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25+ Premium Crypto Groups from Telegram Crypto Signals

Easily start trading with premium signals to become a profitable crypto trader

Change your life with crypto trading. You don't know where to start? No worries. The easiest way to start is trading with premium signals.

Becoming a crypto trader is normally a hard and stressfull way. Once you achieved this goal you will change not only your live but also the lives around the people you love. 

30+ Daily Signals

24 hours a day. The Market never sleeps, neither do our leaked crypto signals. So, you can trade whenever you want.

Accuracy 88+%

More than 88% of the trading signals hit the first Take Profit - based on the signal groups

Trade directly from your phone

You only need your phone, a crypto exchange and you are ready to start

Learn what you need to know

Educational guides and tutorials are included to give you everything you need to start trading.

Always Win Trades monthly results: 13800% and 83.3% accuracy

What are the monthly result of crypto signals?

Here you see the monthly statistics of one of the channels we offer. This is your chance to make high profits. Start as little as 55€/monthly! Unlock the Potential to make massive returns from cryptocurrency signals trading!

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Your one-place for Telegram Crypto Signals

What to expect from the best premium crypto signals?

Why try to understand hundreds of technical indicators, chart patterns, keep yourself up-to-date with news and announcements, when other experienced traders already did it for you? You can easily copy their trades and use their experience and knowledge to profit from crypto trading.

Only a few minutes a day

Trading one crypto signal takes less than one minute.

Grow your funds

Make profits with crypto signals trading and grow your funds more than 25% a month.

Only the best signals

We monitor, add and remove crypto signals providers for you to achieve the maximum results possible.

The best and easiest way to trade futures signals

How does trading with our premium signals work?

Trading with crypto signals is super easy, can be done by everyone. You only have to follow a few steps to be successfully. You just need to copy the trade on your favourite exchange. 

1. Receive a Crypto Signals

Get a crypto signal which has everything you need to know to place a trade: Entry price, take profits, stop loss, leverage.

2. Open the Trade at your Exchange

Place the trade and the take profit and stop loss order at your favourite crypto exchange.

3. Wait till the Take Profit is hit

Now you don't need to do anything. Just wait till the Take Profit is hit and your position is closed automatically.

We have all the best Premium Crypto Signal Groups for you in one place.

The best VIP Crypto Signals are structured and easily available via our Discord/Telegram. You don't need to switch between multiple apps. All in one place.

premium crypto signals leaked: 10 best crypto signals channels

Always Win Signals, Bitcoin Bullets VIP, Coin Signals VIP, Fed Russian Insiders VIP, Bullstar Signals VIP, Fat Pig Signals Premium, Futures125 Signals, Binance Killers VIP and more trading groups valued at more than $2500 a month!* *Groups can change. We always try to provide only the BEST crypto signals, hence we add and remove groups that don’t full fill our criterias for you to make the most of your Profits.

This is what we offer to you. All the best crypto signals telegram groups and their paid VIP or Premium groups in one place for just a fraction of the initial price.

Why choose the leaked crypto signals from PumpBot?

Don't pay for every single trading group. Pay one for all groups. It is cheaper and you get more trading signals. Let's compare us against purchasing every single signals provider.

NOT PumpBot Signals

Only one signals group
200+ Monthly
  • Only One Signals Group
  • Only payable with crypto
  • Bad trading signals
  • Only one Signal a day
  • No Members Area
  • Multiple payments for multiple groups
  • Additional Fees for signals automation

PumpBot Signals

Premium Crypto Signals
55 Monthly
  • Multiple Signals Groups
  • Stripe and Crypto Payment
  • Only the best trading signals
  • Multiple Signals a day
  • Members Area
  • Only one payment for multiple groups
  • Automation Bot (soon)
Just better
These are the Trading Signals you need.

Premium Crypto Signals

Get Crypto Signals, Trade and Profit. Start today.

Trade Everywhere.
Trade from everywhere, no matter where you are. You only need your phone.
All you need to know.
With every trading signal you get everything you need to know. Take Profit, Stop Loss, just everything.
Easy start into trading.
You can't start more simple into crypto trading. Profit from the knowledge of multiple experts.
Preselected Signals Groups.
We dont offer hundreds of groups. We offer the best groups, so you don't need to try and decide which groups are the best. We do it for you.
Less Expensive.
Buying and trying every signal provider is very expensive - with us you save a couple of thousand $$.
and more...
There are many more advantages you have by using our service: updates, community, education and help, ...

