HUGE Profits from Crypto Pump and Dumps! Guide and Bot

The complete guide which fully explains crypto pump and dumps. Make 100% and more from Crypto Pump Signals on Telegram with Pump Dump Bot

The most comprehensive and complete guide about Crypto Pump and Dump is available here. What’s best? Money is to be made in abundance. And I’ll instruct you thoroughly on it. Therefore you’ll enjoy today’s agenda if you’re looking for a simple source of money.

Crypto Pump Guide: Table of Contents

  • What are Crypto Pump and Dumps?
  • Why Is Pump and Dump A Fraud?
  • Find the best Pump and Dump Groups
  • How much profits can you make?
  • Conclusion

Hello dear Reader. Since 2019, I’ve started taking part in cryptocurrency-related activities. I researched every aspect of cryptocurrency, and the Pump and Dump community stands out as the most active.

As soon as I mastered pump and dumps, the developer in me realized that the only way to join pump and dump trades in milliseconds, buy before everyone else allowed me to greatly boost my chances of profit by selling at the top. And this is only possible by using a bot.

See for yourself how quickly this Pump and Dump trade increased by multiple hundreds of percent. With PumpBot, I was able to achieve the following:

Binance Pump and Dump with Pump Bot to make 500% profits
Binance Pump and Dump with Pump Bot to make 500% profits

A PumpBot member’s investment of 83 USDT yielded a profit of 442 USDT, effectively 5x his money in just a little less than one minute. As you can see the PumpBot is to be commended for these schemes. This crypto trading bot is helping you to succeed in Bitcoin pump and dump groups.

Let’s talk about what a crypto pump and dump actually is.

What are Crypto Pump and Dumps?

The idea is fairly straightforward.

Huge Telegram groups and Discord channels would arrange a time and date to publicize a coin name for everyone to buy. And everybody will take part! Right before the Pump and Dump, you’ll have your Discord/Telegram on one half of your screen and an Exchange on the other half because you’ll already know which Exchange to use. Crypto pump signals only work on the exchange the groups announce early.

Knowing what to buy at this point, you hastily search through your Exchange before placing your market order to buy the pumped coin.

You now have the choice of when to sell. It would often occur within the first 30 seconds after you bought. You would make a sell market order by going to the sell section of your exchange.

Real example from a Binance pump

A group, for example, just announced NEBL/BTC on Binance and right after this everyone will be rushing to buy — we are talking about thousands all buying at once!

Crypto pump and dump chart which a huge green candle
Crypto pump and dump chart which a huge green candle

After purchasing, you don’t keep your asset for very long. You have three minutes or less to sell! Pump and Dumps’ volume vary, so you really need to decide that right now. Well done. You just sold for some nice profits.

The problem is this. Even though the preceding description makes it sound amazing, everything may be completed in about 5 to 20 seconds.

Pump and Dump transactions favour group owners the most, and for the average user, the key to making the most of one is to enter the trade as soon as possible! By doing this, you will be able to buy before most people selling at a profit!

Pump and Dump Software for trading in milliseconds

Software is necessary for trading in milliseconds; manual trading is not possible. Do you now see how PumpBot fits into this scenario? Good. Well, come back at that later.

Why Is Pump and Dump considered as a Fraud?

There is always a risk associated with something that has a great potential for return. It’s always those who choose not to participate yet assume they are experts due to one or two unsuccessful trades.

Pump and Dump is a very hurried workplace, and those who move slowly will end up losing money. PumpBot will make sure that your deals complete very quickly.

If you google for it you will very likely find tons of blogs that tell you that pump and dumps are frauds. While the most of it is true, the topic at hand is very different.

Pump and Dumps are of two varieties:

Purchasing shit coins and meme coins: 

Regrettably, you lose money using this Pump and Dump strategy. You will experience getting rug pulled once the hoopla fades. If you fall for a scam and purchase a meme coin, whether it be a “quick 10x” or a coin with “utility,” you are doomed to financial ruin.

Scheduled Pump and Dump: 

Here, you are alerted that group owners will have a Pump and Dump at a specific time and date. Since you are already aware of the risks, this is what we are referring to.

This is where you need to exercise caution because it might be difficult to identify organizations who offer fair Pump and Dumps. Thankfully, PumpBot has your back once more!

From 5,000 to millions of members, we’ve identified a sizable assortment of organizations of various types for you to peruse at your leisure.

Find the best Pump and Dump Groups here or in our Telegram channel here. So you don’t miss the next pump signal.

Crypto pump signal announcement from a Telegram group
Crypto pump signal announcement from a Telegram group

You may earn 100%+ a week with cryptocurrency pump and dumps given how lively the community is right now. PumpBot welcomes all risk-takers from $10 to $10,000 and more.

There are typically several Pumps and Dumps each week, with the majority of the Pumps involving partnerships with various Pump Groups to greatly boost the number of participants.

How much profits can you make?

Let’s say you have $100 and take part in Pump and Dumps every day of the week.

By the conclusion of the week, you’ve completed 3 Pumps and amassed 100% gains for yourself. You would receive $200 back, and this is just the worst-case scenario. You might easily achieve much more than 100% each week depending on the market sentiment for sure.

Note: Although it may seem too wonderful to be true, it is indeed conceivable. Yet, don’t be deceived; risk still exists. True perfection comes through practice. Never trade more than you can afford to lose.

Conclusion on trading crypto pump signals

Now that you’ve read this, you should have a better idea of what the Pump and Dump in the cryptocurrency market is all about and the awesome income potential it offers.

Although though the sensation only lasts a few seconds, it is exhilarating. As there is never a shortage of Pump and Dumps, winning at them might provide you with a satisfying source of revenue.

You Still Need to Exercise Caution! Pump and Dump is extremely fast-paced, and the slowest will lose money, as I’ve already explained. Either you put a lot of effort into quickly completing trades on an exchange, or you use a pump and dump bot to handle everything for you.

Do you fit the Pump and Dump Trading?

You need to try it. This style of trading doesn’t fit everyone we have to admit. Just join Pump Bot and test it yourself here. Luckily, you can start with one of our smaller monthly plans before you decide to upgrade or before you want to become a life long PumpBot Member!

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