Win Crypto Pump Groups Telegram with FREE Pump Bot in 2023

Make big profits with best pump dump bot and crypto pump signals from Telegram Pump Groups in 2023. Easy example of FREE Pump Bot Trial explained!

The fastest Crypto Pump Dump Bot program with fancy GUI
The fastest Crypto Pump Dump Bot program with fancy GUI

Hello, I have participated in lot of crypto pump and dumps in the last two years, but never without a bot. I made big profits from trading crypto pump signals. And today I will explain to you in short how you can win in crypto pump signals with the program from PumpBot as I did and still doLet’s dive right into it!

What are crypto pump signals?

In short: crypto pump signals are special trading signals from huge Telegram and Discord groups. Does the bot work without them? No. You will always need one a group you can follow and from which the bot can read the messages. Those Telegram groups are huge and have a lot of members. Otherwise they aren’t able to pump up the price of shitcoins more than 500% and more. BUT: pumps are scam. Admins try to scam those who participate. As Bot user you steal the Admins profits. That is how it works.

What are the best pump and dump groups and exchanges?

There are many Exchanges on which pump and dump schemes are made. PumpBot can work with Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io, Hotbit and MEXC (NEW!). So, the only thing left is a decent Telegram pump group. Before we start I will list the exchange with the best crypto pumps (as of writing this in 2023):

  1. KuCoin: Huge volumes and pumps up to 500%
  2. Gate.io: Low to medium volume and pumps up to 400%
  3. MEXC: low volume and pumps up to 300%
  4. Hotbit: very low volume (10k only!) but pumps up to 10k% — 99% of them are scam and VIP is the next scam.
  5. Binance: Low to medium volume and pumps up to 30%.

From my opinion KuCoin has the best crypto pumps and I think they will be on top of that list for the whole 2023. The coins Binance has are too big to be pumped several 100%. And Hotbit are pure scams — everyone can pump a shitcoin 2000% with 150$. You want a list with the best Telegram pump groups? Look no further. Check this out to get an overview for the best crpyto pump groups on Telegram.

How to work with the Pump Dump Bot

Okay, we will start right away and get you into trading pump signals with a special trading program: the Pump and Dump Bot! In the following go through everything with the KuCoin exchange as example.

KuCoin Pump and Dump. Chart by sjoerd.tech
KuCoin Pump and Dump. Chart by sjoerd.tech

Download the Program: Pump Bot (Free Trial)

You can easily download the PumpBot here.

  1. Navigate to the .zip-files which say PumpDump Bot and download them.
  2. Unzip the files
  3. You will find one exe file for every Exchange. Check if the one with the name “KuCoin” in it is there.
  4. If the .exe-file isn’t in there, you need to disable your anti-virus/windows defender. Over-protective system label the exe files as virus and delete them right away.

If you don’t trust unkown exe-files like your PC does you have multiple ways to do it: use a VM (virtual machine), use a VPS (virtual private server, like Google VPS — it is free too or if you are a MacOS user: See this blog post)

Now we can start editing the .json-files. Many of them we only edit once — add the API keys and for the actual settings you only need to change a few things. So, don’t worry I got you in this.

Connect the Pump Bot to the Exchange you want to use

Check out the documentation on how to insert your KuCoin API keys. API keys ensure a save and secure connection to your KuCoin account and that the bot can only trade and not withdraw your coins somewhere. See below how it will look like.

Here is how you can create your API keys and what permissions are needed.

    "apiKey": "456464564645645645",
    "apiSecret": "fegfe-r8er98t-ger98-t9er97-te",
    "passphrase": "1234567"

Connect the Pump Bot to the Telegram pump group

The bot is able to read text messages and scrape the coin name from the messages. Hence the Bot needs your Telegram API to be able to read the messages from the pump groups. So, next we add our Telegram API keys to the bot.

Here is how you create your Telegram API keys.

   "TelegramAPI": 23544508,
   "TelegramHash": "dfgdfgdfg78df7g7986dg678d678fg867df",
   "TelegramPhoneNumber": "+01223235435634645"

We have connect the Bot to our Telegram and Exchange. What’s next? The settings! So, le’s get right into it.

Pump Dump Bot Settings

On the first look the settings file for the pump bot might look overwhelming, but this is only the case because it gives you plenty of possibilties to do things. In the following I will only show the settings we edit — the rest stays default and I won’t show it here.

    "manualQuoted": 500,
    "buyLimit": 1.0,
    "detectionMode": "true",
    "telegramGroupName": -1001312345502

Okay, so, what do we have here?

  1. The “manualQuoted”: this is simply the maximum amount of funds you want to trade.
  2. “buyLimit” makes things a little bit more complicated, but we just use a “market order” instead of a “limit order”. This means we use 1.0 as value here. Note: this disables the Pre-Pump protection the bot offers. For the free trial you can use the value of 30.
  3. “detectionMode”: really simple. If it is “true” the bot will scan the Telegram group. If the value is “false” you can manually enter the coin name.
  4. “telegramGroupName”: the ID of the group we want the bot to read the coin message from. One way to get the ID is to forward one message to the “json dump bot” in Telegram, you can find how to do it here.

Okay, so we have done all our settings! Pretty easy right? We want to sell manually with hitting “Enter” with the bot — this has proven to be the best way to make the biggest profits.

Okay, let’s participate in the next crypto pump. So, now we need to wait for a pump to be announced. Luckily you can find a Pump Calendar in the PumpBot Discord — this way you won’t miss the next chance for big profits.

Participating in a crypto pump signal from Telegram with the Pump Bot

Time has passed and now we are shortly before the pump. Only a few minutes left till the group announces the pumping coin.

Okay, so what do we do?

  1. We double click the exe-file to start.
  2. The bot will show us our Settings which we can check to see if everything is correct.
  3. The first thing the bot will ask us is: “Hit ‘Enter’ to load all prices” or something similar. We just hit ‘Enter’ — as we use a market order this isn’t relevant for us.

The next thing the bot will ask us is “Hit ‘Enter’ to start the coin detection”. We do NOT hit ‘Enter’ until we have the last message before the coin name from our Telegram pump group. If we start the coin detection too early the bot could pick up a wrong coin. I have marked the when we hit ‘Enter’ in the bot in the below picture — the red line.

Telegram pump group that announces a coin which will be pumped on KuCoin
Telegram pump group that announces a coin which will be pumped on KuCoin

Okay, so we hit enter and we see the bot waiting for a message to be detected from the group…. BOOM! There it is. Now things are going very fast! With the speed of a rocket the bot scraped the correct coin and send the buy order to the Exchange. We see the buy order details and the bot displays our current PnL (Profit and Loss) in %.

Now we only need to hit ‘Enter’ again to sell when we see profits or when we think the peak is reached.

And that is it. All over and done in less than 5 minutes and hopefully with some big profits!

Kucoin Telegram pump and dump WIN
Kucoin Telegram pump and dump WIN


Winning in crypto pumps from Telegram or even from Discord is possible! You only need to know how to do it. Don’t try it without a bot, or you will lose to a bot user — this is pretty simple logic. Without a pump bot you are too slow in buying and selling the pumping coin.

I hope this example helps you to make big profits from crypto pump Telegram groups as I did. You can start with the FREE trial of the bot or just go for a membership — if you do this please use my affiliate link for the Pump and Dump bot here. This keeps my motivated and I might make more guide like this one.

Do you have additional questions, or run into issues? Just join their Telegram or Discord channel and ask your questions. The members and admins are very helpful.

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