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Best Crypto Pump and Dump Bot:

Pump Bot for Big Pump Signals Crypto

Your program to make big profits from crypto pumps, big pump signals in one place.

Pump and Dump Bot with automated coin detection for big pump signals Telegram groups and Discord. Everything you need to make profits.
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Works with all major Crypto Exchanges. More to come...
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Buy Faster. Buy Lower. Gain Higher Profits.

Be more than 5 seconds faster with the best Pump Dump Bot

PumpBot is a special program developed and specialised for only one goal: to win in crypto pump and dumps and crypto pump signals.

Telegram, Discord coin scraper

Type the coin or detected it from Telegram and Discord Groups. Be at least 5 seconds faster than manual typing!

Increase your win rate

Reduce losses and increase your overall win rate with our cryto pump dump bot to over 93%.

No coding skills needed

We made all the programming for you so you can lean back and earn profits from pump dump schemes. 

Automated Pump Coin Detection included!

Besides typing the coin name manually you can use tje super fast automated coin scraper mode for Telegram and Discord Text messages.

Discord pump channel scraper

PumpBot is able to read Discord pump signals from any channel. Easily connect it to Discord and you are rady.

Telegram pump groups scraper

Connect to the bot to a Telegram pump group right before the pump coin announcement. The bot will read and automatically buy the coin.

Crypto Pump Signals Telegram Channel for the best pump dump bot for crypto pumps
Gateio Pump Bot. Hotbit Pump Bot. KuCoin Pump Bot. Binance Pump Bot. Hotbit Pump Signals. Gate.io Pump Signals.

How does a Crypto Pump and Dump with Pump Bot look like?

The usage of our PumpBot is really simple and straight forward. Let us give you a short explanation how a pump and dump scheme with our Pump Bot would look like.

1. Do your Pump Bot Settings

Just change the values according to your needs:

  • how much you want to invest,
  • if you want to place a ‘Market’ or ‘Limit’ order,
  • if you want to use the Detection Mode
  • and more…

The Bot is able to scrape telegram pump groups or discord pump groups to automatically detect the coin from text messages. And other features if you need them.

2. Run your PumpBot

After the easy installation you just open the program and the pump and dump program will show you the information you entered.

After the successfull and fast buy the pump robot will show you the buy price and amount. So you can better to decide when to sell.

Pretty easy right? 

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3. Wait for the crypto pump Signal

Follow the desired crypto telegram and discord groups which gives a big pump signal. We do have a list of those telegram pump groups and discord pump groups in case you need more. We also add them to our Discord so you don’t miss them.

Now you only need to wait for the coin message and the PumpBot does his magic.

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4. Done. Effortless Profits

Your usual result with Pump Bot can look like this:

  • 203% Profit, 33.9 USDT into 102 USDT.

Pumps don’t happen daily and the frequency depends on the market situation and a few more factors. 

What are you waiting for? Get your Pump Bot today!

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Work in Progress: PumpBot GUI and mobile

The fastest pump dump bot for Telegram and Discord pump signals with a fancy interface and mobile ready. Eta January/February 2023.

2023 PumpBot GUI Pump Dump Bot for telegram pum pgroups and discord pump groups, Pump bot binance discord pump signals
#1 Pump and Dump Crypto Trading Bot

The best Pump Bot - KuCoin Big Pump Signal Win

PumpBot is the fastest Bot for crypto pumps.

Don’t get confused by the easy comand line design. Here you can see with how easy and effortless it is to make 104% in a few seconds from crypto pumps with with our program for Pump and Dumps.

Profit from big pump dump signals.

Imagine how easy you can earn money with our Pump Bot and what wishes and dreams you can fulfill with it. So, what are you waiting for? Get started right now!

Discord Pump Signals and Telegram Pump Signals - Detection

This Pump Robot has both: automated coin detection from text messages for discord pump groups and telegram pump groups.

This is the Crypto Pump Bot you need.

