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Where can I find the best Gate io Pump Groups Telegram and pump signals?

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How to find the best pump groups on telegram? How to join gate io pump groups?

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Best Pump and Dump Signals for Gateio, pump and dump crypto groups, Gate io pump groups telegram

Overview: Find the best Gate io pump groups telegram

We never recommend buying a premium service for a Crypto Pump and Dump Telegram group, as nobody knows who the main group is and therefore really knows who is giving the signal. Also, we haven't found a group that really keeps what it promises. Check out belows crypto pump signals telegram and dont forget to give our Bot a try to make bigger Profits.

Telegram Group Name (Link)
Historical Success Ratio
Signal Type
Crypto Exchange
Kripto Pump Signals
Gateio (
Coin Pump GATE.IO Türkiye (turkish but still possible)
98.1 %
Gateio (

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The best Gate io Pump Groups Telegram

What are pump groups telegram? pump groups telegram are very popular among turkish speakers. That is why many of them over both languages: english and turkish. Hence you will find names like: gate io pump grubu, pump grubu, gate io pump, pump sinyal grubu and many more. These type of telegram pump groups often have many thousand members that wait for the gate io pump signal.

What are Gate io Pump Signals Telegram?

A Pump Signals telegram or “pump sinyal grubu” is a special crypto trading signal. Those signals are awaited by many thousand of people. A pump signals is organised and published via a big pump announcement. This means such gate io pump signals telegram have a date when this special trading signal is given. It will be announced as text, picture or coin name.

What is the goal of a Gate io pump telegram?

Gateio pumps are different. Gateio pumps telegram have the goal to pump a coin into the so called gateio top gainers list or top movers list. Because the coin will attract outsiders to buy and increase the price even more. This is sometimes successful and sometimes not. And as always the fastest buyers make the most profits because they can buy for the lowest prices. 

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Where can I find more Gate io pump groups telegram?

The easiest way to find more crypto pump groups is to join our telegram or discord channel. We do provide a list of crypto pump and dump groups to everyone and we regularly update them. This way you are always up-to-date with the latest crypto pump groups telegram and discord.

Best Crypto Pump Signals Telegram. Crypto Pump and Dump Signals, Crypto Pump Groups

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Gate io Pump and Dump Signals Telegram

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Crypto pump and dump signal binance

What are Crypto Pump and Dump Telegram Groups and Channels?

In short: Crypto Pump and Dumps are Telegram Groups, Telegram Channels or Discord Server/Groups with many members who buy a coin (cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum , USDT at Cryptocurrency Exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, etc.) at the same time and thus increase the price by up to several hundred percent within a few seconds. As the name suggests, the dump comes after this pump and the price falls again. That is it!

How can you benefit from Pump and Dump?

All you have to do is buy quickly and then sell again. If you have already observed the whole thing, or even participated in it, you know this for sure: Who is the fastest, makes the greatest profit. But many do not know that without a bot for pump and dump you have very little chance and therefore unfortunately often make losses. And this is exactly where we come in and secure you the Profit.

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Crypto Pump and Dump Groups US. Crypto Pump and Dump Telegram.

Crypto Pump and Dump Groups Get started.

Pump and dump crypto groups are channels that post trading signals on unknown crypto coins, which influence the price of a crypto coin with the low volume, and its value increases. This is what we call “crypto pump signals telegram”, you may have heard of “big pump signals” the by far biggest telegram group for pump signals. 
Since the end of 2020, cryptocurrency trading has become a very popular topic on media, news, and among new and existing advanced crypto traders. These highly widespread talks create a big demand for cryptocurrency trading and investing. 
Unfortunately, many newcomers when entering the market, do not know which ways of trading are really profitable. And they especially like channels that show enormous profits, which, usually, are these crypto pump channels. We would not say something against them if we knew they are really legit, but every person that understands the pump and dump schemes, will tell you they are not 100% legit. lists about 20 Bitcoin pump and dump signals channels on Telegram, and there are only a few approved channels among them (join our Discord or telegram channel to get them). The thing is that 99% of the crypto pump and dump Telegram is a special form of scam. 

We call it “a special form of scam” because, at first glance, they do not block you after the payment, they add you to the VIP group where you see plenty of signals and results. 

