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The Truth about Pancakeswap Pump and Dump Groups Telegram

Pump and dump pancakeswap shows always high profits! The profits are so huge that many fall for this type of scam. We tell you why and how to avoid them.

Start making money from cryptocurrency trading, but avoid scams like pancakeswap pumps.

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Pancakeswap pump dump - Table of Content

Key facts about pumping coins on Pancakeswap (PCS)

Be carefull as 100% of decentralised crypto pump signals are big scams. And in the following we show you in detail how this pumps work.

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Review of the best pancakeswap pumps, pancakeswap pumps telegram groups and pancakeswap signals

Pump and Dump Pancakeswap - a big scam.

Big Profits, more than 10,000% with a single pancakeswap pump! Perfect price charts and the illusion you get rich over night.

Look at the pump and dump pancakeswap of a coin you have never seen before. Looks perfect? More than 3500% price increase since the pump signal was given on telegram. Every newbie will think this is a real pump and dump. They will sign up for a trust wallet, meta mask or any other decentralised wallet to participate in a pancakeswap pump. Only to find out that they lost what they invested. And we tell you why in the following.

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What is Pancakeswap Exchange and why is it so popular for crypto pump and dumps?

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange developed to facilitate the swapping of BEP-20 tokens. BEP-20 is a Binance token standard that needs to be followed on the Binance Smart Chain. This is an abbreviation that is short for Binance Smart Chain Evolution Proposal. 
Pancakeswap is an unregulated and decentralised exchange for tokens. Everyone can easily create his/her own coin and trade it on pancakeswap. And this is how the pancakeswap pumps work: the admins create their own tokens and you buy them with no chance to sell them. Either because it is a so called honey pot or because of 100% sell taxes.
Is there a pancakeswap pump bot? No.

Key questions answered regarding pancakeswap pumps telegram

Are crypto pump groups pancakeswap legal?

Yes pump and dumps on pancakeswap are legal. Pancakeswap pump signals and the bought coins are decentralised and unregulated. Everyone can create a coin/token/cryptocurrency and sell it via pancakeswap. 

What is a pancakeswap honey pot?

Pancakeswap pump groups have two options to scam the participants and one of them is a so called honey pot. We make it short for you: a crypto honeypot is a coin or token that can be bought but not sold! You have heard right. You buy the coin on pancakeswap – in a pump event – and are not able to sell it. This is how admins scam their members. 

What are 100% sell taxes in pump and dump pancakeswap?

This is the second type how pump admins scam newbie crypto traders and with pancakeswap pumps: 100% sell taxes. In this case you are able to buy the pumping coin on pancakeswap but as soon as you try to sell it you lose 100% because of the sell taxes. It is a fee calculated on the amount of tokens you sell. And in this case when the sell taxes are 100% you lose everything to the pancakeswap telegram pump admins. The perfect scam. 

What is a rug pull?

A rug pull is a malicious maneuver in the crypto space where cryptocurrency developers abandon a project and run away with traders, investors or in short your funds. Rug pulls usually happen in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, especially on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Malicious individuals create a new token/coin and list it on a DEX like pancakeswap. They control that coin and can do the rug pull at anytime. You wont be able to sell your coins in such a case.

Pump and Dumps on centralised Exchanges

The PumpBot is a program or trading bot especially made for crypto pump and dump groups. It makes you faster and has many additional features that helps his user to profit from such pump and dump schemes. And that is the secret behind on how to profit from crypto pump and dump groups. It is a simple program that makes you faster than 99% of all others. Check it out now.

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How to find the best pancakeswap pump groups?

How to find pancakeswap pump telegram groups?

Here is where you can find one of the biggest scams in crypto: pancakeswap telegram pump groups:

How to find Pancakeswap pump groups?

Crypto pump groups often have the names “pump”, “Pancakeswap pump” or “big signal” or a mixture of both in their names and description. You can find them very easy throught the telegram search.
Just open the search field in your Telegram App or Desktop and search for “pump group”, “Pancakeswap pump” or “pump signal” and you will find many groups related to pump and dump schemes.

How to find Pancakeswap discord pump groups?

You can find the same for Discord, just google for discord pancakeswap pump groups or go to disboard discord server search. Then just search for the same typical names and you will find discord pump groups. To receive Discord pump signals you can also join our Discord and check our pumps calendar. 

How to find legit Pancakeswap pump telegram groups?

There are no legit Pancakeswap pump groups. Don’t even try it – unless you want to lose money. But you could just go get a PumpBot membership instead and really star making money!

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The Program for Scanning all Cryptocurrencies on one Exchange and buy coins with sharp price changes, e.g. a Pump Event. This Bot will catch the Pump before others know the Coin. (Does pumpolymp even have this? No.)

We have them all, join our Discord and you get the information you need. The best pump and dump crypto groups:

  • Gateio Telegram Pump Signal Groups
  • Gateio Discord Pump Signal Channels
  • KuCoin Telegram Pump Signal Groups
  • KuCoin Discord Pump Signal Channels
  • Binance Telegram Pump Signal Groups
  • Binance Discord Pump Signal Channels
  • Hotbit Telegram Pump Signal Groups
  • Hotbit Discord Pump Signal Channels

Crypto Pump Signals are special trading Signals from huge pump and dump groups on Telegram or Discord. When a coin name is announced many people buy that coin at the same time and hence the price sharply rises. This is called a Crypto Pump Signals. After the Crypto pump follows the dump, the participants will now sell their coins and the price begins to drop as sharp as it has risen. Those who are fast – or use a PumpBot – win and make a profit. While the traders that don’t know about this schemes lose money. Check out our Discord and get the free trial for our PumpBot today. 

crypto pump and dump groups are large groups that give buy signals for cryptocurrencies to rapidly increase the price, e.g. pump it. One big binance telegram group for crypto pumps is ‘big pump signals” with over 1 million members.

Crypto pump groups are the same as crypto pump and dump groups. The name is just a little bit different, but they do the same. You can find crypto pump and dump telegram groups on telegram as the name says and crypto pump and dump discord groups on discord.

What are pump signals? is an easy to explain question. Pump signals are special trading signals given by huge telegram groups with the goal to pump a coins price very high in a short amount of time. 

Crypto pump groups are not illegal, that is why we have developed the PumpBot. It is restricted for stocks and other securities, but not for cryptocurrencies.

You can find them via PumpBot and in our Telegram and Discord group. It is really easy.

Yes they are profitable, because we use the PumpBot to be faster and to sell easier. That is why crypto pumps are profitable for our members.

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