2023 Binance Pump Bot for big Pump Signals Discord

A profitable Binance Pump and Dump Bot for big pump Signals 2023 Discord and Telegram. Huge profits and a step by step guide to huge profits for FREE Download.

Binance Pump Bot for big pump signals Discord and Telegram
Binance Pump Bot for big pump signals Discord and Telegram

Hello my name is Johannes and I have been using the PumpBot Binance for years now. In fact the Binance pump dump bot was the first program/tool I made for crypto pump signals. So, let’s dive into this topic.

What are crypto pump signals?

Crypto pump signals are special trading signals provides by really huge Discord and Telegram groups. The signal is given by the pump admins that control the groups. Crypto pumps are announced several days before the actual signal. On the time of the signal the groups just post the coin name which results in many members buying the coin at the same time. This pumps up the coin price often several 100% in a very short amount of time. And I guess what? The faster you buy the more profits you can make – the best is to use a bot for this. Later more on this.

How big pump signal work on Telegram?

Okay, I will try to guide you as good as possible on this topic. First of all you need big pump signals Telegram groups. You don’t have some yet? No problem. Check our list for binance pump and dump groups here. Now you only need to join them.

After you have joined the groups you just need to wait for a pump announcement or pump alert made by the group. They will provide a date, a time and the pair (e.g. BTC-pair) for the pump up front. Binance groups pump in BTC pairs, hence some people refer to them as bitcoin pump groups.

Admins will prepump the coin and announce it to their members. This will lead to a sharp price increase for the coin. This is called the pump. When people start selling the coin price will fall and the dump starts. If you did it right: entered early enough and sold at the right time you made a profit.

Where to find Discord big pump signal?

There is no difference between the ‘crypto pump signals’ or ‘big pump signals’ all refer to the same. Huge groups that pump shitcoins several hundered percent. But how to find these groups? You can find Discord big pump signals groups via the google search or via the various Discord server lists that are available. Here is an example list of where to find Discord pump groups:

  1. PumpBot Discord signals
  2. Disboard big pump signals
  3. Discord.me pump signals
  4. Discords.com crypto pump signals

Now you only need to join the pump signal Discord you want and you are ready to go.

How to find legit pump groups?

This is one of the hardest questions to answer. In general all crypto pump and dumps are scams. As participant you just try to earn your part of this scheme – a bot will give you an advantage.

But here is what you can do to find the best big pump signal groups. Check their past pumps:

  1. Have the pumps been high?
  2. How was the form of the pump? sharp peak and rapid decline?
  3. How much was the prepump?
  4. Start low and try to gain experience.

This is how you can find legit pump groups. But keep in mind that this is still super risky crypto trading.

What’s the difference between Telegram and Discord pump signals?

To be honest: there is not a huge difference. The advantage of Discord is that many groups offer a public chat where everyone can talk – Telegram on the other hand doesn’t offer this. This makes Discord a better place for crypto pump signals.

Big pump signal uses what exchange?

Big pump signals used the Binance exchange for many years. But Binance started to remove shit coins or low market cap coins. This made binance pumps much harder and the result was that big pump signals moved to other cryptocurrency exchanges like KuCoin. Right now KuCoin is the most popular exchange for pump signals. You can check our list of KuCoin pump and dump groups here.

How does a Binance Pump Bot work?

So, now you are update. Let’s take a short dive into the Binance Pump Bot and how you can use it to make profits.

2023 PumpBot GUI Pump Dump Bot for telegram pum pgroups and discord pump groups, Pump bot binance discord pump signals
2023 PumpBot GUI Pump Dump Bot for telegram pum pgroups and discord pump groups, Pump bot binance discord pump signals

Download the Binance Bot (Free Trial)

You can easily download the PumpBot here.

  1. Navigate to the .zip-files which say PumpDump Bot and download it
  2. Unzip the files
  3. You will find one exe file for every Exchange. Check if the one with the name “Binance” is there.
  4. If the .exe-file isn’t in there, you need to disable your anti-virus/windows defender. Over-protective system label the exe files as virus and delete them right away.

Connect the Bot to the Exchange you want to use

Check our step-by-step tutorial on how to create Binance API keys for the program. Here is how you can create your API keys and what permissions are needed.

    "apiKey": "456464564645645645",
    "apiSecret": "fegfe-r8er98t-ger98-t9er97-te",
    "passphrase": "1234567"

Binance Pump Dump Bot Settings

On the first look the settings file for the pump bot Binance might look overwhelming – until now. In the following I will only show the settings we need to do. We don’t touch the rest of the parameters.

    "manualQuoted": 500,
    "buyLimit": 1.0,
    "detectionMode": "false",

Okay, so, what do we have here?

  1. The “manualQuoted”: how much you want to trade.
  2. “buyLimit” makes things a little bit more complicated, but we just use a “market order” instead of a “limit order”. This means we use 1.0 as value here. Note: this disables the Pre-Pump protection the bot offers. For the free trial you can use the value of 30.
  3. “detectionMode”: We use “false” – this means we type the coin name manually.

Okay, so we have done all our settings! Pretty easy right? We want to sell manually with hitting “Enter” with the bot — this has proven to be the best way to make the biggest profits with the Binance pump and dump bot.


You read everything above? Nice! But sadly I have to say that right now there are no binance pump signals Discord or Telegram. Binance removed all low market cap coins which can be pumped several 100%… This kinda means Binance pumps are dead for now… BUT there are pump signals on other exchanges like KuCoin, Gate.io, Hotbit and MEXC. Everything is the same just the exchange is different.

crypto big pump signals profits
crypto big pump signals profits

Check out PumpBot, our other posts and you will find everything you need to profit from big pump signals.

big pump signalsbinance bot pumpBinance Pump Bot

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