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Autotrade Bot

The best Autotrade Bot for Crypto Pumps.

Automated big profits from crypto pumps on Gate.io with Autotrading bots. The best automated trading bot for crypto pumps on the Gate.io Exchange. Set it up. Start and see how your balances grow over time.
Automate your crypto trading today and see how your funds grow over time. Optimised for the Gate.io Exchange.
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Gate io trading bot

Start Autotrade Bot in under five Minutes

Start with invest from 30 USDT

Autotrader Bot. Switch on. Done.

Set it up. Start it. Wait and Profit. Automated Crypto Pump Trading is what we do here.

Benefit from Market Leading Technology in Auto trading Bots.

Trade like a Pro without being one with crypto trading bots.

Easy to Use

Our Autotrade Bot is easy to use with a easy to understand Guide. 

Backtested strategies

Our Autotrader strategies are backtested on historical data and under real market conditions. 

No Coding needed

The command line Interface might look a bit hacker like, but you dont need any programming knowlegde. Without a Interface it is much faster.

Automated Buys and Sells

Lean back! This Bot does everything for you. Buying, Selling monitoring every market movement.

Years of Experience

You profit from more than 2 years of Experience with crypto pumps.

Secure via API

Connect the Bot via API Keys. Save and Secure connection in your hands. Only this way your funds are 100% save.

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Telegram Bot Integration for sure. Gate io Trading Bot.

Have Control. Wherever you are. Always.

Control your crypto autotrader bot no matter where you are via your Phone and Telegram.

Check it.

Check current open positions and their PnL (Profit and Loss).

Buy, Sell.

Buy and Sell easy via the Telegram Bot.

Pause, Play.

Stop it, resume the trading. You have full control from everywhere.

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Double your investment within a month.

What is the strategy of our gate io trading bot?

This crypto bot was developed to automate trading based on the gateio top gainers list. Because these coins reach high gains within a very short period of time. When a cryptocurrency coin makes it into the list outsiders buy it and inflate the price even more.

How does Gateio Top Gainers list work?

To enter the top gainers list a coin must reach a 24h trading volume of more than 100k for the first time. If this happens the coins are ranked based on their 24 hours percentage gains.

How profitable is this gate io trading bot?

PumpBot Members made 255% Profits within a month with our autotrade crypto bot. Fully automated and effortless.

Dont take our Words. Here is what our VIP Members made with PumpBot.

Join over 200+ PumpBot Members that trust us and our Bot on Discord and Telegram. Questions? Ask our Community, join our #way-to-lambo challenge and share your PumpBot Profits. The best Pump and Dump Discord Community you can find.

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Don't believe it? Join our Pump and Dump Discord and see the most recent Trades and Profits.

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Are you ready to make Profits?

This is your Chance to make high profits with low investments. Get your PumpBot now and start as little as 29€/per month! Unlock the Potential to make massive returns from Gate.io’s Top Gainers/Top Movers.

Just try it for a month and see yourself how PumpBot can make you huge profits.


Starter Package

No Limit per Trade
Other Crypto Bots
Everything you need
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Automate top gainers trader for Gate.io Exchange.

How PumpBot Autotrader works

The Gate.io offers a "Top Gainers List" where the highest pumping coins for the day are shown. Our Autotrader Bot buys them before they get into this Top Gainers List.
You buy automatically before the coins get pumped to the moon. You can trade them manually for free with our screener bot, or subscribe to PumpBot and grow your funds automated over night while you sleep.
Autotrade Bot - in depth:

We have the best automated crypto trading bot for crypto pumps on the gateio cryptocurrency exchange. With our expertise we know which coins most likely will make it into the top gainers list. This crypto trading bot was developed to scan and analyse the whole exchange for such coins and buys them before they make it into the list. When the coins get into that gateio top gainers list they attract outsiders and investors to buy the coin and inflate the price even further! This is how you are able to make 50% and more with this bot on a single trade.  

Why trade with crypto Bots?

Why Autotrade Bot is better?

Professional traders have known it for years: bots are better at trading than people. That is why the Autotrader Bot has been developed, so that you too can trade automatically, 24h a day, just always.

Effortless growing your funds with automated systems is what we offer you. Talk to your telegram bot and change things you want to change.

Automated Trading Strategies

Bots are trading algorithms that can perform thousands of complex calculations in seconds, enabling them to make trading decisions and that better than humans.

Achieve professional Return on Investments

Our autotrader bots makes super fast trading choices to get the best results. You are abel to double your money in just a few weeks!

Control the Autotrading Bot

Our autotrade bot is easy to control via a telegram bot. Check your portfolio, close positions early, pause it. With the telegram bot integration you know what your bot does. Always.

Autotrader Bots Frequently Asked Questions

Crypto Bot Trading FAQ

What do I need to run the PumpBot Autotrade Bot

The bot is an easy to use .exe-file. This means you would need a windows computer or VPS (virtual private server) to run the Bot 24h a day. 

Also you need an Gate.io account. The Bot works only with this exchange. But dont worry Gate.io doesn’t need KYC (Know Your Customer), so everyone can open an account and start trading there. 

What is a crypto bot?

A bot is a computer program designed by traders or developers to buy and sell assets for you at the right time based on a trading strategy. A bot is also called an algorithm, or trading program. With a crypto bot you trade cryptocurrencies on Exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io and so on.

How do I start the trading program? How do I start the bot?

It is an .exe-file. This means you only need to double click it to start it. 

What is an auto trader bot?

An auto trader bot is a crypto trading bot which is able to perform various trades completely automated on it’s own. You just need to define some basic settings like how much it should invest and your api keys to access the gateio exchange. After that you switch on an auto trader bot and it buys and sells completely automated.

Do trading bots really work?

Yes crypto trading bots do work, just not all of them. You need to find autotrader bots that are backtested or have users that consistantly make money with them. Our automated trading crypot bot is one of them. But we can’t guarantee constant profits every month.

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