2023 How to Trade KuCoin Mega Bull Call – Big Crypto Pump Signals Telegram

Crypto Pump and dump signals have become quite famous within the last bull run of cryptocurrencies. Pump and Dump strategies are usually scams by the pump admins, but we show you how you can profit from them anyways. We are no financial adviser nor do we claim to be one. The following material is only for educational purposes 😉

What are big pump signals Telegram and Discord?

Big pump signals are groups or channels on social media or messaging apps like Telegram and Discord that claim to coordinate the buying and selling of cryptocurrency in order to artificially inflate the price, also known as “pumping” the price. These groups often use aggressive marketing tactics and hype to recruit new members and may try to create a sense of exclusivity or urgency to join. It’s important to note that these signals are generally not legitimate and participating in them can be risky. The price movements resulting from these coordinated efforts are often short-lived and the value of the cryptocurrency may drop significantly after the pump. It’s generally a good idea to be cautious of anyone promising quick profits or guaranteed returns in the cryptocurrency market, as the market is highly volatile and subject to significant price fluctuations.

How to trade a crypto pump signal on KuCoin?

Before we show you how to use a pump dump bot for this we will explain you the way how it is done manually as pump admins want users to make it manually so they can make more profits.

How to add funds to your KuCoin Account?

You have many possibilities to add funds to your KuCoin Account. One of them is to just transfer cryptocurrencies from an Exchange where you already have funds. You can transfer USDT with TRC20 for as little as 1 USDT.

1) Create an account on https://www.kucoin.com/ or sign up through their app.

2) Have USDT and available to trade with. You can either deposit USDT directly or deposit any crypto then trade it for USDT. In order to join the KuCoin Mega Bull Call you must be trading in the USDT market.

Pump Bot
Add funds to your KuCoin account: USDT in this case

3) Make sure your funds are in your “Trading Account” not the Main or Futures account. In order to be used for trading your USDT need to be in your trading wallet.

In order to participate in a big pump signal with our without a pump dump bot you need to have the funds available in your “Trading Account”.

Pump Bot
Transfer your funds from your main account to your trading account in KuCoin

How to buy during a big pump signal?

4) On the day of the Mega bull signal have Kucoin open and our telegram so you are ready to buy as soon as the coin is posted. Here is a shortcut to the spot trading market https://trade.kucoin.com/

Pump Bot
Before you can start you need to enter your 6-digit KuCoin trading password

5) The coin, expected gain, and any coin news will be posted in our telegram channel at the scheduled time, this is called the big pump signal or KuCoin Mega Bull Call. Buy the target coin as soon it is posted, all of us buying will begin to increase the price and start the pump. Use 50%-75% market buy is strongly encouraged for quickness and simplicity. This will use 50%-75% of your balance to buy the lowest priced available coins. As the price is rising a limit order buy might not fill so avoid it.

Pump Bot
How to use a market buy order on KuCoin during a KuCoin Mega Pump Call

Important notes – Try to buy as soon as possible and hold for maximum profit.

How to sell with a Limit order in a Telegram pump signal?

6) Do not use a market sell to sell during a Mega pump call, this will sell dump your coins for whatever price at or below the current level and may cost you a portion of your profit. We do not want to sell the price lower we want to keep it rising. Sell your coins using a limit sell. Either calculate where you want to sell by using the “expected gain” or wait until we reach the target and click a red sell order to copy its price.

Pump Bot
How to sell with a Limit order on the KuCoin cryptocurrency Exchange during big pump signals.

And that is you buy and sell manually during a KuCoin big pump signal. Now we show you how you can speed up this whole process to make it easier for you to buy faster at lower prices and to sell with only one click.

How to use a pump dump bot for Telegram pump signals?

Now, let’s make everything much easier and FASTER! With the PumpBot you are able to automatically scrape the coin name from Telegram messages. This gives you a huge advantage of at least 5 seconds. You will buy fully automated and a at lower price which gives you more room for higher profits. You can decide if you want to buy with a market order or a limit order which works like a pre-pump protection. You won’t buy when the price already has risen too high.

Selling is even easier. Just press a button and the Pump and Dump Bot will place a Limit order and sell your coins for a profit. So, you can see that you shouldn’t try to participate in pumps manually – because now you know how to win in them with a PumpBot 🤗

Check out the Pump and Dump Bot here.

2023 PumpBot GUI Pump Dump Bot for telegram pum pgroups and discord pump groups, Pump bot binance discord pump signals
2023 PumpBot GUI Pump Dump Bot for telegram pump groups and discord pump groups, Pump bot binance discord big pump signals

Conclusion about Pump Signals Telegram on KuCoin

In conclusion, you should never invest in something you don’t understand. You have learned a lot about crypto pump and dumps, crypto big pump signals Telegram and the pumpbot, but there is still more to learn and to gain experience. If you want to try this on your own check out the pump bot and try our FREE trial. If you want to start, invest low amounts and only invest what you can afford to lose. Trading cryptocurrencies is highly risky, but with the pump and dump bot we make it as easy as it can possible be. This gives you the chance for big profits in a very short period of time.

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