2023 PumpBot – Trading into 2023 and Road Map

Hello @everyone,

here is a small look back of what we achieved in 2022 and what the future will bring with PumpBot! First of all I want to thank everyone in this awesome community. Together we build something tremendous – it isn’t always me who comes up with good ideas, or new good signal groups. And that makes this community so special. Thank you guys! 😊

Pump Bot
PumpBot premium futures Signals profit example

PumpBot review of 2022 – Crypto pumps and future signals

We achieved awesome results. We started the first quarter of 2022 with huge profits especially with the new coin listings bot. We saw many members that made 3x, 4x and more multiple times a week, because everyone was buying shitcoins! Our friend @newguydudecomrade🐳 who turned 150$ into 8200$ – the biggest one time profit I have seen which is still unbelievable for me

Then the market started to tumble and prices kept falling, volumes decreased in pumps… followed by the total collapse of LUNA. This resulted in a free fall for cryptocurrencies…
BUT: every horrifying event gives us a new chance to profit! That is what we did here. A few weeks before we introduced futures signals and trading. Which was brilliant for this as we are now able to profit from falling prices! And that is what I did… I shorted LUNA, then LONGed that shit to make 3x here, 6x there and so on. Nevertheless I also learned a few things… to use the cross mode in such volatile markets – because I lost a few trades in seconds! 😄

  • First learn then remove the l and start to earn

As the market kept declining we focused more on future trading which was and still is a big success for @everyone as we are able to make profits from rising and falling prices. This resulted in the Development of the Futures Bot to automate crypto signals. 🤗

Crypto Bots and Signals introduced in 2023 with PumpBot – a short review

What else did we achieve?

As you can see 2022 was a huge success and this success will go on in 2023!

The 2022 achievements will thrive also in 2023 – we will continue where we end this year and focus on the things that work and which makes us the most profits in the crypto universe! 🚀

2023 PumpBot: Pump Dump Bot web-based GUI, Futures Signals and more

Pump Bot
Pump Dump Bot: the fastest PumpBot with web-based GUI paired with the new coin listings and detector mode for 2023!

I have planned many things for 2023 to make this year even better with more possibilities to make daily profits! Here is a short outlook:

  • Selfhosted web-based PumpBot with new coin listings mode, detector mode and GUI also mobile ready
  • Futures Bot will become fully web-based
  • Expansion of the futures Trading – coursed and books
  • Crypto betting/gambling 😉
  • and every possibility we find that can make us a bunch of profits! :fire: :whale:

If you are here and you read this you have set the perfect foundation for a bright 2023. I am very lucky to have this community. With the help of PumpBot I have seen at least two people that started with our futures signals, before they learned more and became full-time traders on their own! Seeing this makes me happy, being the start for many people that try to make more from their lives, trying to achieve personal goals, financial freedom or chasing for their Lambo of their dreams! 🚀💵

Conclusion and outlook for crypto trading in 2023 with PumpBot

For 2023, be patient, find your way, try new things and find the perfect fit for yourself! What works for others might not work for you. In our first Discord someone made super statement which said in short “I was never really successfully with the Pump Dump Bot, but I am happy to started trading your future signals!” – at that time he was a member of more than half a year.😊

Me personally I try to accumulate as much cryptos as possible to be ready for the next big bull run in a few years that makes me 5x to 10x with just holding them! 💸

For @everyone out there is a perfect fit to profit from cryptocurrencies. You only need to be willing to learn more, don’t get scammed, maybe risk a few bucks here and there, but most important: NEVER GIVE UP! 🙌

Greetings, Happy New Year 2023 🔥
Johannes 🙌

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