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Profit with our crypto bot for new token announcements from our PumpBot Members. There is so much Profit to make with new Coin Listings, new Token Listings, new Token Announcements and new Coin Announcements. 

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Real Profits from past new token listings and new coin listings from Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io

Here are some results from our PumpBot Members with our crypto trading bot for new coin listings. We have more Testimonials and profits in our Discord Server or Telegram Channel. 

How does a new coin listing KuCoin work?

New coins are getting listed almost every day on cryptocurrency exchanges like Binace, KuCoin and Gate.io. A few of those new coins are really good projects and are set to increase in value. Hence the price rises when you buy early.

Can you profit from a new coin listing pump?

The answer is Yes, you can make profits from new coin listings if you have the right program or the right bot for it. But this is just 20% of the game. The rest is the project or new coin itself. When there are not more buyers than sellers there will be no increase in price, hence no new coin pump. This is important and you need to do some small research on this.

#1 Crypto Trading Bot for new tokens

Crypto Trading Bot: 180% Profit!

ICO of GGG/USDT on the Gate.io Exchangfe. Our PumpBot Member was able to turn 146 USDT into 408 USDT! That is a Profit of 180%! What are you waiting for? Join the Discord and start the free Trial! 

ICO New token listing crypto trading bot Gateio new coin listing

You are think that was just luck? Then why do we have a member who achieved almost exactly the same result?

Same ICO, Same new Token Listing, Same Crypto Bot, almost same Profit. But different PumpBot Member! 154% Profit on the same new coin Listing. That should show you that anyone can do it! 

Pump Bot

Still not enough of new coin listing profits? Then we have a few more great results here! Of course, always from two members, so that you can see that everyone has the chance to achieve that!

Below you have the new token Listing of GGG on Gate.io 08.11.2021. Our PumpBot members achieved a profit of 92% and 98% within a few minutes! scroll down and see more profits.

Pump Bot
ICO New token listing crypto trading bot Gateio new coin listing

Still not convinced? But then it's about time

And there is the new coin announcement of BIFI and the results our PumpBot members achieved in this new listing. A 30% return and 15% return have been possible with this listing. 

ICO New token listing crypto trading bot Gateio new coin listing
ICO New token listing crypto trading bot Gateio new coin listing


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