All you need to Know for big Profits in Crypto Pump Signal Groups — EVER

What is crypto pump signals? Crypto pump meaning and is crypto pump signals legit? How to profit from pump signals? All questions answered.

Trading chart for a crypto pump and dump signal on KuCoin
Trading chart for a crypto pump and dump signal on KuCoin

Daily many people search for this kind of crypto signals. Where else can you make 5x, 6x or even more than 10x with one trade? Futures trading can offer this. But we need much pumping or dumping — but how to know which crypto will pump? This is hardly possible.

Luckily, we have crypto pump groups Telegram, Discord and Reddit which does this daily. In the following you will learn everything you need to know about crypto pump signals and how you can profit from them.

All you need to know about crypto pump signals and pump and dump groups Telegram, Discord, Reddit

What is crypto pump signals?

A crypto pump signal is a message mainly from Telegram or Discord for its member to purchase a cryptocurrency coin so they can profit from the price manipulation caused by huge pump. After the pumped happened members start selling the coins for a good profit this is the crypto dump signal.

You can get crypto signals from Telegram pump groups and Discord pump channels. They are easy to find if you search them on Telegram. If you still need more here is a huge list of pump groups.

How does a crypto pump work?

  1. Huge groups make a pump announcement. They will share, date time, exchange (like Binance, KuCoin, Hotbit, etc.) and coin pair (see picture below).
  2. They will send countdown messages till the pump will take place.
  3. The coin name will be announced only as text or with a picture.
  4. All members will try to buy the coin as fast as possible.
  5. The price will explode! And the pumping coin can do up to 1000% within a few seconds.
  6. Members start selling for a profit — or if they wait for too long for a loss.
Pump Bot
Crypto Pump Announcement from a Crypto Telegram Pump Group

How long does a crypto pump last?

A crypto pump and dump can last everything between a few seconds to a few minutes. It depends on the volume and when members start selling for a profit — this happens when members think the peak of the pump has been reached.

Where can crypto pump signals be traded?

There is a big difference to normal trading as pump signals only work on the cryptocurrency exchange which was announced before. Crypto pump signals target small coins, also called shitcoins. These coins can very likely only be traded on one Exchange. Binance pumps don’t work on KuCoin and vice versa.

Is crypto pump signals legit?

Pump and dump crypto signals are a grey area. The signals itself is a scam or fraud on those who don’t know about them. What always is a scam are so called VIP memberships to get the coin name early. This is 100%. Lucky you — you are in the inner circle of those who know about this. Well done.

Are Crypto Pump and Dump Strategies Illegal?

The answer is not 100% settled. In the stock market pump and dump schemes are illegal as any kind of price manipulation. Cryptocurrency pump and dumps are still unregulated and hence it is not illegal or prohibited to take part in such.

Where to find crypto pump and dump groups?

In the cryptocurrency pump and dump universe there are hundreds of crypto pump groups. You only need to know how to find them or where to find pump and dump crypto signals.

Crypto pump signals Reddit

One of the well and most popular pump groups Reddit was wallstreet bets pumps. They got famous with the short squeeze on the GameStop stock. Hence many Telegram pump groups have been named after the reddit pump group. You can easily find them in the Telegram or Reddit search and the term “wallstreet bets”.

Crypto pump signals Discord

Discord pump signals are around for a long time now. Discord crypto pump groups can be found via various sites like disboard.me, top.gg and so on. If you are search for a list of Discord pump signal groups, you can check our website. Discord has started to delete servers related to crypto pumps. This resulted in the removal of huge Discord pump groups.

Crypto pump signals Discord example message for pump coin announcement
Crypto pump signals Discord example message for pump coin announcement

Crypto pump signals for Binance review

Crypto pump signals for Binance have been the first that took place. Binance had a lot of traders and good and easy to pump coins. There were hundreds of Binance Telegram groups for pumping coins — also called bitcoin pump groups as they pumped BTC pairs. As of now we don’t have any groups left that do Binance pump signals. This has multiple reasons. The biggest problem is that all coins on Binance have become too big to be easily pumped. Hence the groups moved to other exchanges where they can find coins with a smaller market cap.

Crypto pump signals telegram review/free

Telegram pump signals are always free. If you find a Telegram group that offers some kind of crypto pump signals VIP, you can only do one thing: run. Those groups are 100% a scam. Pump signals Telegram free is what you need to look for — there will never be paid signals or similar stuff as we already know that pumps are a scam/fraud on those people who don’t know about this type of schemes. Below you can see a Telegram example for a crypto pumps announcement. Based on our review we can tell you that the most pumps are on Telegram, and they will be there in future.

Crypto pump signals Telegram review example of a free group
Crypto pump signals Telegram review example of a free group

Is crypto pump signals VIP legit?

Nope. Crypto pump signals VIP are never legit. If you see someone offering this you should delete the group or trade it with care. To get the coin name early is a pure scam and even I felt for it in the beginning. I mean if you don’t trust me, feel free to lose the money yourself 😉

How to profit from crypto pump and dump groups?

The attentive reader will think all of this is a scam and there is no way to profit from it. But we tell you there is. The answer you have been looking for is a pump bot.

A pump bot or pump robot is a special program made for these types of schemes. It can buy faster and can automatically read the coin name from Telegram and Discord messages. You can connect the pump bot to mega pump signals crypto or even to prestige crypto pump signals and the program will automatically read and buy the coin for you. Super- fast before all others. If you want to learn more about pump and dump bots click here.

Crypto Pump Signals Review

Now we review what we have learned about crypto pump signals. In short:

  1. Pump and dumps are scam/fraud.
  2. VIP memberships are not real and a scam too.
  3. Besides that, you can make huge profits with the right tool or bot.

Well done. Now you know more about these schemes than 99% of the people that clueless invest or trade with pump groups and lose. Use the advantage you have gained and start making profits from crypto pumps.

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crypto pump signalspump and dumpspump dump bot

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