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In the following, we will go over everything important about Crypto Pump and Dump schemes. I’ve been in this space since 2020 and was one of the first to offer the PumpBot and educational materials to anyone interested in cryptocurrency pump and dumps. So let us delve into this fascinating topic.

What is Crypto Pump and Dump?

Crypto pump and dumps are unique types of trading signals that require large communities to function. These communities are large Telegram groups and Discord channels that frequently have millions of members. These also refered to as “pump and dump crypto telegram groups”.

When a pump signal is given, all members rush to buy the cryptocurrency as soon as possible, resulting in the pump. The coins purchased are frequently shitcoins with low liquidity and market capitalization; otherwise, it would be impossible to pump them by hundreds of percent in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Following the pump, the dump occurs when people begin selling coins for a profit or panic and sell at a loss. To avoid selling at a loss, we created the PumpBot (see explanation below).

The administrators of these crypto pumps benefit the most, followed by bot users and manual traders who may be too slow.

If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency pump and dump strategies, read this.

Chart example for a crypto pump and dump scheme

What are cryptocurrency pump signals?

As previously stated, crypto pump and dump schemes and pump signals belong together. The administrators of these Telegram groups and Discord channels send out a crypto pump signal. So-called cryptocurrency pump groups. A typical crypto pump signal resembles this:


If you want to learn more about pump signals, see this post.

Example for a crypto pump signals from a crypto pump group on Telegram

Free Telegram Pump and Dump Signal Groups Binance, KuCoin and Gate.io

Signal Groups for Pump Signals for Binance, KuCoin and Gate.io

Free Pump Signal Telegram Groups are the groups that are responsible for the pump signals. We have put together a list for you so that you have a large selection of Free Telegram signal groups and don’t have to search for them. But watch out for premium groups! Since the pump signals are always free for everyone and nobody gets the name beforehand, otherwise a pump would already take place there.

How to find Crypto pump groups?

First, we must distinguish between Telegram pump groups and Discord pump groups. They are almost identical, but slightly different. One of the differences is that Discord members can chat, whereas Telegram pump groups are only announcement channels where users cannot interact or chat with one another.


You can easily find crypto pump groups using the following methods:

– Telegram Search

– Discord Search similar to Discordia

– Our list of top crypto pump groups for Telegram and Discord.

Risks involved doing Crypto Pump and Dumps

Do not attend cryptocurrency pump and dumps. If you’re not sure what you’re doing. Even though the potential rewards are high, it is extremely risky. If you make a mistake or are too slow to buy at the top, you risk losing everything you’ve invested. That is one of the reasons why we created the PumpBot for cryptocurrency pump and dumps.

Furthermore there are many psychological factors involved like FOMO, “get rich quick” and more. Check our blog post about these psychological factors and how they influence crypto pumps.

Everything presented here is not financial advice, and you should always DYOR. But let’s get to the bot designed for cryptocurrency pumps and pump signals. 

What is a crypto pump and dump bot?

PumpBot is a crypto pump and dump bot that can be used for crypto pump and dump schemes. It’s a programme created specifically for this type of trading. The crypto pump bot can buy the announced pumped coin quickly and automatically from Telegram groups and Discord channels, allowing you to buy before everyone else and at the lowest possible price.


Furthermore, you can easily sell because you only need to press one button instead of entering the amount you want to sell and the price on the exchange itself. You can learn more about our crypto pump bot in this post and this comparison of the best crypto pump bots.

Crypto pump bot for Binance and KuCoin with chart example
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