#1 Pump and Dump Program

Pump and Dumps: The PumpBot

On this site you get detailed information on how to use the Pump and Dump Program or Pump and Dump Bot with the Auto-Detection for Telegram Groups and Telegram Channels – scroll down for the Video. Available for Binance, Gateio (Gate.io) and KuCoin Exchange.

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Pump Bot

#1 fastest Pump and Dump Program on the Market

Speed of Light Order Execution

Easy to Use PumpBot. Be the Pump Winner of the next Crypto Pump and Dump! Be the Pump Winner and let the Crypto Bot place the buy order in miliseconds after the pump group releases the Pump and Dump Signal. All thanks to our automatic Coin name Detection for Discord Channels and Telegram Groups. To Buy even faster you can use this Crypto Bot on a VPS.

Time needed to send the Buy Order to the Exchange

Buying Speed

One Crypto Bot – Three Exchanges. Soon followed by HotBit and Pancakeswap. You want to be the fastest? You gonna be the fastest! Dont believe us? Test our Pump and Dump Crypto Bot yourself.

0 ms


0 ms


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Crypto pump and dump signal gateio

Automatic Telegram Detection

Our automatic Telegram Detection gets the coin name automatically from Telegram groups. You can buy faster than anyone who needs to enter coin name manual by hand.

Automatic Discord Detection

Our automatic Discord Detection works just like the Automatic Telegram Detection.

PrePump Protection

With PrePump Protection the Pump Bot protects you from buying into Pump and Dumps where the Price has already risen too high. 

Manual input the Coin Name

Of course, you can also enter the coin name by hand and buy any coin you want. For example for other trading signals.

Making a profit has never been easier

Easy to use and to make Big Profits

Let the Pump Bot do the work for you while you sit back. Make profits, very easily, without stress, without emotions and completely automatically.

And that was it. Switch on – wait – profit. Just start the Pump Bot, the rest is done by the PnD Bot while you no longer have to wait tense to enter the coin manually. After the Buy you see your current Profit and with one Key you can sell everything. The browser to the Exchange is also opened automatically. Based on the price chart and orderbook you now see, you can decide if you want to sell earlier.

What are you waiting for? Be one of the first who doesn’t even have to type anymore and where the coin is automatically recognized from Telegram groups or channels in order to make even more profits!Don’t miss out on this trend like with Doge, or the whole meme stocks like Gamestop or AMC.

Switch On!


... and profit!

Pump Winner Binance, KuCoin and Gate.io

3 Main Exchanges

One Crypto Bot – Three Exchanges. Soon followed by HotBit and Pancakeswap.

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Pumps and Dumps with unbelieveable volume of millions of dollars within a few minutes. Thanks to that huge volume you can invest high and aim for profit under 100%. This Pump is once or twice a week.

KuCoin crypto pump and dump bot, crypto bot pump and dump KuCoin


Pumps with huge volume and awesome returns. We have big Pumps with percentage gains over 1000%. This Pump is once or twice a week.

Gate.io crypto pump and dump bot, crypto bot pump and dump Gate.io


Pumps with lower volume and lower returns up to 80%. This Pumps are. These pumps are several times a week and then several times a day. Many Pump and Dumps with lower Profit.

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Why PumpBot is the #1 for Pump and Dumps

You get the Bot + everything you need

We know about all the pumps and dumps happening in the market. Once you have the Program, we will send you the online guide and stay connected with you. Our products are not designed for experts but for normal traders. Even if you have just started, still you will not face a bit of problem. It is that easy but with PumpBot only. Else it’s a ridiculously complicated thing. 

#1 Pump and Dump Crypto Trading Bot

A video says more than 1000 Words

This is one of our latest Videos on the PumpBot for Pump and Dump and how a member made 86% in a few Seconds with our program for Pump and Dump! 

Imagine how easy you can earn money with our Pump Bot and what wishes and dreams you can fulfill with it. So, what are you waiting for? Get started right now!

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You certainly can not experience the easy money making with us until you are a part of PumpBot. 

Start easily and without problems with our Free Pump Bot and see for yourself that it works. If it didn’t work, we wouldn’t let you test it beforehand! You can find the download for the program in our Discord. There you will also find a lot more information and a community which is already making huge profits. Be part of it now, before it’s too late!

Estimated Profit per Week
Profit 80%

#1 Why we are the Pump Winner

Core features.

This PumpBot works on the Exchanges where the Pumps happen. Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io – one Subscription many Exchanges

Lightning Fast 

The Bot executes your Trades within milliseconds!

Pre-Pump Protection

This protects you from the Scam Groups with do PrePumping 

Live Profits

Shows your current Profits and the time which has passed

Successful in more than 100+ pumps

Team Support

Become part of the PumpBot community

Simple Explanation

Simple and detailed explanations, online and up-to-date

Profitable Settings

Get access to profitable settings from past pump and dumps

Profits, Profit and more Profits with our PumpBot

How much money can I make with pump and dump?

With our Pump Bot you can make big profits and that with a small investment and a small risk. Do you want to know how much profit you can make? Then come to our Telegram Channel where we regularly post the profits of members.

Join our Telegram and see the Profits yourself.

become the Pump Winner for every Exchange!

Available Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

Binance, KuCoin, Gateio, Pancakeswap soon followed by HotBit and ProBit (FREE update for sure) and many more!

subscription made simple

We accept the following payment options

PS: If you are interested in a Crypto Pump and Dump Bot for a other Exchange (besides KuCoin and Binance) feel free to contact us. Dont want to pay via PayPal, BTC or Stripe? Contact Us or visit our Discord or Telegram and we find a suitable solution for you.

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No they cant! When you generate the API Keys you need to select the permissions. Just give the permissions where you allow “to trade” via the API Keys and no one can withdraw or send your coins anywhere.

The Bot is a simple .exe-file which you have to start via cmd or double clicking it.

You don’t have to worry about anything. We are not just selling our product only but we want to make sure you are succeeding too. If you can follow the tutorials, you can go for monthly or yearly. If you are starter in tech, we highly recommend you to try the FREE Pump Bot and read our docs.

You don’t need to install any programs at all! The Bot is a plug and play Program. Save it to your computer or VPS and double click it to start. That’s it, you can start making money with crypto Pump and Dumps.

Yes, we have automatic coin recognition for public Telegram groups or Telegram channels. We work on the same for Discord Channels. Join our Discord and get the latest news on this.

We expect that you can easily make up 200%+ ROI every month. Simplicity is incredible. All you have to do is join discord and do a three minute setup before the pump and dump. You just have to turn on your computer for like 10-15 mins a few times a week. Massive returns will be made in seconds. Become the Pump Winner with our Program!