Pump Bot - Telegram Automation

On this site you get detailed information on how to use the Pump Bot and how the Telegram Integration

This is the extension for the Basic Pump Bot. This allows you to buy even faster and thus increase your profits. At the same time, the risk of loss is minimized, as you are more likely to be there and thus can get out sooner. Another advantage is that the process is completely automated. You don’t have to be there any more and everything runs completely automatically with the settings you entered beforehand.

The telegram-file allows  you to enter different settings for the bot to their liking. The changable parameters are as follows:

  • TelgramChannel: allow you to change the Telegram Channel from which the coin get automatically detected. e.g. https://t.me/Big_Pumps_Signals
  • SymbolBeforeCoin: When the coin is announced, there is always a certain symbol in front of the coin, this must be entered here. e.g. #
  • BaseCurrency: In most cases, the coin is bought with BTC. If this is not the case, this can be changed here.

And that was it. Switch on – wait – profit. Just start the pump bot, the rest is done by the bot while you no longer have to wait tense for the coin to enter it manually.

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E-Mail: bot@pump-bot.com