What are Crypto Pump and Dump Schemes? and why We are #1 Pump and Dump Program

What are Crypto Pump and Dump Schemes and Telegram Groups?

and why do I need a PumpBot for it?

Learn everything about crypto pump and dumps, Telegram pump groups and why you have no chance in this game without one of our crypto pump and dump bots!

Binance Pump Signal for PNT/USDT: 1200% Pump and Dump Scheme. Crypto pump and dump scheme explain with the candle stick price chart
Crypto Bot: Trading was never easier!

What is crypto pump and dump? How much can I earn with pump dump bot?

Are crypto pumps profitable?

With Crypto Pump and Dump you can make up to several hundred percent profit every week, depending on how much risk you are willing to take. Several hundred percent every week? Yes that is a lot, try to imagine how much money you can make with it in just a few months. Take a moment and imagine what you can afford with it, what dreams and wishes you can fulfill with your winnings. 100% once a week on $ 1000 and you've made $ 1000 in profit! Can you imagine how great that feels? To make so much profit so quickly? Of course, this is not entirely possible without risk and even less without a corresponding bot. We will now go into this in more detail.

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Do crypto pumps work?

Many people claim that crypto pump and dumps doesn't work, but this is only said by people who have never tried it or have tried it without a Pump Bot. Our customers are proofing every week that, showing that it is possible and that you can make a lot of money with Crypto Pump and Dumps if you have the right Bot for it.

How works Pump and Dump?

How does crypto pump and dump work?

What is pump and dump crypto?

In crypto pump and dump, a lot of people buy a cryptocurrency together. Millions of these people cavort in corresponding Discord or Telegram groups. At a previously agreed day and time, a crypto currency is announced in all groups at the same time. The cryptocurrency will be announced and all members will quickly look for this currency on Binance or KuCoin. After they have found the right chart they have to go to market order, enter their quantity and press buy. Whereupon this of course increases very quickly and very abruptly in price up to several hundred percent, that is the Pump. This happens within a few seconds. Now you can surely imagine that those who buy first make the highest profit? Because after just a few seconds, these people are selling the coin again and the price falls sharply again and now we have the Dump. This explains what is a pump and dump crypto.

Pump and Dump Crypto anatomy: How to spot a crypto pump and dump?

Below you see a big pump signal which resulted in a huge crypto pump with over 889% peak. We have a first big pump, after eta 2 minutes a dump followed and we saw a second pump wave with another peak of 294%! This second pump lasted around 30 seconds before the final dump occured and the price declined to the inital price before the pump. This is how a crypto pump and dump looks like.

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pumps in the stock market

Now you have an idea why a few make so many money with pump and dump. Think of it like the short squeeze of Gamestop (GME), AMC, and similar stocks, where a similar scheme worked and made a few people very rich. Especially those who were there first and didn't just get in when the hype was over.

What are pump groups Telegram?

Pump groups Telegram are huge groups and channels on Telegram where the pump signals are given to their members. But be careful! Many of those groups are scams who try to sell you "coin name early" and other stuff. But this is clearly a scam made on those who have no idea how pump groups work. Don't try to find the holy grail of VIP memberships or early access, it's simply not real. I wish it were. Here you can find a list of the best pump groups Telegram.

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Enter faster with a bot for crypto pump groups and signals

And now we come into play. With our programs or also known as bots, you buy much faster than everyone else and can therefore sell to people who are only now buying, and with a large profit! Thus you make a profit as a knowing while the ignorant mostly suffer losses. It is easier for you and hence more profitable. 

And that's how you can quickly make several hundred percent profit in a few seconds. And you don't have to sit in front of your computer every day and watch any charts or draw strange lines and patterns. No! Just take a few minutes to the specified date which is possible a few times a week, be faster with our Crypto Bot and simply take the profits with you. No great effort, no endless hours of training or learning.

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These times are measured from the moment the cryptocurrency (coin or token) is announced! The crypto bot itself sends the order in less than 0.1 seconds to the exchange (Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io, MEXC global and more)

Our Crypto Bot is the #1

How does this crypto pump and dump work?

How does a pump bot work?

With our Pump and Dump Bot you can do it all in less than 1.0 seconds! Simply enter the Crypto Coin and you're there! You can reduce your time by a factor of five! And then you can sell while the others haven't even bought. You buy at lower prices which greatly increases your profit! And what do I need to make a profit too? All you need is a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux), an account with Binance, Gateio or KuCoin, a Telegram or Discord group (we have a list of them) and a few minutes a week.

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And you will need a PumpBot to really make profits in this game. If you try to participate manually, you might be too slow, as the illustration above shows. You still have no idea what the program will look like? Then check out the video below. You enter the announced coin and the bot executes the order automatically. Then you can sell with just one click. If you just want to try it out, just download our FREE PumpBot for free. So you can easily test and see if you pump and dump is right for you to make big profits.

Ready to make profits with crypto pump groups?

Are Crypto Pump and Dump Strategies Illegal?

Crypto pump and dump schemes are not illegal, because cryptocurrencies aren't regulated like stocks. Since that sounds too easy to make big profits, we are asked this very often, whether Crypto Pump and Dumps are illegal, we want to answer the question briefly: NO! Pump n dumps for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and other coins on Cryptocurrency Exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, etc. are not illegal. It's as legal as meme stocks like Gamestop (GME), AMC, and more and that is why we offer this software.

If you are still suspicious of the whole thing, you can also write to us via Discord or Telegram and pay completely anonymously using crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dodgecoin and so on.

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How to pump and dump crypto?

How to pump and dump a cryptocurrency is easy to explain. You first inflate the price and then the prices dumps when all people are selling the pumped coin. You alone can't do it.

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How easily crypto pump signals work

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