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Best KuCoin Crypto Pump and Dump Telegram Channels and Telegram Groups

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Find the best KuCoin pump signals telegram, KuCoin pump signals discord and the KuCoin PumpBot to win in crypto pump and dumps.

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All about the best KuCoin pumps

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How successful traders win in Discord and Telegram pump signals with KuCoin Pump Bot.

Don't invest and trade crypto pump groups blindly without a bot. Become a successful trader and use PumpBot to win easily.

PumpBot is a special program developed and specialised for only one goal: to make profits and win in crypto pump and dumps. Available for all major Exchanges: Binance, KuCoin, Gateio and many more!

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Find the best KuCoin Pump Groups Telegram

We have done research and found the most profitable and best KuCoin crypto pump groups, so you don't have to test them.

We never recommend buying a premium service for a Crypto Pump and Dump Telegram group, as nobody knows who the main group is and therefore really knows who is giving the signal. Also, we haven’t found a group that really keeps what it promises. Here is my personal top 5 list of pump groups.

Best Telegram Groups KuCoin (click on the name for link to Telegram)

Historical Success Ratio is about 91.5% with signals for the KuCoin Exchange and send as text, sometimes pics. There are multiple KuCoin pump groups owned by him. Join our Discord for the full list.

Historical Success Ratio is about 88.5% with signals for the KuCoin Exchange and send as text. 

Historical Success Ratio is about 93.4% with signals for the KuCoin Exchange and send as text/images. Started as Binance pumps but switched to KuCoin because of better results. 

Historical Success Ratio is about 91.1% with signals for the KuCoin Exchange and send as text/images. Started as Binance pumps but switched to KuCoin because of better results. WallstreetBets is quite a popular term after the short squeeze on GME and others, this resulted and many pump groups to appear with such a name.

Normal crypto signals Telegram group or crypto signals provider that does pump signals sometimes. 

Historical ssuccess ratio is about 79.5% with them.

Find the best KuCoin Pump Groups Discord

We have done research and found the most profitable and best KuCoin crypto pump groups, so you don't have to test them.

Best Discord Pump Signals KuCoin (click on the name for link to Discord)

A Discord pump group which is around for ages. Always be careful with them as they have good and bad pumps. You should use a trading progam that has pre-pump protection and never go with a market order.

This Discord community has been very successful. They are also called yobi’s pumps or yobi signals because it is the owners name. Sadly with the last bigger Discord sweep many Discord communities got deleted.

John C. has a Telegram and a Discord group for KuCoin pumps. With our pump and dump program you can follow both groups at the same time. The bot will pick up the coin from the channel that is faster. 

Wallstreet Bets pumps have become pretty famous through the stock market manipulation. 

100%+ Profits per KuCoin Crypto Pump Signal with KuCoin Pump Bot

How much profits can you make?

This is what you can achieve with our Crypto Trading Bots. This isn’t classical Trading with TA or similar stuff, hence we dont do this on a daily Basis. We don such nice returns a few times a week or month. This is why you dont need to be there all day, just at the right time. What are you waiting for? Those profits are made with free available crypto pump groups. You can find a list of a few pump and dump telegram groups below.

kucoin crypto pump signal: profit from a pumped coin signal telegram with pump dump bot
Huge KuCoin crypto pump signal from a kucoin pump groups that resulted in a nice profit with our pump bot kucoin
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Testimonial/Review from a Crypto Pump Member that made 50% using our crypto pump and dump bot for kucoin pump groups Telegram

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These are a real Trades. This is only possible with our Pump Bots and in the Cryptocurrency World. We dont promise this huge Profits to everyone and every week. But it is possible with our Trading Bots and this can be your chance to do the same! So, what are you waiting for?

KuCoin Pump Signals: Big Profits and high volumes crypto pumps

How does a KuCoin Pump work? Step by Step Guide.

  1. Find and join a KuCoin pump group on Discord or Telegram. You need to find the group that is the head to know the coin before the relay channels. Luckily for you, because we have a list of them in our Discord. 
  2. Wait for the announcement when the next big kucoin pump signal will happen. The announcements are made with a specific date and time. Like 06 oct 2022 at 17:00 GMT. This is what you need to know. The pumping coin will be most likely a USDT-pair. You won’t get an entry price, take profit or stop loss as you would normally get from trading signals. This is different.
  3. Take your time and get ready. Set-up your KuCoin Pump Bot just a few minutes before the pump coin is announced. Then wait for the pump coin to be announced and the bot will automatically read the text messages and buys the coins within a few milliseconds. If you are a manual buyer you should consider using a KuCoin PumpBot.
  4. You bought and now it is time to sell. This is the hard part, because you need experience to get the most out of it. You don’t know if the price will go down or if the price will increase. This is up to you when you sell the KuCoin pump coin.