Pump Bot: Core Features.

Developed for you to win in every crypto pump and dump. All you need in one place.

Lightspeed fast Order Execution
This Pump Bot will send the buy order to the Exchange in less than 10 milliseconds. Buy as first at the lowest possible prices.
Fast Automatic Coin Detection
Your Bot will automatically scrape Telegram Pump Groups and Discord Pump Channels for the Coin. Saves you a lot of time and makes you even faster.
Pre-Pump Protection
Sometimes the market is bad, admins are buying to much and the price rises too high and there is no room left for profits. The PumpBot will protect you from taking losses.
Easy to Use
Your Bot is really easy to use. You don't need any programming skills. Just change the Settings to your needs and Start the Bot.
Live Profits
The pump and dump program shows your buy price, how much you bought and the current profits and the time which has passed since your buy. Reduce to the essential information you need for the crypto pump.
Stop Loss, Take Profit
Your Bot can place a Stop Loss and a Take Profit order for you. Automatically. While others are in Panic, the Bot does everything for you, simply relaxed.

Secure connection to your Exchange Account!

We value your security. The Pump Dump Bot connects to the cryptocurrency exchange via so called API Keys only you control. We don’t store your API Keys and neither should someone else! This is our #1 priority.

Securely Stored on your PC/VPS

Store your API keys where they are save: on your computer or VPS – we don’t have access to your API keys.

Connect through API Keys

We don’t need your login details. Secure API connection with permissions only you control.


Dont take our words. Here is what our PumpBot users made with PumpBot.

When you are try to buy manually in a pump and dump you are often too slow. Our PumpBot is the fastests bot for big pump signals that achieves tremendous profits. See what our members achieve and you can do it too.
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Pump Dump Bot Hotbit Exchange profits from a big pump signal Telegram
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Don't believe it? Join our Discord and see the most recent Trades and Profits.

Are you ready to make Profits?

Bots and Signals Combo Memberships

Pay yearly and save 20%!

Don’t lose time buying manual. Be the fastest with PumpBot.

Start with invest from 30 USDT

PumpBot automates everything for you: Coin Detection, Selling.

PumpBot is best for all pump and dump groups

How to win in a crypto pump and dump? - you need a PumpBot

What is a Crypto Pump and dump?

Pump amd Dump Crypto groups are huge telegram or discord groups that buy a certain coin at the same time. The pump coin is announced by the admins at a specific date and time and all users try to buy the coin as fast as possible which pumps up the price.

How does a Crypto Pump and Dump look like?

Below you can see a 1 second candlestick chart of a pump made by Yobi, hence we call it Yobi’s pump or yobi big pump signal. This was a really big pump signal pumping a coin more than 761%. As you can see, all manual buyers would have bought the first peak 4 to 6 seconds after the big pump signal. While PumpBot users would have bought early or in the first dip. 

kucoin pump yobi pump, pump bot result

Example: Yobi’s big pump signal KuCoin. Crypto Pump and Dump result: 761%. 

What do you need to win in pump and dump groups?

You are here because you already know that in crypto pump and dumps every second matters. One second late and you buy at a much higer price and make less profits or even lose. That is why we have developed the fast available program for crypto pumps: The PumpBot.

What do we offer you to help you?

You buy faster and before others at lower prices. Because this is what matters in pump and dump schemes: speed. But we don’t want solely provide the fast pump bot, we also added a few nice features to make profiting from pump and dump strategies even easier for you. 

This is what you get from us: a super fast Pump Bot with awesome features for maximum profits.

#1 fastest Pump and Dump Program on the Market

Buy the pumping coin with speed of light order execution

Easy to Use PumpBot. Be the Pump Winner of the next Crypto Pump and Dump! Be the Pump Winner and let the Crypto Bot place the buy order in miliseconds after the pump group releases the Pump and Dump Signal. All thanks to our automatic Coin name detection for Discord channels and Telegram groups.

