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Crypto Signals Features

What you get from our AI Crypto Signals. Easy to Follow. You only need to Trade.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)
AI powered Trading. Next Level Trading. The Future is now.
A Superior AI trained on all technical Indicators you can think of, News, Reddit Posts, even Elon Musk Tweets haven been analysed by our Artificial Intelligence. Tell us one Human Trader which did this, or is capable of doing this in real time.

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With our free and paid AI Crypto Signals you can speed up your Trading Setup. You dont need forever to draw lines and find Support and Resistance. That was already done by our Artificial Intelligence. You can trade our best crypto signal right away or use them to speed up your Trading setup.

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New? How do Crypto Signals work?

If you are completely new to the World of Crypto Signals, AI Trading Signals and AI Trading in General, allow us to break down the fundamentals for you in Layman's Terms.

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AI Crypto Trading Signals Explained

The main premise of crypto signals is that you will receive a trading suggestion. This will come in real-time via Telegram or Discord – so you will never miss a potential trading opportunity. Each trading signal we send out will contain:

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Partnership: ai-crypto-signals.com

We have decided to partner with ai-crypto-signals.com to offer our PumpBot members the best from both Cryptocurrency worls: Pump and Dump Events and Crypto Signals or Pump Signals. This will give you more chances to make daily Profits in any Market Condition! The Developers of ai-cryto-signals.com have made a superior Artificial Intelligence (AI) which will beat every professional crypto Trader and you can be part of that.

Crypto Trading Signals are really easy. Even easier when they are made by an computer without Emotions, FOMO, Greedy and other Human Feelings. How do AI Crypto Trading Alerts work? You will receive a Cryptocurrency Pair such as BTC/USDT, DOGE/USDT or similar. With that Crypto Pair you will get an Entry Price, a Take Profit, a Stop Loss and a Leverage value. This is all you need. Nothing more. After you received the Crypto Signal via Discord or Telegram you go to your choosen Crpyot Exchange (Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase, Gateio, Kraken) and place the Trade. Done.
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