Anatomy of a KuCoin Pump and Dump

Below you can see the chart of a KuCoin pump announcement and the resulted dump and dump scheme. The graph was made using this tool. The pump lasted more than 4 minutes! with the top spike being an almost 800% pump. Wow. The Total buy volume for the pumping coin LBP-USDT pair was eta 600k while the sell volume was eta 200k. This pump signal kucoin was in september 2022 – bear market and still made almost 1mio Volume. In the next bull market we will clearly see volumes exceeding 2 mio USDT in a few minutes.

Pumps on KuCoin have the most liqudity. This offers buyers the chance to buy in with higher amounts than on other Exchanges like or Hotbit. KuCoin Pump Signals have also high price percentage gains of sometimes 300% and more. If you are looking for a KuCoin Discord Pump Group you found one.

kucoin pump and dump, kucoin pump signal result chart, kucoin pump bot

Where to find KuCoin Pump Signals?

There are many possibilities where you can find a pump and dump scheme. Cryptocurrency pump and dump twitter is an trending topic, but it won’t surge past Telegram and crypto Discord groups.  Stick to what is already adopted by the majority and don’t try to succeed with things like cryptocurrency pump and dump twitter or cryptocurrency pump and dump reddit.

What are the most known KuCoin pump admins?

If you want to get into KuCoin pumps and dumps you will hear the following names:

  1. Yobi: Yobi pumps or Yobi pump signals are vey well known. 
  2. Hesi: Hesi pumps or Hesi pump signals. They often collaborate or relay each others signals.
  3. Jack: kucoin pumps telegram and discord
  4. Others: Mills, John C and Bernard are also names which you will hear togehter with pump signals kucoin. But there are also normal groups that try this type of trading signals. 

We made a list of the most important KuCoin pump and dump groups here. If you really want to win with pump signals you should read this.

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Our PumpBot members get the best pump and dump signals

Pump and Dump Signals for KuCoin

As a PumpBot member you have access to the experience of many other users and our list of selected pump and dump signals for KuCoin. So you are perfectly prepared for every pump n dump strategy.

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Crypto pump and dump signal Kucoin

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You can subscribe for the bot via PayPal, Stripe, Cards & Crypto. If these possibilities are not sufficient for you or you want to stay anonymous, write to us via Telegram or Discord.

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Once the PumpBot is purchased, you will get your the PumpBot and your License Keys. Our PumpBot Step by Step Tutorial is extensive, easy to understand and always online available. So you always can check it again when you need it.

Done. You are ready to make profits

Now all you have to do is wait for the crypto pump and dump signals and the PumpBot will do the rest. Or make profits with our new token listings crypto bot. Done!

What are crypto pump and dump Discord Groups and Telegram?

In short: Crypto Pump and Dumps are Telegram Groups, Telegram Channels or Discord Server/Groups with many members who buy a coin (cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum , USDT at Cryptocurrency Exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, etc.) at the same time and thus increase the price by up to several hundred percent within a few seconds. As the name suggests, the dump comes after this pump and the price falls again. That is it!

How can you benefit from crypto pump and dump groups?

All you have to do is buy quickly and then sell again. If you have already observed the whole thing, or even participated in it, you know this for sure: Who is the fastest, makes the greatest profit. But many do not know that without a bot for pump and dump you have very little chance and therefore unfortunately often make losses. And this is exactly where we come in, we help with making profits from crypto pump groups.

And that's exactly why we have the right bot for you!

Our Pump Bot (also Sniper Bot or Front runner Bot) are the fastest together with the automatic detection for Binance Telegram Pump Groups, KuCoin Telegram Pump Groups or Gateio ( Telegram Pump Groups. The advantage for you? You are guaranteed to be the fastest and therefore faster than other bot users! For you, that means buying sooner and not making more profits! But only with our Pump and Dump Bot for Crypto Pump and Dump Telegram groups. Check out the video, then you will see what we mean.
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Our PumpBot members get the best pump and dump signals

What Are Pump and Dump Crypto Telegram Signals for KuCoin Exchange?

First things first – pump and dump cryptocurrency signals look like the common crypto signals that are posted by experienced traders and analysts on other platforms. So, it is going to contain: 
  • Name of the coin;
  • Entry price;
  • Target price;
  • (we are not sure about the stop loss).
And, of course, no one is going to tell you when to close signals, what is the risk percentage, etc. 
But, these signals are not common because they have the purpose of giving profits to the person that published the pump signal, but not to the common traders that use paid signals for trading on an exchange. And that is why you need a Pump Bot to succeed with those crypto pump groups. With a Pump Bot you are fast enough to enter and exit the pump signal with a big profit.

During our experience with crypto traders, we noticed 2 most common schemes with pump and dump crypto signals, and we will tell you more about each of them below.
200+% profit per month if you use our Pump Program
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The Program for Scanning all Cryptocurrencies on one Exchange and buy coins with sharp price changes, e.g. a Pump Event. This Bot will catch the Pump before others know the Coin. (Does pumpolymp even have this? No.)

We have them all, join our Discord and you get the information you need.

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