Crypto pump and dump signal binance
The question that bothers many people: 
Is pump and dump activity illegal, or is the use of crypto pump groups illegal? 
On traditional exchanges for stocks and forex, this practice is illegal and strictly regulated by the government or the SEC.
However, due to the lack of governmental interference in cryptocurrency trading, many traders use it because they know they will not be caught. Also, most of the Telegram admins have nicknames and do not provide their real photos or places of residence, that is why it is very hard to find them in case you are looking for the refund, etc. 
Nevertheless, there are many pitfalls in their activity, and below we will tell you why!
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What Are Pump and Dump Crypto Telegram Signals?

First things first – pump and dump cryptocurrency signals look like the common crypto signals that are posted by experienced traders and analysts on other platforms. So, it is going to contain: 
  • Name of the coin;
  • Entry price;
  • Target price;
  • (we are not sure about the stop loss).
And, of course, no one is going to tell you when to close signals, what is the risk percentage, etc. 
But, these signals are not common because they have the purpose of giving profits to the person that published the pump signal, but not to the common traders that use paid signals for trading on an exchange. And that is why you need a Pump Bot to succeed with those crypto pump groups. With a Pump Bot you are fast enough to enter and exit the pump signal with a big profit.

During our experience with crypto traders, we noticed 2 most common schemes with pump and dump crypto signals, and we will tell you more about each of them below.
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The Program for Scanning all Cryptocurrencies on one Exchange and buy coins with sharp price changes, e.g. a Pump Event. This Bot will catch the Pump before others know the Coin. (Does pumpolymp even have this? No.)

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  • Gateio Telegram Pump Signal Groups
  • Gateio Discord Pump Signal Channels
  • KuCoin Telegram Pump Signal Groups
  • KuCoin Discord Pump Signal Channels
  • Binance Telegram Pump Signal Groups
  • Binance Discord Pump Signal Channels
  • Hotbit Telegram Pump Signal Groups
  • Hotbit Discord Pump Signal Channels

We have a list of Crypto Pump Groups that we trust. We do pump and dumps for so long and hence we know which groups are good and which are bad. So join our Discord and get all the Information we have on crypto pump groups for telegram and pump and dump Discord groups.

Crypto pump and dump groups on Telegram are channels that post signals on unknown crypto coins and that influences the prices of the coins with low volume. In the end such coins gain value tremendously.

Crypto pump and dump groups on Telegram come in a variety of options. Some groups require you to pay a given fee before joining while others are completely free of charge. BUT: be careful many pump and dump crypto groups scam people with those VIP Membership, because they aren’t the real group. They just relay the pump signal from the original pump and dump groups.

Some of these crypto telegram groups are open to the public meaning anyone can access them and find information. There are also closed groups that require you to apply to join before an admin approves your request.

Once you are a member of a given crypto pump group, you’ll be able to benefit from the insider information that is shared in the group. The information helps you know when to invest in each coin.

Crypto pump and dump groups on Telegram are usually formed by an individual or a group of people. These individuals are called admins and oversee setting all the rules of the group including instructions for crypto pump signals. They are also responsible for admitting people into the groups.

These admins usually open Telegram channels with many subscribers. In most cases, you’ll find up to 50,000 subscribers in a single pump and dump group. They are also responsible for choosing the coin with the lowest liquidity according to their own assessment. Group admins also pick the time to publish a pump signal.

When the admins post a signal, thousands of their members buy the coin identified. This action causes an increase in the price of the coin or token. In most cases a coin’s value will increase tremendously in a matter of seconds, that is the crypto pump.

Here are some of the best crypto pump and dump groups to consider when thinking of taking advantage of this strategy.

And never try to participate without a PumpBot, or you might lose money.

  1. Mega Pump Group

Mega Pump group manages pumps on Binance. It is a large group with over 50,000 subscribers on the Telegram channel. When pumps are initiated, the group gains volume pretty fast thanks to its large membership base.

The group provides all information for free which is why it has become one of the most popular through the years. Individuals can find a lot of information regarding trading when in this group. It is worth pointing out that it also has a support forum where members can exchange ideas and ask questions regarding trade.

  1. Big Pump Signal

Big Pump Signal is one of the largest pump and dump groups in existence today. It boasts of over 70,000 members on the Telegram channel and up to 200,000 members on the Discord channel. This group coordinates cryptocurrencies on the Binance exchange.