How does trading with Signals work? Simple. Just copy paste.

Trading with Signals

Just copy and paste what others already did. You get everything: Entry, take profit and stop loss. Just copy the expert crypto traders.

Crypto trading signals for futures trading example
Don't take my word see what others do.

You can do what our members are already doing

Join our Community and start trading with the best crypto trading signals. It is easy to start when you have the best signals and the best community by your side that helps each others.
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All in one plan

The best crypto signals

With this plan you get all our Premium Crypto Signals!

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Want to learn more about Trading Signals? Continue reading.

We offer the best leaked paid crypto signals

Why pay for every group, when we have the best crypto signals in one place?

Which crypto signal is best?

There are many really good crypto signals providers from telegram and discord. The market changes and you can’t tell which is the best overall signals group. But we can tell you that we have the best premium signals all together so you can trade them.

Are crypto signals worth it?

Buying and testing every available crypto group might not be profitable, because it takes you a lot of time and money to test them with low funds. And you need to pay for the fees for every trading group – this isn’t really worth it. Because of this we decided to leak premium signals and offer them for a really low price. This means you can start right away and get a bunch of signals providers for a small price. With us crypto signals are really worth it – if you want to see the results just scroll down. 

How do I get signals for crypto?

You can finds crypto signals telegram or crpyto signals telegram just by googling them, just the same as you found us. You can choose one group or you can choose us and have all the best premium crypto signals in one place. 

You can profit from falling prices!

With futures signals or trading on the futures market you can profit from the falling prices. With spot trading you can only buy and sell. With futures trading you go long or go short, hence when someone says he goes short he bets on falling prices and makes a profit from them. This will make you profits also in a bearish market and it is really easy to do if you use our leaked premium signals.  

What are paid crypto signals and crypto premium signals leaks?

Almost every group offers free crypto signals, where they send one trading signal once a week or every two weeks. Paid Crypto signals are the special crypto signals you receive when you subscribe to their so called VIP or Premium crypto signals. You get access to a separate Telegram or Discord Channel where you get more signals on a daily basis. Hence we call it paid crypto signals. And those paid crypto signals are what we offer relayed from multiple groups.  

The best crypto signal leaks made for you

Trading with Crypto Signals Telegram. What you need to know.

What are crypto signals?

Crypto Signals are trading recommendations made algorithms, human traders or both and tell you everything you need to know about trading signals. 

How to read crypto signals?

You get everything you need to know to trade crypto. To open the trade we start with the trading pair or symbol, followed by the trading direction (long or short) and the leverage and the entry zone or entry price. Others also tell you how much capital from your total funds you should use, like 2%. 

After you opened the trade on your favourite futures exchange you place one or multiple take profits and the stop loss. And that was it on how to read crypto signals.

Why trade signals crypto?

Trading with signals is really easy, profitable and the best way to start with crypto trading for a living. You get everything you need to know to open a trade and place your take profit and stop loss. 

premium crypto signal leak - what are crypto signals? crypto signal telegram

Paid premium crypto signals that actually work

The best leaked crypto signals / best leaked signals crypto

Why do you offer leaked crypto signals?

Many crypto signal telegram channels have massive fees, then there are other channels with the same name that claim to be the real signals channel and so on. And if you are new you don’t know with which channel you should start. Luckily you found us and read this, because all those problems are now gone. Because we have leaked the best crypto signals in one place. You get them via discord crypto signals where we relay the signals from those groups for a much smaller price. This is the best deal you can make.

From which groups are the leaked crypto signals telegram?

Many crypto signal telegram channels have massive fees, then there are other channels with the same name that claim to be the real signals channel and so on. That is why we have the original ones and we monitor, add and remove trading signal providers to only achieve the best results. Everyone can offer signals, but our goal is to offer profitable signals and nothing less. 

Why do you offer the leaked signals crypto via Discord?

This is simple. With Discord you have an easy, clear and strucutred way to get all the best trading signals in one place. You can decide on which groups you want to get notified as soon as a new trading signal is given. And this all in one place. This is a huge advantage over the crypto signals telegram where it can get messay really fast and you dont see the signals.

What are the best settings for crypto trading signals?

 If you are looking for the best and most profitable settings you can use our TradeEye. TradeEye is a bot that back tests old signals of a trading group to tell you the results. You can use TradeEye to improve your settings, choose better take profit, stop loss and more. Test it yourself today.

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