How fast do I need to be? How fast is PumpBot?

This Pump Dump Bot is able to send the market or limit buy order within a few milliseconds. Typically the order is sent in less than 10 milliseconds. With automated coin detection from text messages your are able to be 2 seconds faster than manual typers. Wanna save a few more milliseconds? Luckily our Pump Dump Bot works also on a VPS (virtual private server).

Free Pump and Dump Bot. Fastest Pump Bot. Pump Signals Bot.

How easy will your crypto pump bot work?

Buy and Sell faster to increase your profits with our speed of light Crypto Pump and Dump Program or Bot. This is your Chance to make money with Pump and Dump Signals, New Token Listings and more.

Automatic Telegram Detection

Our automatic Telegram Detection gets the coin name automatically from Telegram groups. You can buy faster than anyone who needs to enter coin name manual by hand.

Automatic Discord Detection

Our automatic Discord Detection works just like the Automatic Telegram Detection. You dont need to type the Cryptocurrency Pair yourself.

PrePump Protection

With PrePump Protection the Pump Bot protects you from buying into Pump and Dumps where the Price has already risen too high. 

Manual input the Coin Name

Of course, you can also enter the coin name by hand and buy any coin you want. For example for other trading signals.

Surf the Pump Waves

Only with PumpBot you have the Ability to Surf the Crypto Pump Waves and hence make even more Profit.
Making a profit has never been easier

Big Pump Signals and Pump Bot for big Profits

Why you need a PumpBot for pump groups

Let the Pump Bot do the work for you while you sit back. The Pump program helps you to reduce your risk of losses, reduce the amount of emotions that lead to wrong decissions. You will be faster and you can sell easier. Same adrenaline kick, but more profits!

How PumpBot helps you

And that was it. Switch on - wait - profit. Just start the Pump Bot, the rest is done by the PnD Bot while you no longer have to wait tense to enter the coin manually. After the Buy you see your current Profit and with one Key you can sell everything. The browser to the Exchange is also opened automatically. Based on the price chart and orderbook you now see, you can decide if you want to sell earlier.

Start today with PumpBot

What are you waiting for? Be one of the first who doesn't even have to type anymore and where the coin is automatically recognized from Telegram groups or channels in order to make even more profits!Don't miss out on this trend like with Doge, or the whole meme stocks like Gamestop or AMC.

Telegram Crypto Groups. Discord Crypto Groups. Pump and Dump Telegram. Crypto Pump Telegram. Hotbit Pump Groups.

Pump Bot works with Crypto Pump Signals from Telegram and Discord

Our Crypto Bots and Programs work for many major Exchanges. We have the Pump Bot for Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io and Hotbit. New Coin Listings Bot to snipe new Tokens on KuCoin, Binance and Gate.io. We have the Pump Detector Bot for KuCoin and Binance. You need Telegram Pump Groups? You need Crypto Pump Discord Groups? we have them as well. But let’s dive into each Exchange a litte bit:

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Hotbit Pump Groups. Hotbit Pump Bot. Hotbit Pump Program.

Pump Bot: Best for Hotbit Pump Signals

What to know about Hotbit Crypto Pumps?

Hotbit Pumps with low volume and high returns up to 1500%. These crypto pumps are several times a week and sometimes even several times a day. Many Hotbit Pump and Dumps have a high profit, but smaller volume, hence you shouldn’t use more than 300 USDT per Hotbit Pump Signal.  

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Gateio Pump Bot Robot. Gateio Pump Program.

Win Gate io pump signals with Pump Bot

What to know about Gate.io Crypto Pumps?
Pumps with lower volume and lower returns up to 300%. This Pumps are quite good. Crypto pumps gateio are several times a week and then often several times a day. Many Pump and Dumps with quite a nice Profit are possible. New Coin Listings happen also very often, multiple new coins are listed every week.
KuCoin crypto pump and dump bot, crypto bot pump and dump KuCoin logo
KuCoin Pump Bot. KuCoin Pump Program.