This is another free group and therefore anyone can join without worrying about paying an initial fee. The group has an affiliate program that gives preference to members who have referred other people to its channels.

In case you join the affiliate program, you’ll be able to receive information regarding upcoming pumps earlier than members who have not referred anyone to the group. This group’s success is attributed to the large number of subscribers who take heed to pump calls and participate when the activity begins.

  1. Big Pump Group

Big Pump group is another pump and dump group that carries out its activities on and This group has a similar affiliate program like the one that Big Pump Signal uses.

In this case, members who have referred other people to the group tend to enjoy more privileges including receiving information before regular members. The group has over 30,000 members and is still growing.

  1. Crypto Family Pumps

Crypto Family Pumps is another group anyone can join in order to participate in pump and dump strategies. This group has over 10,000 members and operates on the New-Zealand based platform called Cryptopia. It is an exchange with a lower amount of volume.

It is worth pointing out that Binance is highly ranked in the top 100 with regards to trading volume, Cryptopia on the other hand does not fall within the top 100 list which is why a lot of people find it to be the ideal place to implement a pump and dump strategy.

  1. Hit Pump Signals and Strategies

This is another group that operates on the cryptopia exchange platform. This group has over 5000 members and offers a countdown to the pump. It encourages its members to carry out as much marketing as possible regarding every upcoming pump.

In that way, it is able to capture the attention of many people and increase the chances of achieving maximum success during pumps and dumps.Most of the marketing done by members take place on the chatbox that is available on

  1. Crypto Analysis and Market Predictions group

CAMP is another pump and dump group that is open to people from all walks of life. It has over 5000 members. This particular group sends hundreds of messages to its members letting them know when the next pump and dump is going to happen. In this way, it is able to capture the attention of as many people as possible.

The messages usually contain the exact local time of the areas where members are located. The group also carries out its operations on Cryptopia and not the more common Binance. This group also offers information about market conditions to its members.

The information includes technical analysis and determination of the most suitable opportunities for buying and selling. This additional information is perhaps one of the reasons why the group has managed to remain relevant.

  1. Coin Pump Crew

Coin Pump Crew is another group that carries out its operations on the Binance platform. The company claims to be able to give signals with at least 85% accuracy.

The group carries out pumps from 50% to 200% gain, making it possible for members to close trade at an exceptionally profitable rate. This group also carries out pumps on various other platforms including BittrexHitBitc and Yobit.

  1. DeFi Million

DeFi Million is one of the most popular groups on telegram. It boasts of having over 200,000 members. It is one of the most popular groups because of how successfully it has conducted pump and dump strategies through the years.

It is one of the fw groups with a unique record of influencing new coins while also generating significant profits for its members. The admins behind this group were among the pioneers of the pump and dump strategy which is why they ended up becoming a success.

While in this group, individuals can expect to get a lot of information regarding market conditions, upcoming pumps and dumps and more.

  1. Minter Network

Minter Network is a large Telegram group with over 300k members. The group is quite famous for using the pump and dump strategy to make profits for its members. With over 300k people buying a given cryptocurrency at the same time, prices are inevitably going to go up.

This is well organized to ensure that members play their part. When the time is right, members sell off their coins at a much higher rate making it possible for them to earn a lot of money.

An interesting thing about Minter Network is that it carries out pumps on a daily basis. And this has enabled them to achieve a significant level of consistency and profitability. Minter Network is the largest group on Telegram which is why it can influence prices easily.

  1. Crypto Classics

This channel has a team of experienced traders who help others through the process of trading. Crypto Classics Signals provides Binance signals with good quality and quantity. The group also works with Cornix making it possible for members to trade automatically.

If you decide to join any Telegram pump and dump groups, be sure to find out what algorithm they are using to determine the best signals. Consider how accurate a particular group has been in the past and use that to determine if it is a reliable group.

You should also find out how effective a particular pump group is when it comes to communications. A good telegram group usually shares information long before the pump and dump process is initiated. That way you are ready to act before the event.

Listening to what other members in the group are saying is another way to determine if a particular group is suitable. In most cases, you can find a lot of reviews regarding the most popular groups. Use such information to judge each crypto pump group.

Another way to determine if a particular group is worth it is by checking the date of establishment. If the pump and dump crypto group is only a few days or weeks old, chances are that it may not be the best. Instead, go for telegram pump groups that have been around for a considerable amount of time.

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