How to win with best Crypto Pump and Dump Groups in Telegram

Learn to easily WIN from crypto pump signals Telegram! What are the top 3 best crypto pump and dump groups? Crypto bot to be faster than others. Telegram groups listed for you to make it easier to decide which one to join.

Overview for the best top 3 crypto pump and dump groups in Telegram

Warning from the Author

Please keep in mind that, according to our analysts, the vast majority of people who participate in Pump and Dump schemes lose money because they fail to buy low and sell high. We do not recommend using this method because it is fraught with danger. Furthermore be aware of the following frauds:

– Investment plans: it’s a scam!
– Coin name early: it’s a scam!

If you don’t trust us, you can try it yourself and lose money as everyone before did.

Overview for the 3 best crypto pump and dump groups Telegram

Below you can find my top 3 of the best crypto pump groups currently available on Telegram. I’ll regularly update the list according to the changes. Further below you can find a in-depth explanation of the three groups.

Telegram GroupNumber of membersExchange
Crypto VIP SignalsOver 300,000 membersKuCoin, MEXC
Mega Pump (John C)Over 95,000 membersKuCoin
Wallstreet Queen Official PumpsOver 210,000 membersKuCoin
Table for the top 3 best crypot pump and dump groups

This is the list from all the Telegram groups I have listed on the other pages you can find below:

Introduction to crypto pump and dump schemes

There are a variety of strategies you can use to maximise the cash value of your cryptocurrency. The pump and dump strategy is one of these. In this case, an individual or entity artificially inflates the value of a currency, stock, or commodity.
This can be accomplished by providing information that is not true or factual. Essentially, this strategy relies on misinformation in order to pump up the price of the commodity or stock they own. Pumping is the term used to describe a price increase in this situation.
When the price reaches a desirable level, the account owner can begin selling it off, which is known as dumping.

We’ cover the following topics in this blog post:

  1. How does pump and dump schemes work?
  2. What are the risk for participants?
  3. How do those groups operate on Telegram?
  4. In-depth analysis of the best top 3 pump groups in Telegram
  5. How to join a pump and dump group on Telegram?
  6. How to choose the best Telegram pump and dump group?
  7. Are crypto pump groups legit?
  8. SECRET REVEALED: How to win in crypto pumps with a special program
  9. Conclusion

How does the crypto pump strategy work?

To ensure the success of this strategy. The organiser or a group of organisers selects a cryptocurrency. The coin is usually a low-cap cryptocurrency that is always traded in a flat trend. That is to say, it is not something that would normally spark the interest of other investors. In most cases, such a crypto costs only a few cents because it is much less expensive than popular market coins.
Organisers purchase this asset in small quantities so as not to cause a market frenzy, which could lead to higher pricing in a short period of time. While the coin or asset is being acquired, the organiser develops a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Marketing is only done online via social media and social networks. The campaign’s message is usually a promise of future profits. That is what draws more people to a particular coin or token.

Crypto pump and dump price chart for a pumped coin by a Telegram group
Crypto pump and dump price chart for a pumped coin by a Telegram group

As people begin to purchase the coin, organisers join in, causing the price to rise. As traders monitor the trends for a specific coin, they begin purchasing it, inflating the price. This wild buying of the coin is known as the first pump, and it often follows by a large sale of tokens or coins.
Following the first pump wave, organisers allow prices to dump back down to the minimum. They then go through the same procedure again within the next days or weeks. Often we see a second wave which is characterised by lower peaks and lower number of traders interest in the specific pumped coin. Admins of such groups will always profit the most. I’ll tell you later on how you can profit as well.

What are short-term and long-term pumps and dumps?

There are both short-term and long-term pumps, each with a specific goal in mind. Short-term pumps, for example, are completed in a short period of time, and the organisers sell off their assets in one instance.
Long-term pumps, on the other hand, are designed to generate higher profits. They usually occur in waves. The first wave involves a price increase and eventual coin purchase, followed by a decrease in the price of the specific coin or asset.
After some time, the same process occurs, but the second wave is distinguished by increased marketing and larger buyouts. Long-term pumps can have more than three waves, depending on the organisers’ preferences.

What are the risk with crypto pump strategies?

Just because you can make money with pumps and dumps doesn’t mean you won’t face risks. When considering using this strategy, you must first ensure that you are joining a legitimate group. Keep in mind that hundreds of groups or organisers may claim to have a sound strategy only to end up destroying everything.
Another risk is that you will never know for certain whether the strategy will work. You may end up investing a significant amount of money in coins in the hopes of selling them when prices rise, only to discover that your pump and dump strategy isn’t working as well as it should.
There is also the possibility of running afoul of the law. Remember that some people consider this strategy illegal and may report you as a scammer as a result.

Pump groups Telegram: How do they work?

Do cryptocurrency pump-and-dump groups work? On Telegram, crypto pump and dump groups are channels that post signals on unknown crypto coins, influencing the prices of the coins with low volume. In the end, such coins gain enormous value.
Telegram crypto pump and dump groups come in a variety of flavours. Some groups require you to pay a fee before you can join, while others are completely free.
Some of these groups are open to the public, which means that anyone can join and find information. There are also closed groups that require you to apply before an administrator approves your request to join.

Once you become a member of a given group, you will be able to benefit from the group’s insider information. The data assists you in determining when to invest in a specific coin.
On Telegram, crypto pump and dump groups are typically formed by an individual or a group of people.These people are known as admins, and they are in charge of establishing all of the group’s rules, including pump signal instructions. They are also in charge of admitting new members to the groups.
These administrators typically create Telegram channels with a large number of subscribers. In most cases, a single group can have up to 50,000 subscribers. They are also in charge of selecting the coin with the lowest liquidity based on their own assessment. Group admins can also choose when to publish a pump signal.

