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New Coin Listings Bot New Token Listings Bot for Kucoin and Gateio with fancy GUI
New Coin Listings Bot New Token Listings Bot for Kucoin and Gateio with fancy GUI (soon)

Dear future bot user for crypto listings on centralised exchanges (CEX). Today I will explain you everything you need to know about new coin listings and how you can make profits from them with the special new coin listings bot for KuCoin and Gate.io.

New Crypto Listings — How to Maximize Returns

Learn the right strategies for a successful new crypto listing! This tutorial provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to maximize profits with a bot. With the right strategies and tactics, you can maximize your potential profits from a successful crypto listing. In this tutorial, we will provide easy-to-follow instructions to help guide you through the process.

Research and Understand Potential Investments.

Investing in crypto assets is an exciting journey and can potentially result in a great return on your investment. Before investing, you should take time to research each potential opportunity and gain as much knowledge and understanding as possible about the project and its underlying technology. It’s also important to be aware of any risks or issues that could affect the performance of your potential investments.

What are the most important factors for good new coin listings?

  1. The Coin IS NOT listed on another Exchange (hotbit, MEXC, Pancakeswap, …) Why? What do you think? The Coin can be bought and sold at the Exchange. Maybe you can do this too 😉
  2. It is listed in multiple Pairs (Coin/ETH, Coin/BTC, …). This is based on the experienced we had.
  3. It has many followers and likes on coingecko.com, twitter and other social media platforms. Just check the Platforms and compare them.
  4. Good looking Website: attracts more investors. If the Website looks grab, no one will buy in.
  5. The Project itself. Many Companies do an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to collect money from Investors. It is like an IPO, only that those companies doesnt full fill the criteria for an IPO. So they will only Sell their coins, and we would have more Sellers than Buyers. This is most important!

Personally I use CoinGecko for that. For KuCoin it is much easier. They call it “World Premier” — which means it isn’t listed on a other centralised exchange (CEX) so far.

You can find the new coin listings in our PumpBot Discord calendar or on the official exchange websites. Here is the link to the KuCoin announcements so you can check it yourself.

How to work with the New Crypto Listings Bot

After you know how to differentiate between good and bad new coins we are ready to use the bot. We will do this on a KuCoin example.

Download the FREE New Token Listings Bot (Free Trial)

You can easily download the crypto listings bot here.

  1. Navigate to the .zip-files which say PumpDump Bot and download them.
  2. Unzip the files
  3. You will find one exe file for every Exchange. Check if the one with the name “KuCoin” in it is there.
  4. If the .exe-file isn’t in there, you need to disable your anti-virus/windows defender. Over-protective system label the exe files as virus and delete them right away.

If you don’t trust unkown exe-files like your PC sometimes does you have multiple ways to do it:

  • VM (virtual machine),
  • VPS (virtual private server, like Google VPS

— it is free too or if you are a MacOS user: See this blog post).

Now we can start editing the .json-files. Many of them we only edit once — like the API keys. In the actual settings you only need to change a few things. So, don’t worry I got you in this.

Connect the Bot to the Exchange you want to use

Check out the documentation on how to add your KuCoin API keys. API keys ensure a save and secure connection to your KuCoin account and that the bot can only trade and not withdraw your coins somewhere. See below how it will look like.

Here is how you can create your API keys and what permissions are needed.

    "apiKey": "456464564645645645",
    "apiSecret": "fegfe-r8er98t-ger98-t9er97-te",
    "passphrase": "1234567"

Settings for the New Coin Listings Robot

As for the pump and dump bot we will shorting things as we do not need all of the functionality the bot offers to you. But there is one big difference. In the first 24 hours you can’t use market orders on new coin listings. This makes things a little bit different.

    "manualQuoted": 300,
    "buyLimit": 2.5

Theoretically this is all you need to do in the config.json. You need the buyLimit for the limit order and how much you want to invest. This is really easy.

So, what is the buyLimit? This is really importand and might a little bit confusing at first. In general a buyLimit between 1.9 and 3.5 is a good choice you need experience to fine tune it. I also want to note that the best results have been achieved by manually selling hitting ‘Enter’ with the bot.

What is a limit order and how do they work?

