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Full Guide: How to use the best pump and dump bot KuCoin with automated coin detection Telegram and Discord for faster and cheaper buying to make more profit

What are KuCoin Crypto Pump and Dump Groups and Signals?

Crypto pump and dump schemes are scams where many people are used to buy the same coin at an exact time and date. This pumps the coin often several hundred percent in a few seconds. You can find these crypto pump groups on Telegram and Discord. Below you can see a KuCoin crypto pump and dump with a peak of more than 1600%.

KuCoin pump dump bot for big crypto pump signals Telegram groups and Discord groups
KuCoin pump dump bot for big crypto pump signals Telegram groups and Discord groups

Why is it a scam? Because the admins of those groups make the most profits and we PumpBot users steal their profits as we can buy low right after them and sell before they can sell. We sell to those who don’t know about this crypto pump schemes and are too slow in buying and selling. This is where our KuCoin Pump Bot comes into play. We can automatically read the coin name from Telegram and Discord pump groups to buy it in a few milliseconds. After that you only need to decide when to sell for a big profit.

You want to know how to do it? Keep reading. This is a full guide on how to use the KuCoin pump dump bot to make big profits from big pump signals. We start with the initial settings that only need to be done once.

Table of Content

  1. Where to find KuCoin Pump and Dump Groups Telegram and Discord
  2. General Information
  3. How to get KuCoin API keys?
  4. Coin Scraper for Discord Pump Signals
  5. Coin Scraper for Discord Pump Signals
  6. Settings for the KuCoin Pump Bot
  7. First Start: KuCoin Pump Program
  8. Participate in a KuCoin Pump and Dump Group
  9. Conclusion: KuCoin Pump Bot Full Guide

Where to find the best KuCoin Pump and Dump Groups Telegram and Discord?

You can either wait for our Discord calendar to display the next big pump signal for the KuCoin, check our website for the list of KuCoin pump and dump groups or search for pump groups yourself. PumpBot does not provide big pump signals. PumpBot only offers the ultimate tool to particpate in pumps groups to give you a huge advantage. Any ways, , here is my list of the best top 3 KuCoin pump and dump groups Telegram:

  1. Mega Pump Group Telegram
  2. Crypto VIP pump signals
  3. KuCoin Pump Signals Telegram (see down below)

Join us and join my choice for the best pump groups Telegram. But remember there is no coin name early. Pump groups that promote that are scams. You can either trust me who does this for years or lose money to scammers. Your money your choice.

General Information

  • You can edit all .json-files with a simple text editor or programs such as notepad++
  • Respect the format. Don’t delete or add values in the .json-files. Only change what is written in ‘italic’ in this guide.
  • Download of the files is available here. Your system thinks it is a virus? It is not a virus read this.
  • Always be logged into KuCoin so you can intervene if needed.
  • FREE Trial Bot: Maximum of 30 USDT per Trade (don’t use less than 20 USDT it might cause errors). There is no time limit for the trial.

How to get KuCoin API keys?

Okay, let’s start. First we need to connect the PumpBot with your KuCoin account. With API keys you can give programs and tools access to different services. In our case we need the KuCoin API keys to securely connect the Pump and Dump Bot to the cryptocurrency exchange. We only want the Pump Bot to trade – no withdraw! This way the bot can only trade but will NOT be able to send your coins somewhere else. You can find a more detailed explanation on how to get your KuCoin API keys here.

    "apiKey": "in here",
    "apiSecret": "in here - is displayed only once",
    "passphrase": "Password used to create the API Keys"

Just enter your API keys between the quotation marks and save the json-file. Remember the “passphrase” is the password you used to create the API keys and the “apiSecret” is only shown once for security reasons.

Coin Scraper for Discord Pump Signals

To be faster than self-coded bot users we have the Discord coin scraper. PumpBot has reverse engineered the Discord Webhook to achieve what others can’t. You can skip this step if the KuCoin pump signals is not from a Discord pump group. Getting the Discord User Token is a little bit more complicated. Check our guide on how to get the Discord user token here. Just enter your userToken and discordName and you are ready to go.

  "userToken":"in here",
  "discordName": "Name, the # and number, e.g. PumpBotIsKing#0001"

Warning: What we do is called self-botting and is not allowed by Discord TOS. It could result in a ban. Be careful with this don’t use this too long. We are using this for months and nothing happened so far.

