Super Fast Telegram Coin Scraper for Crypto Pump Groups

A special crypto trading bot for crypto pump signals or crypto pump signals with automated Telegram coin scraper from Telegram pump groups. All settings explained.

Bot screen from the Telegram coin scraper for Telegram pump groups - WIN of 50%+
Bot screen from the Telegram coin scraper for Telegram pump groups – WIN of 50%+

What is crypto pump and dump? What are crypto pump groups?

A crypto pump signals is a special pump signal made by big Telegram pump groups. Buy faster than all others to buy at a lower price and sell at a higer price.

How you can do this? Well, it’s easy. You need a Pump and Dump Bot for it.

Telegram Pump Bot Scraper Settings Explained

Okay. Now, this might get a little bit more complicated. But I bet you are able to understand how this works.

First of all you need to get your Telegram API keys. This enables the bot to read Telegram messages from groups you joined. Here is an in-depth explanation on how to get your Telegram API keys.

Telegram has a rate limit. This means that we can only request new messages a few times every minute. With Telegram it’s about 30 times every minute. If you hit the rate limit you need to wait the remaining time till your rate limit is reset and you can do the same again.

Furthermore, we know that the pump signal will always come at or about the same time. For example, at 16:00:00:01 UTC. So, one second after the whole hour.

With the new PumpBot and Telegram scraper you set the time between the requests to Telegram for new messages.

For testing purposes, you can set the time between requests to 3 seconds. This will run the PumpBot Telegram scraper for hours without any rate limit violations. Keep this in mind while testing.

   "TelegramAPI": numbersHere,
   "TelegramHash": "TelegramhashHere",
   "TelegramPhoneNumber": "+49YourPhoneNumberHere",
   "sleepBetweenRequests": 0.2

For the actual pump you need to be precise. If you set the sleep time between the request to zero (“sleepBetweenRequests”: 0) your rate limit will be hit within 2 or 3 seconds. You should try that before the next pump. I would recommend you use a value of 0.1 to 0.3. This will allow you to run the scraper for about 10 to 20 seconds.

For future improvements we want to add multiple TelegramAPI keys to extend the scraper time, or the number of requests at the same time.

Okay. So how does the actual Telegram Coin Scraper work?

  1. Do your settings
  2. Wait for the last announcement/message before the pump group publishes the coin name.
  3. Hit ‘Enter’ to load the old message (see picture below). The bot does this to compare the old messages to the new ones. This way the bot knows when there is a new message.
  4. Use the atomic clock website: https://time.is/ and wait for the pump time. Shortly before the pump time, only a few seconds and depending on your sleepBetweenRequests you start the Telegram scraper by hitting ‘Enter’.
  5. The pump bot is running and waiting for the pump signal from the Telegram crypto pump group.
PumpBot Telegram scraper for crypto pump groups  in action
PumpBot Telegram scraper for crypto pump groups in action

You see, that this requires a little bit more testing, as the time window for the scraper is limited. I’ve planned to add more Telegram API keys in the future, so that you can scraper more often and longer.


In total, the new Telegram coin scraper is faster, but harder to operate than the old one. This is because you need to time the start of the Telegram coin scraper correctly. If done right, you can be up to 0.8 seconds faster than the other, the old pump and dump bot.

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