Fast Crypto Private Node Servers, Crypto Nodes, ETH Nodes, BSC Nodes and more!

Fast Private Crypto Node Servers

We offer the fastest private nodes for Sniping on the most popular Blockchains. Crypto Nodes: BSC Nodes, ETH Nodes, AVAX Nodes, FTM Nodes and more! Stop using slow public nodes.

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#1 Private Crypto Nodes, Best Private Crypto Node Servers

Make more out of your Sniper Bot - use a Private Crypto Node Server!

We offer a special service for our own sniper bot, but also for all other sniper bots and blockchain technologies that need a private node server with superior speed. We offer the most popular crypto nodes like BSC Node Servers, ETH Node Servers, AVAX Node Servers and more.

3 Crypto Node Servers and growing.

Need an other Blockchain or Network Node? Contact us and we find a solution for you.

#1 Why we are the Private Node Service

Core Features.

Our Crypto Node Service is the best, fastest and most reliable. Easy set-up included.

Successful in sniping more than 100+ Listings

Lightning Fast 
Our node servers have only one goal: be the fastest!

No Codeing!

We do everything for you! You don't need to do anything.


Besides offering the fastest sniping nodes we focus on reliability.
DeFi Trading Bot. Pinksale Bot. Best Sniper Bot. Best DEX Bot.

Ready making Profits with sniping new coins?

Payment Methods

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, BNB, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Crypto Pump Bot Payment


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DeFi Trading Bot. Pinksale Bot. Best Sniper Bot. Best DEX Bot.

Sniper Bot and Crypto Node: FAQ

Here are some FAQ for our Crypto Sniper Bot. If you already did some pinksales, or coin sniping manual you will love this bot. It will make coin and token sniping so much easier for you. Just check it out and you will win at new coin listings. 

This software, “pancakeswap sniper bot” which developers have been working on intensively, works as follows as the basic logic: The algorithm is connected to the Blockchain infrastructure. Then, all of the mempool and pending transactions are scanned within this infrastructure. The search continues until the liquidity add transaction for the token is found. When the correct transaction is found and matched, the transaction is completed within the framework of the rules determined by the sniper bot owner for the order. After purchasing your crypto sniper bot software and connecting it to your wallet, you can complete the configurations and run the bot.

Of course, profit rates in the long and short term will vary. However, from a single transaction or new coin listing you, the money you will earn in a period of 5-10 minutes can vary between 50% or even 1000%. This is a very high rate. But important to know is, that this depends on the project or new token you want to snipe.

All options such as Metamask, Binance Trustwallet, Phantom wallet, and more can be used with the cryptocurrency trading bot.

Theoretically, there is no project where the bot is not valid. However, some projects may use anti-bot software on their listing day. But our sniper bot has some nice features to encounter such measurements.

No because our Sniper Bot is completely legal, you can use the tool with peace of mind. It is possible to say that the product was developed using open-source software to ensure that it is reliable. In this framework, you can see how wallet transactions are coded through open-source software. In addition, the tool also guarantees that the wallet information cannot be viewed by anyone.

All options such as Metamask or Trustwallet can be used with the cryptocurrency trading bot. However, according to the tool’s official website, using Metamask is more recommended than Trustwallet. Because Metamask wallets have a structure that facilitates the use of sniped tokens in financial transactions. You can also get a wallet and start transactions. Choose the wallet according to the blockchain you want to chain new coins. For example Metamask for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) sniping. If you want to use our DEX Bot/Sniper bot on the FTM Chain you will need the Phantomwallet and so on. 

Yes, this DEX Bot can also be used to snipe pinksales. 

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