Coin Scraper for Telegram Crypto Pump Groups

Next is the Telegram API to receive big pump signals from public and private Telegram pump groups. Pretty similar to Discord – only this is fully legal with the Telegram TOS, so no worries here. Here is how to get the Telegram API keys. Just put the values between the quotation marks – only the first, the TelegramAPI is a number without quotation marks.

   "TelegramAPI": numbers here,
   "TelegramHash": "in here",
   "TelegramPhoneNumber": "your phone number with international format starting with +"

Caution: The TelegramAPI does not need “”. Just put the number before the comma.

Well done! We made all the inital settings needed for the KuCoin Pump Bot. Now we can take a look at the settings.

Settings for the KuCoin Pump Bot

At first this might look overwhelming, but trust me this isn’t as complicated as it looks like. We do these settings before we start the KuCoin Pump Dump Bot.

    "coinPair": "USDT",
    "manualQuoted": 200,
    "buyLimit": 1.2,
    "secondsToKeepLimitBuyOrderOpen" : 4,
    "createTakeProfitOrder": "True",
    "takeProfitTrigger": 1.60,
    "takeProfit" : 0, 
    "createStopLoss": "False",
    "stopLossTrigger": 0.65,
    "stopLoss" : 0,
    "limitPriceMultiplier" : 0.75,
    "detectionMode": "true",
    "telegramGroupName": 0,
    "discordChannelId": ["1057692452934406175"]

Now, let’s walk throught the settings.

  • coinPair“: Which coin pair will be traded – e.g. PumpCoinName/USDT. For KuCoin is doesn’t need to be changed
  • manualQuote“: Simply – The maximum amount in you want to trade? In this case 200 USDT
  • buyLimit“: The order type – market order or Limit Order which offers prepump protection (later more on this). 1.0 means market order – above 1.0 we do a limit order.
  • secondsToKeepLimitBuyOrderOpen“: If you want that the limit order to be opened to the orderbook you should chose a value creater 0. In our case we open the limit order for 4 seconds to the orderbook and then check if it was filled.
  • createTakeProfitOrder“, “takeProfitTrigger“, “takeProfit“, “createStopLoss“, “stopLossTrigger” and “stopLoss” are needed to create Take Profit and Stop Loss orders. We won’t use this in the following, because I always had better results without them.
  • limitPriceMultiplier“: on KuCoin we sell with limit orders. For a limit order to be sold we need to be lower than the current price. Hence how much lower we want to place our sell order when we sell. This this case we use 0.75 times the current price. DON’T WORRY! The Exchange will fill your order at the best price possible!
  • detectionMode“: “True” we use the Telegram OR Discord coin scraper. “False” we type the coin name manually in the bot.
  • telegramGroupName“: which pump group the bot should wait for the coin name. It has to start with -100
  • discordChannelId“: which Discord pump group the bot should wait for the coin name for

Now that you now about all the settings we can start the our KuCoin Pump Program (the .exe-file). For the coin scrapers you can use Discord OR Telegram, not both at the same time.

First Start: KuCoin Pump Program

To operate the bot we use the following settings:

    "coinPair": "USDT",
    "manualQuoted": 200,
    "buyLimit": 1.9,
    "secondsToKeepLimitBuyOrderOpen" : 0,
    "createTakeProfitOrder": "False",
    "takeProfitTrigger": 1.60,
    "takeProfit" : 0, 
    "createStopLoss": "False",
    "stopLossTrigger": 0.65,
    "stopLoss" : 0,
    "limitPriceMultiplier" : 0.75,
    "detectionMode": "True",
    "telegramGroupName": -1001357384473,
    "discordChannelId": ["0"]

We want to buy with a maximum of 200 USDT and a limit order to have PrePump Protection in case the admins pump the coin too high. No TP or SL and Telegram coin scraper for our test group. With a limit order we will very unlikely getfilled for the whole 200 USDT – how limit orders work is explained here. And remember: The exchange will fill always at the best price possible.

Why not TP and SL? Well, from my experience you get the highest profits by watching the chart and deciding when to sell. The volatility in pumps is crazy and when you use a stop loss it might get triggered and you sell at a loss. So, better don’t use TP and SL.

Initialise the Telegram scraper: First start!

Okay, now double click the .exe-file to open the PumpBot_KuCoin. The following steps are only important from the first start.

