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Overview: P&D with cryptocurrencies

What Is Crypto Pump and Dump Strategies? What are crypto pump signals telegram?

High Risk, but chance to high Profits, when you know how to do it. Hint: use a PumpBot.

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Pump and Dumps: Introduction

When trying to make the most out of the cryptocurrency you have, there are a number of strategies you can employ. One of these is known as crypto pump and dump strategy. In this case, an individual or entity artificially inflates the value of the currency, stock or commodity they have. In our case we do this with cryptocurrencies, because it is not regulated and hence legal by the SEC or other financial institutes.

1. The huge Pump

This can be achieved by providing information that is not factual or truthful. In essence this strategy relies on misinformation to raise the price of the commodity or the stock they hold. The price increase in such a case is known as pumping. The pump can reach several 100% within a few seconds to minutes.

2. The Dump back down

Once the price reaches a desirable level, the account holder and all the pump and dump participants can start selling it off and that is what is referred to as dumping. That is what you need a little bit of experience to sell before the dump occurs.

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How Does the Pump and Dump Strategy Work?

The PumpBot makes it easier for you to buy faster and sell easier to make the biggest profits from these crypto pump signals.

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Pumped coin/token

In order to ensure this strategy is successful. The organizer or pool of organizers choose an asset or crypto token. In most cases, the asset is a low market cap cryptocurrency that is always traded in a flat trend. In almost every case you can referr to such cryptocurrencies as shitcoins or memecoins. They try to find coins which have a orderbook that can be easily bought to increase the price as much as possible. 

Pump admins and prepumping

Organizers buy this asset in low volumes so as not to trigger a market frenzy which can lead to higher pricing within a short time. As acquisition of the coin or asset is ongoing, the organizer lays out a well-thought out marketing strategy. Marketing can be done both online and in other media. The message of the campaign is usually a promise of future yields. That is what gets more people attracted to the particular coin/token or asset.

As people start buying the coin, organizers also buy in and this causes the price to jump up or “pump”, when admins buy too much we call this prepumping. When Admins prepump too much there is little to no room left to make profits. Our PumpBot has something called prepump protection. This protection helps you to reduce losses and stay save. As traders watch the trends regarding the particular coin, they start buying it out and that inflates the price even more. This frenzied buying of the coin is referred to as the first pump and is often characterized by a large sale of tokens or coins.

Pump Waves and PumpBot's wave surfer mode

After the first pump wave, organizers allow the prices to decrease to their reasonable minimum. Afterward, they repeat the same process. The second wave is often characterized by higher prices and more traders getting interested in the particular coins. As prices reach peak levels. Organizers sell off all their assets and get a considerable amount of profit. For those crypto waves our PumpBot has the so called “Wave Surfer” Mode. With thise mode you can sell and buy again over and over. With this feature you are able to profit multiple times from only one pump.

The pump and dump program to make you faster

Why do I need a Program or a Bot for Pump and Dumps?

Pump Bot helps you to make Profits.

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The PumpBot

The PumpBot is an easy to use and super fast program especially developed for crypto pump and dumps. You should already know that the fastest do make the biggest profits because they buy early and for a lower price. And that is what the PumpBot was made for: buying as fast as possible!

Automated coin detection feature

The PumpBot makes it easier for you to buy. You can enter and type only the coin name or you use the automated coin detection / coin scraper mode for Telegram and/or Discord channels. Yes, that is right, the Bot detects the coin automatically from the crypto pump signal and buys it.

  • Automated Telegram Coin Detection
  • Automated Discord Coin Detection

Many other usefull features.

You have the prepump protection against bad pumps or greedy admins. You can use take profits and stop loss to automatically sell, you have the rebuy mode to buy again and make additional profits and many more. Subscribe to PumpBot and have the ultimate advantage in the next Pump!

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How Do Pump Groups Work on Telegram?

The PumpBot automatically detects the coin name from Telegram and Discord Groups and buys it first.

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Crypto Pump and Dump Telegram Groups

Crypto pump and dump groups on Telegram are channels that post signals on unknown crypto coins and that influences the prices of the coins with low volume. In the end such coins gain value tremendously.

Crypto pump and dump groups on Telegram come in a variety of options. Some groups require you to pay a given fee before joining while others are completely free of charge.

Some of these groups are open to the public meaning anyone can access them and find information. There are also closed groups that require you to apply to join before an admin approves your request.

Once you are a member of a given group, you’ll be able to benefit from the insider information that is shared in the group. The information helps you know when to invest in a given coin.

Pump and Dump Admins

Crypto pump and dump groups on Telegram are usually formed by an individual or a group of people.These individuals are called admins and are in charge of setting all the rules of the group including instructions for pump signals. They are also responsible for admitting people into the groups.

These admins usually open Telegram channels with many subscribers. In most cases, you’ll find up to 500,000 subscribers or even 2 million subscribers in a single group. They are also responsible for choosing the coin with the lowest liquidity according to their own assessment. Group admins also pick the time to publish a pump signal.

When the admins post a signal, thousands of their members buy the coin identified. This action causes an increase in the price of the particular coin. In most cases a coin’s value will increase tremendously in a matter of minutes. And as you can imagine the faster you are the higher your profits are.

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Telegram crypto pump and dump groups: should you join?

With PumpBot you can set your Take Profit and Stop Loss and sell automatically your position with your desired profit.

Is it worth?

In most cases, Telegram pump and dump groups work on the basis of signal delivery. There is no guarantee that a signal is of high quality and therefore there is always the risk of losing your investment or making less than you anticipate.

Subscribing to particular Telegram groups is a good idea because it allows you to get accustomed to the workings of the particular group. However, the choice of whether you want to use a signal in one way or another is entirely up to your judgment. A good start is to check the past pumps and the results. Check the price charts on the exchange and you can easily see if it is worth join their crypto pumps or not. You can find groups that pump coins over 500% which is pretty impressive. If it is worth is only up to you to decide. In general pump and dump schemes have a higher risk but offer even higher profits.

Need help to find the right Groups?

If you don’t know if it is worth join a pump, join our PumpBot community, our discussions and profit from our knowledge and the knowledge of experienced traders. 

We have the knowledge, we have the pump dates, everything you need

How to choose the right Telegram pump and dump group?

Need help with the best pump and dump groups? Join our Discord or Telegram and profit from our Kownledge.

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Factors you need to consider to find the right groups

Listening to what other members in the group are saying is another way to determine if a particular group is suitable. In most cases, you can find a lot of reviews regarding the most popular groups. Use such information to judge each group.

Another way to determine if a particular group is worth it is by checking the date of establishment. If the group is only a few days or weeks old, chances are that it may not be the best. Instead, go for groups that have been around for a considerable amount of time.

Feedback and knowledge from others

Listening to what other members in the group are saying is another way to determine if a particular group is suitable. In most cases, you can find a lot of reviews regarding the most popular groups. Use such information to judge each group.

Another way to determine if a particular group is worth it is by checking the date of establishment. If the group is only a few days or weeks old, chances are that it may not be the best. Instead, go for groups that have been around for a considerable amount of time.

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