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The best Crypto Pump Detector Bot

Detect and buy pumping coins as first with our crypto pump detector for Binance, KuCoin and Hotbit. Detect pumping coins and buy them lightning fast.

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Our Crypto Pump Detector Bot or Pump Detection Bot is able to detect crypto pumps on Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io and Hotbit. What is it good for? Our Bot detects crypto pumps very fast to profit from them. This is a must need for every Pump and Dump Scheme! This program gives you the chance to buy before others even have received the pumped coin name, this means you buy before others have even received the Crypto Pump Signal!

Detects the Pump early, so you can make the biggest Wins.

What our Crypto Pump Detector is capable of and how you can make money with it.

Easy to Use

Our Crypto Pump Detector is easy to use. Just do some basic settings and you are ready for the profits.

Super Fast

Our Crypto Pump Detector is super fast in the detection of Pumps on Binance, Pumps on KuCoin and Hotbit more. You buy early in the pump so you can more money you make.

No Coding needed

The command line Interface might look a bit hacker like, but you dont need any programming knowlegde. Without a Interface your pump detector program is much faster.

automated Take Profit

Lean back and let the crypto pump detector place your take profit order to automatically sell at your desired price. So, it will automatically sell it and you can take your profits.

No Pump Signal

You don’t need any crypto pump signal. The Bot will detect high price and volume changes and place your orders immediately.

Secure via API Keys

Connect our Pump Detector Bot via API Keys so you controll what the Bot is allowed to do and what not. Only this way your funds are 100% save.

Know the pumping Coin before all others! with Pump Detection

What is the Crypto Pump Detector?

What is the Crypto Bot for Pump and Dump Detection? How does it work and how can we get the pumping coin before the announcement? In short: how can I make profits with it.

Crypto pumps as the name already suggests are sudden and rapid price changes. You won’t see them with stocks only in cryptocurrencies you will find crypto pumps. Those rapid and sharp price changes happen with smaller coins you have never heard before. With our Pump Detector bot you can buy in early on those pumps and profit from them. You buy low and sell high to make some decent gains. The overall number of these pumps happen because of so called crypto pump groups or pump signals, also known as pump and dump schemes. Our Detector Bot is able to detect the pumping coins and buy lightning fast, so you can sell higher

Pump and Dump is a collaboration of thousands of users. Telegram and Discord Group admins tell the coin name and all these people rush to buy the coin at the same time. This makes that crypto currency pair to rise in value super fast and super high. 

Before every pump, there are a number of signs that indicate a rapid price increase. We managed to analyze these signals and then sequence them to predict the pump. Before that, we analyze every available coin to determine the likelihood of a pump-to-dump. With this data we can predict the next pump with a probability of 80% and thus buy before everyone else. With this performance, a loss is minimized to almost zero. And now you can benefit from it too. This is what you can achieve with our crypto pump finder.

A Crypto Pump Signal is a special trading signal from crypto pump groups, or crypto pump telegram groups, or even von discord pump groups. Those crypto pump groups give a coin name which many member buy at the same time which pumps up the price of that cryptocurrency very rapid. This is the pump, which the crypto pump detector is able to detect. 

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An example says more than 1000 words - even better when made by a FREE Trial User.

Success Story: FREE Trial User makes 116% Profits.

Here is one success story that shows how simple it is to use PumpBot and detect crypto pumps. As you can see one of our FREE Trial Bot users was able to detect the pump really early. The detection bot bought the coin early and sold almost a minute later with 115.6% profits! This Bot is so easy to use and to make profits from it.

He was upset that he used the free trial where he was limited to 15 USDT to invest and didn't subscribe before. Otherwise he could have turned $200 into $432 with one trade in under a minute. Don't miss the next huge opportunity and get your crypto detection bot for crypto pumps today.

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This is your Chance to make high profits with low investments. Get your PumpBot now and start as little as 29€/monthly! Unlock the Potential to make massive returns from Crypto Pump and Dumps and more!

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Starter Package

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#1 Pump Detector for Crypto Pumps and Dumps, Binance Pump Detector

Pump Detection with a Crypto Pump Detector Bot

Crypto pumps are not so easy to spot, even hard it is for human traders that aren't able to monitor all coins a exchange offers. Our Crypto Pump Detector Bot can. This Bot will help you to profit from any crypto pumps out there. You are lightning fast and buy directly the pumped coin. This is the power of a crypto pump detector that makes your nice profits.

Crypto Pump Detector. Pump Catcher. No Pump Telegram needed.

Crypto Pump Detector works with all major Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Our Crypto Pump Detector Bot works with all major Exchanges that are used for crypto pump and dump schemes. KuCoin, Hotbit and Binance are already available, while Gateio Pump Detector Bot is in Testing for our Pro and Ultimate members. Join our Pump Discord for all news, update and trials.

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Gate.io (soon)

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Stay in contact with Pump Bot.

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You are new Beginner or an experienced Crypto Trader? And you are searching for some automation in the Crypto Universe that makes consistent Profits? Perfect. You have come to the right Place! PumpBot is everything you need to make Profits with Cryptocurrency Trading. We have the best Crypto Bots: Crypto Pump and Dumps, Crypto Pump Detector Bots, Crypto Trading with Signals, 24/7 fully automated Crypto Trading Bots. No wether what you need, we have it! And the Best we are the only one that offer a FREE Trial, so you can see the Magic yourself.

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#Pump Prediction as it should be

Crypto Pump Detector in action!

Watch and see our Crypto Pumps Detector Bot at work. This is how you will be able to make profits.

As you can see you are able to successfully predict the next pumping coin and buy it before all others. You can buy at the lowest price possible and increase your profits.

Crypto Pump Detector Bot, no need for Crypto Pump Groups

The best Crypto Pump Detector in the Cryptocurrency Universe

Get our Subscription and the Crypto Pump Detector is included. No need for Binance Telegram Pump Groups, KuCoin Telegram Pump Groups and so on. Switch it on and wait for the Bot to catch the Pump before other haven even seen the Crypto Coin.

Crypto Pump Signal Detector. No need for Crypto Pump Groups

Main Steps. Easy. Profitable. Pump Detection Bot.

Buy and Sell faster to increase your profits with our speed of light Crypto Pump and Dump Program or Bot. This is your Chance to make money with Pump and Dump Signals, New Token Listings and more.

No need to Type or Detect the Coin

With our Pump Detector Bot you dont need to follow Binance Telegram Groups, KuCoin Pump Groups and stuff like that. The Bot is able to catch those Crypto Pumps easily. An Advanced Crypto Bot, so easy to use, so you can make big Profits.

Do your Settings and Profit

Only the Crytpto Pump Detector can do what other Pump Bots can't do: Detect PrePumps or pumping coins early, before anyone else notices it. Just try it and convince yourself for FREE of course, or Subscribe now and raise your Invesmtent Limit.