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Crypto Bots

Overview: the best crypto bots for crypto pumps and when to use them

The best bots for crypto pumps and futures trading

Bots for crypto pumps and futures trading in one place for one price.

1. Download the Bots

Download the bots you want to use – free trial available.

2. Guide and Settings

Read the Guide. Connect the Bot to your Exchange via API Keys and do your settings.

3. Start making profits

Use the bots for pump and dump schemes or futures signals to make profits.

Pump Dump Bot

You want to make big profits from crypto pump and dumps Telegram, Discord? The pump dump bot is the program you need to be faster and more profitable.

2023 PumpBot GUI Pump Dump Bot for telegram pum pgroups and discord pump groups

1. Be part of a Pump Group

You need to be part of a pump and dump group which gives pump signals. You aren't yet? Join us we have a list of them.

2. Start the PumpBot

Decide if you want to use a market or limit order and how much you want to trade. Finally just start the Bot.

3. Wait. Sell. Profit.

Wait for the coin name. The bot will automatically buy the coin and you can easily sell for a big profit.

New Crypto Listings Bot

You need to buy fast when there is a new coin listing on Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io or other CEXs? We have the perfect bot for it.

new crypto listings bot, new coin listings bot gui

1. Check new Coin Listings

Wait for announcements for new coins to be listed on Exchanges like KuCoin and Gate.io

2. Research and Settings.

Check the coin to be listed: likes, followers and so on. Better coins make more profits. Start the Bot.

3. Wait. Sell. Profit.

Wait for the new coin to be traded. The Bot will buy the coin at the lowest possible price and you can sell it with a profit.

Crypto Pump Detector Bot

Want to detect crypto pumps from big pump signals before all others? Use the pump detection bot.

crypto pump detector bot, crypto pump detection bot GUI, crypto pump catcher, crypto screen bot kucoin, binance, hotbit

1. Settings and start Bot.

Do your settings for price and volume changes to monitor for crypto pumps.

2. Buying a pumping coin

The bot will buy the pumping coin according to your settings.

3. Wait. Sell. Profit.

Wait and sell the pumping coin for a profit

PumpBot Autotrade

Made to automatically trade Gate.io Top Gainer Signals with technical indicators. (still under development)

autotrade bot, autotrader bot, auto trading bot, automated trading bots

1. Config, settings and start.

Do your settings and run the bot on a device 24/7. We recommend to start with the top gainer signals first.

3. Wait. Sell. Profit.

The bot will do everything on its own. You can monitor the bot via Telegram.

Futures Bot

Automate futures crypto trading signals from Telegram and Discord groups. (partly under development)

futures trading signals, bybit derivatives trading, futures signals telegram dashboard

1. Select signals provider

Choose which crypto signals group to follow - use ours or the ones you have.

2. Set-up the Bot.

Connect the bot to your Bybit account via API keys and do the settings.

3. Start Bot. Done.

Start the bot to automatically follow Telegram and Discord signals.

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