telegram pump groups?

Crypto pump groups often have the names “pump” or “big signal” or a mixture of both in their names and description. You can find them very easy throught the telegram search.
Just open the search field in your Telegram App or Desktop and search for “pump group” or “pump signal” and you will find many groups related to pump n dump schemes.

How to find Discord pump groups?

You can find the same for Discord, just google for discord pump groups or go to disboard discord server search. Then just search for the same typical names and you will find discord pump signals. To receive Discord pump signals you can also join our Discord and check our pumps calendar. 

How to find legit discord pump signals?

Finding legit pump and dump groups is hard. We have tried it ourself and the only legit ones we have found are two. All others sell the VIP access and try to scam people. The second thing is that you can really easy make a relay channel from the original pumps groups. 

Crypto Pump Signals

Who does send a crypto pump signals? Crypto pump signals is what is need for the PumpBot to work. A Crypto Pump Signal can be announced by special crypto pump dump groups or normal trading signals providers on telegram, but we focus on crypto pump and dump groups, because we know what we get from them.

Crypto Pump and Dump Groups

Crypto pumps are initiated by a so called pump signal from crypto pump groups like big pump signals. Big pump signals is one of many crypto pump and dump groups. They are a binance telegram group with millions of members. This are special trading signals for centralised or decentralised crypto exchanges like Binance,, MEXC, OKX and so on. Important to not is that the pump and dumps are made on exchange where you can find shitcoins and memecoins with low market cap and an empty order book. Only this way the pumps can reach a percentage gain. And as the name suggest you find crypto pump signals telegram on telegram or on discord. Above we have a list with an overview of the best crypto pump signals telegram and compare them to each other. This is how you can find those crypto telegram channels.

crypto pump and dump groups telegram, crypto pump groups telegram

What are the best crypto pump and dump groups?

How to determine if a crypto pump and dump group is good?

It is different every time so it is hard to say which group is the best pump and dump crypto group. The easiest way to find the best telegram pump groups is by checking the past pumps, asking members on how good they have been and checking the 1 second candlestick charts. But you always need to do your own research and checking past pumps is the best way to do it. You can learn more about pump groups here.

Overview: the best crypto telegram groups

Some of the most common known crypto pumps groups on Telegram (link in table above). Our Pump Bot has been very successful with them and you can be sucessful with our Pump Bot today! Join us and use our Pump Bot to make Profits with these crypto pump groups. Many pump and dump crypto groups offer a VIP memberhsip, be careful with them, you might not know which one is the real pump and dump crypto group and which is a relay that tries to scam people. You can also use our Pump Detector Bot to detect admins from pump and dump crypto groups prepumping. 

crypto pumps telegram, binance pumps, pump signals telegram

Searching for the best pump and dump crypto groups telegram?

You can do everything yourself, or use our experience, bots and knowledge to find the best pump and dump crypto groups. Join our Discord or Telegram and you know when the next pump happens to make money. Your advantages of joining PumpBot:

  • Trust our tests. We have tested almost every Pump and Dump Telegram Group’s VIP Membership. We know who you can to trust and whom not. This saves you time and a lot money.
  • We have a list and even a calendar of all good Crpyto Pump Groups on Telegram. Join us and we notify you about the next crypto pump.
  • Pump Bot tested. We have the right crypto Bot for pump and dumps. With the PumpBot you buy faster than all others! Hence you make more Profits.

Where can I find more crypto pump and dump discord? The easiest way to find more crypto pump groups is to join our telegram or discord channel. We do provide a list of crypto pump and dump discord to everyone and we regularly update them. This way you are always up-to-date with the latest crypto pump groups telegram and discord.

What are crypto pump and dump Discord Groups and Telegram?

In short: Crypto Pump and Dumps are Telegram Groups, Telegram Channels or Discord Server/Groups with many members who buy a coin (cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum , USDT at Cryptocurrency Exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, etc.) at the same time and thus increase the price by up to several hundred percent within a few seconds. As the name suggests, the dump comes after this pump and the price falls again. That is it!

