automate trading groups without them knowing you do

Futures Bot to easily automate crypto signals from Telegram and Discord Groups.

Automate the best free and paid crypto signals Telegram and Discord. Let the Futures Bot place the Trades for you.

Stop placing your trades manually when you can simply automate it. As long as you have access to free or paid crypto signals our Bot is able to follow every signal provided. Place one or multiple take profits orders, use a different leverage or your own settings. You decide.
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Automated Futures Trading for Bybit and Bitget Exchange (Binance Futures and KuCoin Futures are planned)

Automate Telegram Signals and Discord Signals without Admin Access

Our Futures Bot reads trading signals from Telegram or Discord and place the trades based on the signals values, your own settings or a mixture of both.

Telegram Crypto Signals

Discord Crypto Signals

Trading Signals are automatically executed.

Automated futures trading for you!

Automatically trade crypto signals from every trading group.

You found a good crypto signals group, but they don’t support automated trading? Don’t worry. That is where we come into play. We automate all those signals withou your need to lift a finger.

With PumpBot’s Futures Bot you only need to join one of our crypot signals channel on Discord or the ones you already have. Out Futures Bot is able to see what you see, and will automatically pick up the futures signals to trade them on the Bybit or Bitget Exchange. 

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What is in it for you

Benefits: Auto Trade Crypto Signals

Just automated trading with any crypto signals. The Bot that follows your Telegram or Discord Groups.

More profits. Less Work.
Don't wait for the next trade to happen. Automate the crypto signals for more profitable trades.
Automatically detects the Trade
Don't misse the next awesome Trade. The Bot monitors all the trading groups for you.
TP, SL and trailing
Automatically places the take profit, stop loss, or trailing stop loss. One or multiple ones, you decide.
Easy to Use
Futures Bot is super easy to use. Start within 5 minutes. Do your settings choose your signals group and let the bot trade.
Your Coins are save
You store your API Keys where they are save. On your computer or VPS, we don't have access to them unlike other providers.
You decide
Use the parameters given by the crypto signal or override them and use your own. Full or partial. You decide.
easily automate all Telegram crypto signals

Futures Trading made simple: Automate Telegram Signals

Use our decentralised Dashboard to always know what trading positions your in.

Clear, easy and structured. Nothing too much and nothing too less. Made for you as trader to know what happens right now without the need to navigate from page to page to find what you need. You have access to it from everywhere,

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This GUI is still under development. But you can already test it.

Automate crypto signals from trading groups

Automate Futures Trading Groups

Futures Bots reads leverage, take profit and more from the signal and trades it on Bybit Futures or Bitget Futures.

Trigger orders on popular digital asset exchanges and trade 24/7. Connect to alerts from Telegram (public channels, groups and private chats) and Discord groups. 

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best crypto signal providers included, no extra crypto signals needed

The decentralised way to automate crypto signal providers

We decided to make the Futures Bot decentralised, you don’t need to give us your API Keys or any data. 

Run our futures bot in your Computer, VPS (Virtual Private Server: Windows or Linux), RaspberryPi. You only need 1 CPU and 2GB of RAM to run the program decentralised on your own system only you have access. Need help? We have the guide that explains to you what you need.

Not sure if it fits your needs?

Join our Discord or Telegram and ask us your questions. As simple as that 🤗

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Dont take our words. Here is what our PumpBot users made with our Premium Signals.

When you are try to buy manually in a pump and dump you are often too slow. Our PumpBot is the fastests bot for big pump signals that achieves tremendous profits. See what our members achieve and you can do it too.
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Don't believe it? Join our Discord and see the most recent Trades and Profits.
Why chose PumpBot Futures Bot? Automate trading groups now.

More than 22 Paid Crypto Signals included for free!

With other signals automation services you need to pay again for every single group again. Not with us.

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Other trading automation services will make you buy the crypto signals groups separate which will cost you multiple hundred dollars again and that every month. With us the best crypto signals groups are already integrated. Spent months of testing and trying money on different trading groups OR chose us where we already did all the work, so you can head start into profitable crypto trading.

Get started within 10 minutes.

Setting up this bot is super easy. You don't need to ask the group admins if you can automate his signals. You just do it and profit.

Best 22 VIP Trading Groups included

We choose the best crypto signals groups to automate signals trading. They are included, no need to pay separate for them.

