#1 Crypto Spot signals trading

With our Spot Signals you buy before the coins get top crypto gainers - FREE

Our Algorithm detects crypto top gainers before they become one. Buy earlier to maximise profits.

Join the Telegram and trade the top gainers spot signals for free

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Buy pumping crypto coins before others.

How do top crypto gainers signals work? IT's FREE.

We developed a simple. but very special algorithm that makes it possible to detect potential top gainers coins before they get top gainers. You can find these top gainer spot signals in Telegram or Discord.

Spot Signals

No Futures Trading, only buying and selling.

High rewards

Top Gainers often pump more than 100% within 24h.

Top Gainer Signals

Buy before the coin pumps into the Top Gainers list.

Free spot signals to be traded by you

Top Crypto Gainers Signals are FREE!

Yes this is true. Our Spot Signals for Gate.io Top Gainers are freely available on Telegram and Discord. 

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How does trading with our Top Crypto Gainers Signals work?

Trading with crypto signals is super easy, can be done by everyone and you only have to follow a few steps. You just need to copy the trade on your favourite exchange. 

1. Receive a Top Gainers Signal

Get a top gainer signal on Discord and Telegram.

2. Open the Trade at Gate.io

Do additional analysis if you want or just open the trade at the Gate.io Exchange (soon more).

3. Close the trade for profits!

Monitor the trade and decide when you want to close the trade for big profits. Pretty simple.

Why Spot Signals?

Everyone can trade spot signals. Simple buying and selling.

Huge percent gains!
Top crypto gainers pump high percentages within a short period of time.

Easy to trade

Why have to work when we already have everything you need?

Buy. Sell.

You can't trade futures? Perfect. Trade our spot signals by simply buying and selling.

Signals Bot.

Use our bot to produce signals according to your own settings.
Free spot signals to be traded by you

Available Cryptocurrency Exchanges with Top Gainers

As of now this crypto trading strategy only works with Gate.io and their “Gainers List”. We know what it takes for a coin to pump into the top gainers list.

Once in that list outsiders will buy the coin and it will pump even more! So be smart use our spot signals for top gainers list and buy early.

Top Crypto gainers spot signals telegram, top gainers gate.io Telegram spot signals screenshot
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Want to use your own Settings for Top Gainers Signals?

No problem with our bot you can set your own settings and screen for coins that full fill your criterias.

Download and Config.

Download our signals bot and make your own settings. Signals are sent to your Telegram channel or Telegram bot.

Start Trading.

Trade the signals the bot produces at the Gate.io crypto exchange.

Automate spot signals for Gate.io Top Gainers

PumpBot Autotrade - Automtate Gate.io Top Crypto Gainer Signals

Control your crypto autotrader bot no matter where you are via your Phone and Telegram.
Set it up.

Download. Config. And start it.

Buy, Sell.

Buys and sells automated, or you control it via the Telegram bot.

Pause, Play.

Stop it, resume the trading. You have full control from everywhere.

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