How can you benefit from crypto PnD groups?

All you have to do is buy quickly and then sell again. If you have already observed the whole thing, or even participated in it, you know this for sure: Who is the fastest, makes the greatest profit. But many do not know that without a bot for pump and dump you have very little chance and therefore unfortunately often make losses. And this is exactly where we come in, we help with making profits from crypto pump groups.

And that's exactly why we have the right bot for you!

Our Pump Bot (also Sniper Bot or Front runner Bot) are the fastest together with the automatic detection for Binance Telegram Pump Groups, KuCoin Telegram Pump Groups or Gateio ( Telegram Pump Groups. The advantage for you? You are guaranteed to be the fastest and therefore faster than other bot users! For you, that means buying sooner and not making more profits! But only with our Pump and Dump Bot for Crypto Pump and Dump Telegram groups. Check out the video, then you will see what we mean.
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Crypto Pump and Dump Groups US. Crypto Pump and Dump Telegram.

Crypto Pump and Dump Groups: Get started with bitcoin pump groups.

The best Bitcoin Pump Groups

Pump and dump crypto groups are channels that post trading signals on unknown crypto coins, which influence the price of a crypto coin with the low volume, and its value increases. This is what we call “crypto pump signals telegram”, you may have heard of “big pump signals” the by far biggest telegram group for pump signals. 
Since the end of 2020, cryptocurrency trading has become a very popular topic on media, news, and among new and existing advanced crypto traders. These highly widespread talks create a big demand for cryptocurrency trading and investing. 

New to bitcoin pump groups?

Unfortunately, many newcomers when entering the market, do not know which ways of trading are really profitable. And they especially like channels that show enormous profits, which, usually, are these crypto pump channels. We would not say something against them if we knew they are really legit, but every person that understands the pump and dump schemes, will tell you they are not 100% legit. lists about 20 Bitcoin pump and dump signals channels on Telegram, and there are only a few approved channels among them (join our Discord or telegram channel to get them). The thing is that 99% of the crypto pump and dump Telegram is a special form of scam. 

We call it “a special form of scam” because, at first glance, they do not block you after the payment, they add you to the VIP group where you see plenty of signals and results. 

Our PumpBot members get the best pump and dump signals

What Are Pump and Dump Crypto Telegram Signals?

Crypto pump and dump signal binance
First things first – pump and dump cryptocurrency signals look like the common crypto signal that are posted by experienced traders, algorithms and analysts on other platforms. So, such a pump signal contains: 
  • Name of the coin;
  • Predicted percentage gain.
And, of course, no one is going to tell you when to close signals, what is the risk percentage, etc. But, these signals are not common because they have the purpose of giving profits to the person that published the pump signal, but not to the common traders. And that is why you need a Pump Bot to succeed with even the best pump and dump crypto groups. With a Pump Bot you are fast enough to enter and exit the pump signal with a big profit.

Join our Pump Bot Discord now

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What are Pump and Dump Telegram and Discord Groups?

Crypto pump and dump groups are large groups that give buy signals for cryptocurrencies to rapidly increase the price, e.g. pump it. One big binance telegram group for crypto pumps is ‘big pump signals” with over 1 million members.

Where to join Pump and Dump Telegram and Discord Groups?

We have them all, join our Discord and you get the information you need. The best pump and dump crypto groups:

  • Gateio, KuCoin, Hotbit and Binance Telegram Pump Signal Groups
  • Gateio, KuCoin, Hotbit and Binance Discord Pump Signal Channels

Where to join Pump and Dump Telegram and Discord Groups?

Crypto pump groups are not illegal, that is why we have developed the PumpBot. It is restricted for stocks and other securities, but not for cryptocurrencies. The SEC investigates against the pump group admins as they are suspect to market manipulation and very often scams. But as participant it is legal – don’t worry, we keep track about this. 

Where to join Pump and Dump Telegram and Discord Groups?

Yes they are profitable, because we use the PumpBot to be faster and to sell easier. That is why crypto pumps are profitable for our members.

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