Know the best KuCoin crypto listings in 2023 to make profits

Here is our check list to decide which are the best coins to be launched on KuCoin. Free Tool to never miss a new crypto listing: New Coin Listings notification

Updated: 19.01.2023

new coin listing profit example kucoin
new coin listing profit example kucoin

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KuCoin new coin listing alert example on Discord
KuCoin new coin listing alert example on Discord

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Check list for good new coin Listings on Kucoin

What makes a good listing? Here are some important key factors you should check. Okay, let’s dive into it.

Checking the new listing details

First of all we check the “Deposit” and “Trading” dates. This is very important because we know if there will be a lot of sell orders or not.

On the left we have the deposit immediately which will result in more volume at low prices and it will not spike a lot. Hence you should sell very fast, as others have been able to buy on decentralised exchanges (DEX) and sell on the trading time.

On the right we have the deposits after or at the time of the trading. This will result in less volume at lower prices but in more volatility and higher spikes (500% plus). The problem is that you might not get a high fill of your limit orders because of KuCoins price protection system. That system doesn’t fill orders when the move the price more than 10%.

Pump Bot
Pump Bot

Other key factors you should check

Let’s move on to a few more things you can simply check before the listing takes place.

  1. It has many followers and likes on coingecko.com
  2. Many followers on: twitter and other social media platforms. Just check the Platforms and compare them.
  3. Good looking Website: attracts more investors. If the Website looks grab, no one will buy in.
  4. The Project itself. Many Companies do an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to collect money from Investors. It is like an IPO, only that those companies doesnt full fill the criteria for an IPO. So they will only Sell their coins, and we would have more Sellers than Buyers. This is most important!

Pretty simple to do. And that is it. Better put in ten minutes of work to check these things before you miss a great opportunity or invest in a listing which is going to fail.

How to use the New Coin Listings Bot?

Check out the new coin listings bot here on our website. You want to get the free trial and a fast and easy step by step guide on how to use the bot? Check out this article here.


One important thing we have missed here is experience. You need to try it in the first place to understand how things work and to make profits. New coin listings have been very profitable if you do it right. And now you have all the tools you need to do so.

  1. You know where to find new token listings and our alerts help you with that
  2. You know the key factors that make a good new crypto listing

So, have fun and start making profits!

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