  1. The KuCoin Crypto Pump Bot will display the stuff you entered and so on.
  2. The first questions is important for later. Just hit “Enter”.
  3. Now the bot wants to start the Telegram coin scraper – Hit “Enter” again
  4. The bot will ask for your “number of bot token”. You will enter your phone number in the international format starting with +. E.g. Germany has +49
  5. Next is the Pump Bot will ask if the entered number is correct. Type y and hit ‘Enter’.
  6. You will now be asked for a confirmation code which is send to your Telegram. Enter the code and hit ‘Enter’ again.
  7. Done. The scraper now waits for a message in the group. The Bot will NOT print any thing while wait for the next message.

Now we can close the bot. The KuCoin pump program created a .session-file. In this file your login and authentification is stored. For the text usage it won’t ask steps 4 to 6 again – it will start the detection right away.

Participate in a KuCoin Pump and Dump Group

The big day has arrived! We have only 5 minutes left till the pump coin is given. What do we do? We start the bot. The bot will display a few things and then ask “Hit ‘Enter’ to load all Prices. Why is this so important?

Understand Limit Orders on KuCoin

The following is complex. Take your time to understand it and read it multiple times if needed.

Pre Pump Protection from the KuCoin Pump Dump Bot explained
Pre Pump Protection from the KuCoin Pump Dump Bot

We load prices. This is when the bot will take all prices from all coins to calculate where the limit order will be placed. It is displayed in the above picture.

KuCoin Limit Buy Order IOC (immediate or cancel)

What is an IOC Limit Order on KuCoin? It is an immediate or cancel order. If it doesn’t get filled right away it will be cancelled. If our limit price is above the current price we get filled at the best price possible otherwise we don’t get filled.

We got the price of 0.0079 before the pump. The bot will place a limit order at 1.9 times the loaded price which yields us 0.01501. Wehn we get the coin name early enough the bot can buy the coin as the limit order will be filled.

But now it gets tricky… When the bot places the limit order at about 16 seconds (see x-axis) we don’t buy because the price is already too high! If the bot places the limit order between 17 and 22 seconds we get filled. This means you also need a little bit luck… to get filled. The good thing is if we get in we now can make a maxium of 90% profits!

KuCoin Limit Buy Order GTC (Good Till Cancel) – with the secondsToKeepLimitBuyOrderOpen parameter

What is a GTC Limit order on KuCoin? It is a good till cancel order. This means the order will be in the order book until we send a request to cancel the order. If our limit price is under the current price we don’t get filled but the order is opened to the order book. When the price falls under our limit price the order gets filled if it wasn’t cancelled before.

OR you use the “secondsToKeepLimitBuyOrderOpen” : 0 parameter. This means the limit order will be such a GTC order and when the secondsToKeepLimitBuyOrderOpen time is over it get’s cancelled. This gives us a bigger chance to get filled.

Let’s go back to our example from above:

When the bot places the limit order at about 16 seconds (see x-axis) we don’t buy because the price is already too high. BUT: now the limit order will be opened to the order book and when the price falls within the next seconds we are filled!

And that is how the limit orders on KuCoin with our Pump and Dump Tool work. It isn’t easy to understand. Take your time to read it multiple times.

The Big Pump Signal on KuCoin: Start the scraper

After we loaded all the prices we need to need to hit ‘Enter’ to start the coin scraper. When do we start the coin scraper? Right before the message with the pump coin in it. In this case we start the scraper after the message containing “The next post will be the coin!”.

KuCoin Pump and Dump group Telegram: example of a big pump signal KuCoin with countdown
KuCoin Pump and Dump group Telegram: example of a big pump signal KuCoin with countdown

If you start the scraper to early the bot will search for a coin name in the message it receives which means you will buy the wrong coin. And now we need to wait…

You are in! Selling with the Bot

Okay, the coin is bought the website will show the KuCoin price chart and what is next? The PUmp Dump Bot will display you the price you bought and the current PnL (Profit and Loss) in %. Now comes the hardest part… you need to sell. But when do you sell? and how do you sell?

The how is pretty simple. Just hit enter.

When do you sell? Well, no one knows it. I can’t tell you and no one else can tell you. You need a little bit of luck and experience. It is usually good to sell within the first 90 seconds. But it is up to you.

Conclusion: KuCoin Pump Bot Full Guide

Nicely done! You are ready to join the next big pump signal on KuCoin with the ultimate power tool: PumpBot! Be ready to make huge gains to 2x or 3x your money with one trade and turn 100 USDT into 200 USDT. 🚀

Questions? Don’t private message me. Please ask in our Telegram or Discord public chats and our support or myself will answer your questions. 🤗

No financial advice! Trade on your own risk. We are not associated with the groups. We aren’t financial advisors.

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