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Pump bot for MEXC pump groups Telegram example screen
Pump bot for MEXC pump groups Telegram example screen

Overview: MEXC global pump groups with NEW Telegram coin scraper

A lot of pump groups switched from the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange to MEXC global. You can find a list of the best pump groups here.

In the following I am going to explain to you how our pump bot for the MEXC global exchange works. We start with generating API keys, followed by the settings and the all-new Telegram coin scraper. This new Telegram group scraper works differently, and I’ll explain how it works.

What are MEXC pump groups Telegram?

That’s really easy explain. Pump groups are huge groups of people on Telegram that follow a pump signal announcement made by the group’s admins. All people of that groups rush and try to buy the announced coin as fast as possible. Those who buy faster make more profits, obviously. That’s the reason you need a pump bot with Telegram scraper, to be faster than others and to buy at lower prices.

Many groups claim to offer a VIP membership where you get the coin name early. But that’s just a scam. Pump admins try to make money and one way for them to do so is to offer such scams. You can try it yourself, but you would only lose money as we already tried this. So, take our advice and don’t try it yourself.

Why do you need a MEXC pump bot?

Well, that’s easy. You need to be faster than others to succeed in this game. Admins will always buy first, then the MEX pump bot users buy and last the manual traders will do. MEXC pump bot users could sell while the manual traders are still buying. To make the most profits you need to try to sell before admins sell. So, when you see that the price doesn’t move up anymore, it’s your signal to sell and take your profits.

How does the MEXC pump bot with all-new Telegram scraper work?

First of all, you need to download the bot. You can download the pump bot from our MEGA cloud. Yes, you need to deactivate anti-virus and maybe disable windows defender. Why? It’s a program from an unknown source and I am not willing to pay a few thousand dollars every year to Microsoft to change that. You can run the program in a virtual environment, VPS, etc.

Create and set-up your MEXC global API keys

Just go to MEXC and create new API keys with the permissions shown below. No crypto trading bot ever needs the permissions to withdraw your coins. Stay save. Don’t link an IP address, unless you have a static IP address, which you will very likely not have. The secret key is displayed only once. Just copy both API keys into the keysMEXC.json.

MEXC global api keys permissions and set-up
MEXC global api keys permissions and set-up

Do your MEXC pump bot settings

The MEXC bot is made very simple and not yet perfect. Hence the settings of this bot are limited. You can buy super fast with the telegram scraper, but the selling could make some troubles. For more settings please go to our full and extensive guide that explains everything in detail.

Telegram pump bot scraper explained

Okay. Now, this might get a little bit more complicated. But I bet you are able to understand how this works.

Telegram has a rate limit. This means that we can only request new messages a few times every minute. With Telegram it’s about 30 times every minute. If you hit the rate limit you need to wait the remaining time till your rate limit is reset and you can do the same again.

Furthermore, we know that the pump signal will always come at or about the same time. For example, at 16:00:00:01 UTC. So, one second after the whole hour.

With the new PumpBot and Telegram scraper you set the time between the requests to Telegram for new messages.

For testing purposes, you can set the time between requests to 3 seconds. This will run the PumpBot Telegram scraper for hours without any rate limit violations. And if you want to test the PumpBot MEXC: MEXC doesn’t support all coins via their API. So, it could be that you won’t be able to buy BTC or other coins. Keep this in mind while testing.

   "TelegramAPI": numbersHere,
   "TelegramHash": "TelegramhashHere",
   "TelegramPhoneNumber": "+49YourPhoneNumberHere",
   "sleepBetweenRequests": 0.2

For the actual pump you need to be precise. If you set the sleep time between the request to zero (“sleepBetweenRequests”: 0) your rate limit will be hit within 2 or 3 seconds. You should try that before the next pump. I would recommend you use a value of 0.1 to 0.3. This will allow you to run the scraper for about 10 to 20 seconds.

Okay. So how does the actual MEXC pump work?

  1. Do your settings
  2. Wait for the last announcement before the pump group publishes the coin name.
  3. Hit ‘Enter’ to load the old message (see picture below)
  4. Use the atomic clock website: https://time.is/ and wait for the pump time. Shortly before the pump time, only a few seconds and depending on your sleepBetweenRequests you start the Telegram scraper by hitting ‘Enter’.
  5. The pump bot is running and is waiting for the pump signal from the Telegram crypto pump group.
PumpBot Telegram scraper for crypto pump groups  in action
PumpBot Telegram scraper for crypto pump groups in action

You see, that this requires a little bit more testing, as the time window for the scraper is limited. I’ve planned to add more Telegram API keys in the future, so that you can scraper more often and longer.


Crypto pumps can be very profitable if you have the right tools. The PumpBot for the MEXC global exchange is your go-to program to be faster than others, scrape coins automated and really make profits from crypto pump and dump schemes.

And the best: we offer a FREE trial of our PumpBot. So you can test bot before you decide.

If you have questions feel free to join our Telegram or Discord channel and ask our support or other members.

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