New Coin Listing? Our Program buys it first! #1

New Coin Listings Crypto Bot

The Best Crypto Bot for: new Coin Announcements, new Tokns, ICOs, Coin Sniping and more.

On this site you get detailed information on the Program for new Coin Listings and new Token Listings or so called ICO Bot on Binance, KuCoin and

Binance, KuCoin and crypto trading bot for new coin announcements, new coin listings, new token listings
New Coin Listings. New Token Listings. New Coin Announcements. New Token Announcements. ICO Bot.

Features of our New Coin Listings Bot

Why do you need a Crypto Bot for new coin listings? The answer is easy. You will make some really nice Profits.

Easy to Use

Our Crypto New Coin Listings Bot is easy to use. Just do some basic settings (like entering your API Keys) and you are ready for the Profits.

More Profit

You are able to easily surf the Waves of the New Token Listings Pump, so you can make more money than others. Not only one buy and sell. Ride the Waves and make extra money.

Super Fast

Our New Coin Listings Bot is super fast in the detection of Pumps on Binance, Pumps on KuCoin and more. The early you are in the more money you make.

No Coding needed

The command line Interface might look a bit hacker like, but you dont need any programming knowlegde. Without a Interface it is much faster, so you make more Profits.

Only a Computer

What you need to make Profits? Besides an Account on a Crypto Exchange you will only need a Computer or VPS. Not more. You will receive the rest from us.  

Gateio new coin listings bot. Gateio new token announcement bot. Gateio Crypto Trading Bot.

How does a new coin listing work?

It is really easy. Doesnt matter if you are new to Crypto Bots.

New Token Announcement
First we check the Exchange for any new coin announcements, or token announcements. So no big deal.
Do some Research
Second we do some research on the Coin which will be listed on If it is a ICO (Initial Coin Offering) it has more potential for higher Profits!
Set Bot
The third step is to set up your gateio new coin listings bot. Just do your settings with the crypto gateio bot and you are ready for the new listing.
Trading Start. Profit.
The fourth part is waiting for the launch, so the bot can buy the new token and you only need to sell, or let the bot sell it automatically. Done. Profit.
New Coin Listings, New Coin Announcements

Are you ready to make Profits?

This is your Chance to make high profits with low investments. Get your PumpBot now and start as little as 29€/monthly! Unlock the Potential to make massive returns from Crypto Pump and Dumps and more!


Starter Package

29/per month
250 USDT per Trade
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Everything you need
10x your Investment

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ICO Bot. ICO Crypto Bot. Initial Coin Offering Bot. Win at ICO's

ICO Bot. Crypto ICO Bot.

What is an ICO? An ICO stand for initial coin offering, a coin or token which will be listed on an exchange like Binance, KuCoin, Gateio or Hotbit. And that is what our Crypto Bots and especially our ICO Bot is good for. You can easily buy as fast as possible the new coin and wait for the crypto pump to happen to sell the newly listed coin or new listed token for a higher price.

With our ICO Bot for new crypto listings you have a change to make the biggest Profits. Check it out for free with the limited investment amount or purchase your subscription and make more money with our ICO Bot.

This is the Crypto Trading Bot you need.

Core Features.

... and many more usefull Features! Like:

- the Dip Buying,
- the PrePump Protection,
- the Wave Riding,

and more. This will make you Profits with Crypto Pumps.

Super Fast Order Execution
Your Bot will send the Order to the Exchange in less than 10 milliseconds. 

No Pump Signal needed!

You dont need to wait for a Crypto Pump Signal in Telegram or Discord. Just trade new coin listings on Gateio, Binance and KuCoin.

Three Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Your Bot will work with the most popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, Gateio. Soon followed by Pancakeswap and Hotbit.

Easy to use

Your Bot will be easy to use. You dont need any Programming Skills. Just change the Settings to your needs and Start the Bot. 

Your Coins are save

Your Coins are save! We dont want your Login Info. We connect to so called API Keys which you manage and control. 

Stop Loss, Take Profit

Your Bot can place a Stop Loss and a Take Profit Order for you. Automatically. While others are in Panic, the Bot does everything for you. 
Sniping new Coins. New Listings Gateio. Gateio Crypto Bot. New Tokens Gateio Bot.

You thought we are kidding? Wrong. See what our Members Profits are.

Here are some nice Profits from our Crypto Bot for new listings Gateio. You dont need Discord Crypto Bots, Telegram Crypto Bots. Just our New Coin Listings Bot and a new listing on Gateio. It's so easy.

The following Profits are made by our Pump Bot Members on new token listings on Gateio, KuCoin and Binance. What you need to make those Profits? Our new token bot to snipe those coins as the first. Second you will need a new coin to be listed on, KuCoin or Binance that will soon be tradeable. And third some strong nerves so you dont sell your coins too early. New Coin Listings arent as fast as pump and dump schemes even if the pattern looks similiar. Gateio’s new coin listing do often rise for a few minutes. So you need to hold on before you start to sell easily with our gateio crypto trading bot for new coin listings.

Yes, we made a lot of nice Profits. When do you join us?

Your answer should be: right now! What are you waiting for? Get your new coin listings bot for, KuCoin, Binance and more.

New Coin Listings Profits. Real.