When the administrators issue a signal, thousands of their members purchase the identified coin. The price of the coin rises as a result of this action. In most cases, the value of a coin will skyrocket in a matter of minutes.

In-depth explanation: the best top 3 crypto pump and dump groups to find in Telegram

There are numerous pump and dump groups operating in the cryptocurrency space today, each with their own set of strategies and tactics for driving prices higher. Here, we look at some of the most popular crypto pump and dump groups.

1. Crypto VIP Signals

This is one of the best Telegram groups for organising pump and dump signals. They have a long and successful track record of producing reliable pump signals. They have been around since the beginning and also provide standard crypto trading signals. And don’t believe their coin name early, because it’s an elaborate scam to earn more than just by organising the pump. He pumps on the KuCoin and maybe soon on MEXC exchange.

2. Mega Pump (John C)

John C was among the first to organise Binance Exchange pumps. He switched to the KuCoin exchange to announce pumps after Binance delisted low market cap coins. Since then, he has provided crypto pumps on this exchange on a regular basis. He also has a track record that demonstrates he knows what he is doing. Follow him and look at his previous pump signals. He typically pumps coins at 200% to 500% with a medium trading volume of up to $900k in the first two minutes.

3. Wallstreet Queen Official Pumps

First and foremost. This crypto Telegram group has only one goal: to defraud others by providing false information such as “investment plans” and “coin name early”. Please don’t waste your money on it. It’s tempting, and it sounds simple, but it’s not true! Not at all true. However, the pumps they provide are still proper. I believe it is due to so many people falling for the scams he promotes on his social media channels and networks. Join his group, but never buy anything from it because it will cost you money.

This was my personal list of the best top 3 pump and dump groups on Telegram.

How to join a pump and dump group on Telegram?

The majority of Telegram pump and dump groups operate on the basis of signal delivery. There is no guarantee that a signal will be of high quality, so there is always the possibility of losing your investment or earning less than you expected. But never join any of the advertised “VIP” or “coin name” early scams.

Just think logically. If there would be a coin name early there would be a pump and dump in the chart way before the public announcement. The price would spike at the moment and everyone would sell the coin to make the gains right now. So, stay save and don’t fall for this type of scam.

How to choose the best Telegram pump and dump group?

If you decide to join a Telegram pump and dump group, make sure you understand the algorithm they use to determine the best signals. Consider how accurate a specific group has been in the past and use that to determine if it is a trustworthy group.

You should also investigate how effective a particular group is at communicating. Long before the pump and dump process begins, a good group usually shares information. That way, you’ll be ready to act before the event.

Another way to determine if a group is appropriate is to listen to what other members of the group are saying. In most cases, there are numerous reviews for the most popular groups. Use this information to assess each group.

Another way to see if a particular group is worthwhile is to look at its founding date. If the group is only a few days or weeks old, it is unlikely to be the best. Instead, look for organisations that have been around for a long time.

Are crypto pump groups in Telegram legal or legit?

Although some people are hesitant to join pump-and-dump Telegram groups, they are not illegal and can be a valuable addition to some investors’ trading arsenal. Nonetheless, subscribers should be aware that pump and dump is, at best, a deceptive practise. This can make them less than stable and reliable at times, especially when considering the long term. However, as long as users are aware of this and do not put all of their investment eggs in one basket, these groups can be very profitable for the astute investor.
In any case, users should always be aware of how this manipulation can impact the market. Fortunately, most pump-and-dump Telegram groups provide users with relatively legitimate information, such as announcements of token sales, etc. Those who subscribe to these groups should also subscribe to groups with regular crypto signals in order to maintain a healthy balance. Users will be better equipped to understand and navigate the volatile crypto realm as a result. Given the volatile nature of crypto products in general, pump-and-dump groups are viewed as less of a threat to the collective. Nonetheless, users should never invest more than they are willing to lose. This advice applies to all investments, but especially to cryptocurrency; because the industry is still in its early stages, there is no way to predict what the future holds for long-term investors.

SECRET REVEALED: How to win in pump and dump groups Telegram with a special bot

On Telegram, you know everything there is to know about pump and dump schemes. Now I’ll reveal a secret about how to win and profit from crypto pump signals. The answer is simple. You must be faster than your competitors. None of the others use a programme called PumpBot to trade pumping coins. And this is your chance to make a lot of money.

Secret revealed: how to win in crypto pump groups Telegram with a pump bot
Secret revealed: how to win in crypto pump groups Telegram with a pump bot

Check out the PumpBot, a unique programme designed to automatically read the announced coin name from Telegram groups and buy it on the appropriate exchange within milliseconds. This allows you to buy immediately after admins and before all of the slow manual buyers, who can take up to 7 seconds to buy manually. This allows you to sell when others are buying. With a single click, you can sell before the big dump. This is how simple it is to profit from cryptocurrency pump groups and PumpBot.

If you want to make money with a pump bot for Telegram groups, go here.

Final Conclusion

Crypto pumps are high risk with high reward – if you know what you do. And that’s what is the big secret: you need to know what you do and maybe you should try a pump bot to be faster than all others. Also you should check out our top 3 best groups on Telegram and remember all of them are scammers. But if you do it right, you’ll earn a lot of money from them!

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