We can only trade with limit orders in this case. So, how do they work? Pretty simple: a buy limit order gets filled when the maximum price you are willing to pay is higher than the current price. Here are two examples:

  1. your buy limit price 100$, current price on the exchange 90$ -> your order get’s filled
  2. your buy limit price 100$, current price on the exchange: 101$ -> your order does NOT get filled.

Pretty simple so far. One note: The exchange will always fill at the best price possible! This means in our 1. example that you will buy at the price of 90$ not your maximum price of 100$.

A second important thing about limit orders: in limit order we specify how much coins we want to buy — not how much USDT we want to spent. The number of coins is calculated based on the USDT you want to spend and the maximum price you are willing to pay. If the price of the coins is under your maximum price you won’t use all of the USDT you wanted to spend. If this is not clear to you here is it explained in more depth.

Participating in a crypto new coin listing with a bot

Okay, all things are edit and it is time to start the bot. Double click the exe-file and the bot will start. Now we need to add a few more things:

  1. The coin name. Which coin will be listed? E.g.: ELON
  2. Enter the issue price or use “X” (I explain this below)
  3. Enter the start date. The bot will tell you the format
  4. Trading start for the coin. The bot will tell you the format
  5. “Expert settings”: reduce the starting time by milliseconds to send the order earlier.

DONE. ???? I think that number #1 is clear. Next on our list is the issue price or “X”.

Where do I find the issue price? What is “X”?

To trade new coin listings you have two options.

Option 1: use an issue price:

You can find the initial price of the launched coin in the whitepaper or from the exchange. It will always be there. As a trick you should multiply the issue price by 10 — this is from my experience and yields the best results. Remember your maximum price must be higher than the current price on the exchange. Here is an example:

  • Issue price: 0.01. Now we multiply by 10 and get: 0.1 — this is what we enter in the bot screen.

Option 2: use “X”:

With “X” the program will check two different prices from the orderbook. The first price when the new coin is listed and the second price after Y seconds — this is what the bot will ask you for. I recommend to wait between 2 and 9 seconds.

IMPORTANT: The bot will only buy when the second price is higher than the first price. Using “X” is the more secure way. But you are later that for sure. When you use “X” you can also go with a lower buyLimit like 1.5 or even less.

Example Chart for a Gate.io new token listing/new crypto listing
Example Chart for a Gate.io new token listing/new crypto listing

Visualisation of the “X” method for the new coin listings bot.

What happens when I buy too early?

What happens when the Bot sends the order too earlier? The Exchange will reject the Order and say something like “Trading is disabled untill XXXX”.

This is okay, because the Bot will just send another Order to the Exchange. The Disadvantage? You could be later. So when you dont know what to do, just enter 0 in these Expert Settings.

Settings done. Let’s wait for the Listings

Congrats! You are done. Now hit ‘Enter’ and the bot will count down to the listing. 60 seconds before the coin is launched the bot will stop displaying numbers. This is when you get ready. You just need to wait.

All Settings done for the new crypto listings bot Gate.io
All Settings done for the new crypto listings bot Gate.io

The bot starts to work, sends orders, tries to buy the coin with the limit order you set up. DONE. You bought the coin, now you only need to decide when to sell with a profit!

If the bot isn’t able to buy on the first attempt you enter the so called “Wave Surfer” this gives you the chance to buy anyways — very risky! On the first question the bot will send a limit order based on your buyLimit and manualQuote. If you hit ’n’ the bot will ask again but this time only with a manualQuote of 30 USDT. If you feel lucky you can try that — it worked for me in the past.


New coin listings can be very profitable. The most important thing is to do research before — if the coin or token is already listed somewhere it reduces the chance for big profits. The price will rise when we have more buyers than sellers. Keep this in mind.

Now have fun with the bot and try to get as much profits from every newly listed coin on KuCoin, Gate.io, Binance and more!

Results for the new token listing of SAO/USDT on Gateio
Results for the new token listing of SAO/USDT on Gateio
KuCoin new crypto listings profits for a new coin alert - members result
KuCoin new crypto listings profits for a new coin alert – members result

Do you have additional questions, or run into issues? Just join their Telegram or Discord channel and ask your questions. The members and admins are very helpful.

crypto bot new coinslistings botnew coin listingsnew crypto listings

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