The Pump Bot to win KuCoin pump signals

What to know about KuCoin Crypto Pumps?
Pumps with huge volume and awesome returns. We have big Pumps with percentage gains over 1000%. This Pump is once or twice a week. Very special is the so called Yobi KuCoin Pump. New Coin Listings happen multiple times every week. So many chances to make some nice Profits.
Binance crypto pump and dump bot, crypto bot pump and dump binance
Binance Pump Bot. Binance Pump Program.

The Pump Bot Binance wins every binance pump signal

Pump Winner in Big Pumps Binance Signals
Pumps with huge volume and awesome returns. We have big Pumps with percentage gains over 200%. This Pump is once or twice a month. Half a year ago we have seen many more Crypto Pumps on Binance. With the next bull run those Pump will happen more often again. New Coin Listings are very rare. Often only once a month. Binance pumps are out-dated due to the bear market and missing volume. You better switch to KuCoin till the next bull run starts.
#1 Best Pump Bot the for Pump and Dumps

You get the Pump Robot + everything you need

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PumpBot - your way to win in crypto pump signals

We know everything about crypto pumps and dumps in the cryptocurrency world. Once you have the Program, we will send you the always online available guide and stay connected with you. Our products are not only designed for experts but for normal traders without programming knowledge. Even if you have just started, you will not face a bit of problem. It is that easy but with PumpBot only. Else it’s a ridiculously complicated thing. 

How much money can I make with pump and dump?

With our Pump Bot you can make big profits and that with a small investment and a small risk. Do you want to know how much profit you can make? Then come to our Telegram Channel where we regularly post the profits of members.

Get the FREE PumpBot and try it without any Risk, but with the Chance to win everything!

Start your journey with our Free PumpBot

You certainly can not experience the easy money making with us until you are a part of PumpBot. 

Start easily and without problems with our Free Pump Bot and see for yourself that it works. If it didn't work, we wouldn't let you test it beforehand! You can find the download for the program in our Discord. There you will also find a lot more information and a community which is already making huge profits. Be part of it now, before it's too late!

FREE Trial. Join our Discord and try PumpBot and Futures Signals.

Join our Discord and you are able to use the PumpBot (unlimited time, maximum trade amount is 30 USDT) or a whole paid Futures Signals Group for free.

PumpBot's FAQ

No they cant! When you generate the API Keys you need to select the permissions. Just give the permissions where you allow “to trade” via the API Keys and no one can withdraw or send your coins anywhere.

The Bot is a simple .exe-file which you have to start via cmd or double clicking it.

You don’t have to worry about anything. We are not just selling our product only but we want to make sure you are succeeding too. If you can follow the tutorials, you can go for monthly or yearly. If you are starter in tech, we highly recommend you to try the FREE Pump Bot and read our docs.

You don’t need to install any programs at all! The Bot is a plug and play Program. Save it to your computer or VPS and double click it to start. That’s it, you can start making money with crypto Pump and Dumps.

Yes, we have automatic coin recognition for public Telegram groups or Telegram channels. We work on the same for Discord Channels. Join our Discord and get the latest news on this.

We expect that you can easily make up 200%+ ROI every month. Simplicity is incredible. All you have to do is join discord and do a three minute setup before the pump and dump. You just have to turn on your computer for like 10-15 mins a few times a week. Massive returns will be made in seconds. Become the Pump Winner with our Program!

Trading with pump bot is really easy. You only need a couple of minutes every day. You wont need to monitor your open trades all day long because you close them within the next minutes. You won’t need technical analysis for this, because you trade simple signals. In this case crypto pump signals.

You find these groups and signals via telegram. Hotbit pump signals are solely available via Telegram groups. For the best hotbit pump signals you can join our Discord and get notified when the next pump is about to happen. Or you can check our overview where we listed the best hotbit pump groups here. 

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