Dont Trust our Words? See it Yoruself.

Just check out one of your many Videos on Youtube. You will see how profitable our Bot for new Coin Listings is. Buy it fast. Make Profits.

Easy Installation

This is one of the easiest crypto bots you can use for new token listings or new token announcements. No complicated settings, no complicated installation. Just a plug and play solution to make profits from new coin listings.

No Signal Group need

For this crypto Bot you dont need a telegram or discord Telegram group. You only need to check the new token announcements, or new coin listings announcements of Gate.oi, Binance or KuCoin. Not more.

Set your Profit target

You can set your profit targets before the Start of the coin listings. Just enter your profit margin, stop loss and how much you want to invest per trade and start the crypto bot.

Crypto pump and dump signal gateio

Pump Detector Binance. Pump Detector KuCoin. Crypto Pump and Dump.

What are you waiting for? The Time is now for you to make Profits with our Crypto Trading Bots.

You are new Beginner or an experienced Crypto Trader? And you are searching for some automation in the Crypto Universe that makes consistent Profits? Perfect. You have come to the right Place! PumpBot is everything you need to make Profits with Cryptocurrency Trading. We have the best Crypto Bots: Crypto Pump and Dumps, Crypto Pump Detector Bots, Crypto Trading with Signals, 24/7 fully automated Crypto Trading Bots. No wether what you need, we have it! And the Best we are the only one that offer a FREE Trial, so you can see the Magic yourself.

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Pump Winner Binance, KuCoin and

4 Main Crypto Exchanges

One Crypto Bot - Three Exchanges. Soon followed by HotBit and Pancakeswap.

Binance crypto pump and dump bot, crypto bot pump and dump binance


Pumps and Dumps with unbelieveable volume of millions of dollars within a few minutes. Thanks to that huge volume you can invest high and aim for profit under 100%. This Pump is once or twice a week.
KuCoin crypto pump and dump bot, crypto bot pump and dump KuCoin


Pumps with huge volume and awesome returns. We have big Pumps with percentage gains over 1000%. This Pump is once or twice a week. crypto pump and dump bot, crypto bot pump and dump

Pumps with lower volume and lower returns up to 80%. This Pumps are. These pumps are several times a week and then several times a day. Many Pump and Dumps with lower Profit.
hotbit pump bot, hotbit pump and dump bot, hotbit bot, hotbit pumpbot, hotbit pump program

HotBit Pump Bot (soon)

Pumps with lower volume and lower returns up to 500%.These pumps are several times a week and then even several times a day. Many Pump and Dumps with lower Volume but high Profit..

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About new coin Listings

What is a new coin Listing or new Token Listing?

A new coin listing describes the point in time at which a new cryptocurrency can be traded for the first time on an exchange such as Binance, Kucoin or This new coin listings announcement is usually made 48 to 12 hours in advance. As soon as the coin is available, the price increases rapidly. With the new coin listings announcement there is information about this new cryptocurrency which will be available soon. If neither of the other two exchanges has this coin or token, the price usually rises even higher!

Some are losing so some are making money on these new coin listing announcements. The some who make the most money are the Bot users. Out of the bot users, the most efficient and fastest ones win. Here enters our Crypot Bot for new Coin Announcements. It automatically buys the coin or token as soon as possible and executes the buy order in milliseconds. This makes the one and only PumpBot the best and most profitable for new coin listings on Binance, KuCoin and 

Of course, that depends on the token or coin that is listed. If this token is not yet listed on any other exchange, the price rises even higher. It is best to research before your trade where the new token is already listed and adjust your profit accordingly. This is really very easy and takes less than 5 minutes of work.

It is so easy to win with our trading bot for new coin announcements

New Token Listing Profits

First of all: Pump and Dumps are a Way to make high Profits in a very short Time. BUT: This is only possible with a Pump and Dump Bot, otherwise you will be too slow and lose to those who use our Pump Bot. Learn more about Crypto Pumps and the possibilities and advantages we offer you.

The journey has only just begun! This could be yours! What are you waiting for? Grab your Free PumpBot now and start making money with trading new coin listing announcements!

Get the FREE New Coin Listings Crypto Bot and try it without any Risk, but with the Chance to win everything!

Start your journey with our Free Crypto Bot

You certainly can not experience the easy money making with us until you are a part of PumpBot. 

Start easily and without problems with our New Coin Listing Bot and see for yourself that it works. If it didn't work, we wouldn't let you test it beforehand! You can find the download for the program in our Discord. There you will also find a lot more information and a community which is already making huge profits. Be part of it now, before it's too late!

Estimated Profit per Week
Profit 95%
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Your Questions, Settings for the Crypto Pump and Dump Program and more are answered in our Discord. Talk with us, talk with our community and find like minded People.

become the Pump Winner for every Exchange!

Available Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

Binance, KuCoin, Gateio, Hotbit, soon followed by Pancakeswap, MEXC and ProBit (FREE update for sure) and many more!

subscription made simple

We accept the following payment options

PS: If you are interested in a Crypto Pump and Dump Bot for a other Exchange (besides KuCoin and Binance) feel free to contact us. Dont want to pay via PayPal, BTC or Stripe? Contact Us or visit our Discord or Telegram and we find a suitable solution for you.