Crypto Pump Detector Bots — How To Find A PUMP, What Is A PUMP, How Does A PUMP Work?

Finde the best crypto pump detector bots to buy in before the pump and dump scheme happens. Crypto pumps are when an investor buys in at a low price and then sells at a higher price. They’re often used by scammers to take advantage of naive investors. This tool will tell you to buy in before the pump happens so you can sell at the highest price.

Pump and Dump with the pre pump which the pump detector bot is able to catch crypto pumps
Pump and Dump with the pre pump which the pump detector bot is able to catch crypto pumps

What Are The Signs Of A Pump and Dump Scheme?

Crypto pump and dumps are announced by large telegram groups or discord groups with up to more than a million members. If they are talking about a specific time a coin name or trading signal is released you know it is a pump and dump scheme.

How Do I Know When A Crypto Pump Has Started?

You see it really easily. A huge price spike and while you see it the has already started or will. Crypto Pumps don’t last longer than a few minutes at maximum. That is why it is important to have a bot for pump dection.

How Can I Tell When A Pump and Dump Will End?

Huge and many sell orders show that the pump transforms into the dump. The price will rapidly fall back to where it was before the crypto pump started, maybe even below that price. You need to be fast to not be too late to sell your coins.

How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off By A Crypto Pump?

To avoid it you need to know it. You need to be able to spot it and you need to understand what crypto pump and dumps are. Only if you can detect a pump and dump scheme you can: 1. avoid it, 2. understand it and profit from it. We at PumpBot use option two. We profit from it with our crypto pump detector bot.

How Can I Profit From A Pump? How to Profit From a Crypto PnD?

After you have spotted a pump scheme you have to understand it. Pumps are very fast over. Admins will buy first before they release the coin name and that is what we do. The Pump Detector scans the whole exchange for rapid price and volumes increases and buys the coin that fits the settings. For example a sharp price increase of more than 9%. The Bot will instantly buy the coin before the public knows the coin name. You bought, the coin name will be relased and the public will inflate the price even more. That is when you should start selling your coins to profit from a crypto pump and dump scheme.

How Long Should A PUMP Last?

That can’t be answered so easily. It depends on many factors: the overall market situation, the number of participants that take part, the volume of the admins prepump and a few more. The longer the pump lasts the better it is and the better are the chance to make profits and higher profits.


  1. Understand the schemes.
  2. Decide what you want to do.
  3. Use a Pump detector bot to buy before others.
  4. Gain experience so you know when to sell to take the most profits.

That is how it works with a crypto pump detector bot.

crypto pump detectioncrypto pump detector

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