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Futures Signals and Crypto Signals for huge crypto pumps

LONG and SHORT on pump and dump groups is how you can make profits when the price pumps and when the price dumps.

We found crypto pump groups that pump high market cap cryptocurrencies. Subscribe to PumpBot and be part of it today and don't miss the next leveraged chance to make profits from crypto pumps.

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What to expect from the best crypto futures signals?

Crypto Pumps also happens in the futures market: short squeeze, buy walls, sell walls and more. With the right methods we know when they happen to maximise gains from rising and falling prices.

Only a few minutes a day

Trading one crypto futures signals takes less than one minute.

Grow your funds

Make profits with futures trading and grow your funds more than 25% a month.

Only the best signals

We monitor, add and remove crypto signals providers for you to achieve the maximum results possible.

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Crypto Futures Signals that work

This awesome crypto signal turned your 100$ into 423$ with only one trade. So easy. So effortless. Next time it will be yours too.

One good trade covers the subscription fees for more than 3 months. 

Profit from Pumps (Long)

Profit from Dumps (short)

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What are futures pumps?

How does futures trading works?

Crypto Futures are special leveraged Long and Short trading signals available at all common cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance Futures, Bybit Futures, KuCoin Futures, FTX Futures and so on. Just trade them where you are able to trade crypto futures.   

Futures Pump are special trading signals or crypto signals from certain pump groups. The groups available to our PumpBot Pro Members pump large market cap cryptocurrencies. There are two way they can pump a cryptocurrency with a large market cap:

shorting futures pumps

This is the exact opposite of the LONG future pumps. After a decent price increase, a huge crypto pump many traders start selling their LONG contracts and hence the price will fall. That is the time we go short or we start shorting a coin to profit from falling prices.

LONG futures pumps

Those crypto telegram groups check all crypto tokens available to see if there is a possible for a short squeeze. This means when short contracts are about to get liquidated and the short contract holders need to buy back the coins and hence increase/pump up the price! This is where you go LONG!

Profit from the crypto pump and the crypto dump

Funny right? We make profits from rising and falling prices. That is what we offer you, the chance to profit from the pump and profit from the pump!

What is in it for you

Futures Signals Pumps

Futures Signals easy to follow so you can profit in any market situation.

Huge Pumps!
Huge futures pumps as LONG and SHORT is what we have for you. Win in both directions.


Why have to work when we already have everything you need?

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Trade them on the Exchange you want and you are able to trade crypto futures signals.

Easy to Use

It is super easy. Wait for the signal, place the trade and done.

Your Coins are save

No access needed. You just need to follow the signals.

Trade from everywhere

Make money from everywhere you only need a smartphone.
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Results of past future pumps

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Futures Pump: AXS/USDT

23.07.2022: Futures pump announcement of AXS/USDT. We just need to know the coin name and the direction and we are ready to enter the trade.

One good trade and you doubled your money.

100% plus leveraged pumps!
Easily make more than 100% plus profits with futures pumps.
AXS futures pumps
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Futures Pump: ETH and BTC

22.07.2022: Futures pump announcement of ETH/USDT and BTC/USDT. Here you have the perfect example of a SHORT futures pump. We profited from falling price on BTC and ETH and doubled our money with that.

One good trade and you doubled your money.

Long or Short
Profit just from the movement of the price. Doesn't matter if up or down, as long as it moves.
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Futures Short Signal: OP/USDT

09.08.2022: Futures pump announcement of OP/USDT. This Short was sooo good we we are to enter it twice. The first profit was +100% Profit and the second one was 210% Profits plus as you can see.

One good futures Signal and you are able to more than double your money.

No technical analysis needed
With future Signals it is easy to make money. Basic trading knowledge and you are good to go.
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Dont take our words. Here is what our PumpBot users made with PumpBot.

When you are try to buy manually in a pump and dump you are often too slow. Our PumpBot is the fastests bot for big pump signals that achieves tremendous profits. See what our members achieve and you can do it too.
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Don't believe it? Join our Discord and see the most recent Trades and Profits.
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Join today. What is the best that could happen?

This is your Chance to make high profits with low investments. Get your PumpBot Membership now and start as little as 54€/monthly! Unlock the Potential to make huge returns from futures pumps and dumps!

Remember: one good trade and the subscriptions fees are more than covered.

Signals Only
54/per month
Futures Pump and Dumps
Other Crypto Signals
Everything you need
Important crypto signals related questions

Frequently Asked Questions on Crypto Signals

We hope to answer a few more important questions you might have regarding day trading cryptocurrencies with signals.

What are trading signals in cryptocurrency?

Signals are trade ideas related to the cryptocurrency market that are researched beforehand and sent directly to traders’ smartphones. These signals include an entry point, stop loss, and take profit level.

What is the best Telegram group for crypto trading signals?

Our top pick when it comes to crypto Telegram groups is CryptoSignals.org. This is because the provider offers a free and paid signals service, along with a 30-day moneyback guarantee if the service isn’t to your liking.

Are there any free crypto signals?

Yes – providers such fat pig signals, bitcoin bullets and more offer a free crypto signals service – We too. Just join our free Discord Crypto Signals. The services work in the same way as the paid service, although with a much lower volume of signals each week.

Do crypto signals actually work?

This will depend on the provider, although the vast majority of signals providers comprise experienced traders with extensive trading knowledge. As such, the success rates offered by signals services is often much higher than retail traders can expect to produce on their own.

What are the best crypto signals?

Through our research and testing, we noted that CryptoSignals.org and Learn2Trade provide the best signals. Both providers offer high-quality signals regularly, along with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

How do I get the best crypto signals?

The most common approach is to sign up with a crypto signals provider, and you will be supplied with a link to join the private Telegram group. This group is where crypto signals will be sent, after which you will have to facilitate the trade with the correct parameters manually.

Can I short a pump and dump?

Yes you can short specific crypto pump and dumps. The groups we know you can short and make profit from the dump that comes after the pump.

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