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Profits of our crypto Bots: Pump and Dump Program, New Coin Listings Bot and more. Testimonials, Pump and Dump Signal groups, Free Telegram Pump Signal Groups and some real member Profits

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Profits, Profits and more Profits

When they hear about our crypto bots for the first time, everyone always wants to know the same thing: Can I really earn money with your cryto bots? how much profit can I make? What is the average return? How many percent can i make per month?

Free Telegram Pump and Dump Signal Groups Binance, KuCoin and Gate.io

Signal Groups for Pump Signals for Binance, KuCoin and Gate.io

Free Pump Signal Telegram Groups are the groups that are responsible for the pump signals. We have put together a list for you so that you have a large selection of Free Telegram signal groups and don't have to search for them. But watch out for premium groups! Since the pump signals are always free for everyone and nobody gets the name beforehand, otherwise a pump would already take place there.


This project started on Fiverr and therefore we have received a lot of positive feedback from happy customers.

His program is perfect. You can trust this seller =)
He's very nice and good communication. Helped me alot with installation and explaination.
excellent seller, he was fast and very clear, offers affordable prices for quality bots, I also had some problems with PC and he mangaed to solve all my Problems XD, amazing ... for anything else I will ask him 😀 recommend to everyone
Super tolle Kommunikation, der Verkäufer hat sich Zeit genommen um mir alles zu erklären. Würde ich weiter empfehlen.! (Eng.: Super great communication, the seller took the time to explain everything to me. I would recommend it to others.!)
Seller knows what he is doing and will customize the app to work on your exchange
United States
Fast communication, fast delivery. Product is very professional and would suggest this seller to anyone!
The seller was very kind and answered every single Question I had. I will recommend him to my friends!

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