Simply auto trade crypto signals

Start automation of your Crypto Signals today.

This is your Chance to make high profits with low investments. Get your PumpBot Membership now and start as little as 249€! Automate trading groups and crypto signal providers today. Never miss a good crypto signal.

You don’t have trading groups, or not enough? We have more than 22 Premium trading signals channels are included in your plan.  


Starter Package

Automate Crypto Signals
22+ VIP Crypto Signals Groups
And more...
Automate trading groups now. auto trade crypto signals.

Automate trading groups from Telegram or Discord for maximum Profits.

Automated trading groups signals execution. Free or Paid, Large or Small, just all of them.

We focused on making more profits from available signals with a maximum of possibilites for overriding the signals parameters. Use a higher leverage and keep the rest the same, you decide. With this futures bot you get more from crypto signals. This is your fully automated trading bot for signals.

Take Profits, Stop Loss, Leverage from the Signal or your own?

You decide which settings the bot should use to place the order. You can use the take profit given by the signal, or just your own while the stop loss is the same. Don’t want to split your order over multiple take profits? use one take profit or use a trailing stop loss to maximise profits from a given signal. TradeEye helps you to find the most profitable settings. 

The crypto bot that automates crypto signals.

You found a group but the own doesn’t wants to integrate a bot into his Telegram group or Discord group? No problem automate trading groups with this next level futures bot. Only you need access to the signals and the PumpBot’s futures Bot sees what you see and is able to search for the signals in the messages.

Which crypto signals/futures signals I can automate with this Bot?

The answer is easy. You can automate every trading group you know. Okay, maybe only 90% of them. You can ask and show us the signals and we will tell you if it is possible. No additional fees, for free of course. This is part of our offer.

Don’t have good trading signals? It is okay, we have a lot of them. Check out which signals we offer. Included with the bot of course.  

Why auto trade crypto signals?

Automate trading groups and you will never miss the next awesome crypto signal. Reduce your work by automatically placing one or more take profit orders. Use your own settings for crypto signals automatically. With our Futures Bot you have everything you need to automate trading groups today and start making profits on auto-pilot.

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Important crypto signals and automated trading software related questions

Frequently Asked Questions on Crypto Signals

We hope to answer a few more important questions you might have regarding day trading cryptocurrencies with signals and our bot to auto trade crypto signals.

Signals are trade ideas related to the cryptocurrency market that are researched beforehand and sent directly to traders’ smartphones via Telegram or Discord. These signals include the trading pair name, an entry point, stop loss, and take profit, leverage and the direction: long or short.

Our top pick when it comes to crypto Telegram groups is This is because the provider offers a free and paid signals service, along with a 30-day moneyback guarantee if the service isn’t to your liking.

Yes – providers such as and Learn2Trade offer a free crypto signals service. The services work in the same way as the paid service, although with a much lower volume of signals each week. Those algorithmic trading groups are good, but the premium crypto signals which we have are clearly better.

This will depend on the provider, although the vast majority of signals providers comprise experienced traders with extensive trading knowledge. As such, the success rates offered by signals services is often much higher than retail traders can expect to produce on their own.

Through our research and testing, we noted that and Learn2Trade provide the best signals. Both providers offer high-quality signals regularly, along with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

The most common approach is to sign up with a crypto signals provider, and you will be supplied with a link to join the private Telegram group. This group is where crypto signals will be sent, after which you will have to facilitate the trade with the correct parameters manually.

Cornix trading bot is some fancy looking bot and app which has a lot of useless features and the need to pay multiple 100$ for the actually trading groups you want to trade. The same with alertatron, they are very similar to cornix and doesn’t provide the actual signals groups.
PumpBot’s futures Bot is different. In our subscription you already have 15 plus trading groups. Automate trading groups and don’t pay additional fees. With us you get: Binance Killers, Fed-Russian Insiders, Always Win Trades, Bitcoin Bullets, Coin Signals and more crypto signal providers included. That is what makes us better than cornix trading bot. With us you really make profits.

With PumpBot’s Futures Bot. You can easily automate the trading groups we have or the trading groups and crypto signals providers you already have. With Pump Bot Signals there are already more than 15 crypto signals trading groups included.

You can trade crypto signal groups very easily be the use of our futures bot. 

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